Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Undue criticisms; ‘Blood is thicker than water,’ is a saying of bygone days!

27.8.2008: Undue criticisms; ‘Blood is thicker than water,’ is a saying of bygone days!

Last evening has been for listening to criticism from a Maithil who had been close to me and not that I have not patience for that but if I feel that even though I was not wrong in the episodes should I still accept that I should mend? Should I mend to wrong ways and tools of profession for cheap popularity. And my thinking was that on repetition of lies by many one assumes to believe in such as per Goebbel’s hypothesis and in such a case a person does not remain a neutral informer for the well being of his friend but a partial believer in false propaganda which is not good for harmonious relation.

The persons who have not liked me in my professional career were not because I treated them wrong but because they wanted medicines or referrals on their choices and a many a times even when I tried to help them it was thought opposite and when such thing happened afterwards in due process the credit was given to other is one thing, discredit was given to me and it was all because to most of the Maithils, I was available easily.

May be others too had such complaints but at least I was not aware of and my most of the patients are south Indians, poor Muslims and of course some Maithils like one person came with his mother to me even 2 km away where I am posted nowadays maybe as an aftermath of the Association’s election I fought unsuccessfully. However, around 30 per cent persons voted me which was not a small vote where only miniscule are Maithils. Some of Maithils seems not voted for me, even one of my distant relative was the counting agent of my opponent simply because he was from the same section he was working. ‘Blood is thicker than water,’ is a saying of bygone days!

I have little connections with people around me here and I want to be more isolated.
It was also said that people left out me due to such pretexts while in the case of AMP it was because the many persons did not comply the fiscal norms (and in the case of NMO on the matter of groupism and flattery more than ideology) still there are many who are with me and true, many Maithils do not like AMP for their own reasons though they want a coordinating organisation will not like to share responsibilities!

I talked Dr. Guneshwar Jha, Maheshwar Sah, Bindeshwar Jha, etc for submitting a memorandum to the DRM on 29th August for half train of Maurya Express to send to Jaynagar from Samastipur and prepared papers for that this afternoon. Last evening Amirinath Jha ‘Amar’, Secretary, AMP, Jhakhand talked on phone for such a memorandum from Bokaro to be sent to Delhi directly. He could collect around a thousand signatures though in Ranchi such forms are yet to be returned.
Last evening I request Dr. C.D. Mishra to arrange a Maithili training Camp at his home, Sultanganj in Munger where after Kuangarhi we could not have other and from many angles work south to Ganga is important for Mithila. Dr. Mishra was sore at the caste conflict ignited by the politicians and my view that Hindu theology can correct that if our seers penetrate to villages. Gayatrri parivar is doing that but Chinmay Mission etc. are located in cities only. On my drama on Yudhistir’s Sannyas rightly he commented that the dialogues should be smaller which I was also thinking and will do this evening before I go to a Kannadiga’s house for Maithili translation work of a book, ‘Mauni’ where it seems my fate is like one of its character who though does everything with correct heart does get opposite result ,maybe as per our scriptures result is not as per work done but an output of Prarabdh( desiny) also and hence Lord Krishna had said,” Kamanye vadhikaraste, ma faleshu kadachan.”

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