Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A day of Jams and Cycle yatra for Mithila Rajya


A day of Jams and Cycle yatra for Mithila Rajya

The idea of visiting districts of Mithila is tossing in my mind to plan few days ensuing leaves for Durga Puja(2nd October to 12th October). Till this night I was thinking to visit as many districts as possible by train route but today I thought why not to take a bicycle again from Kanhauli and once more start my Abhiyan for Mithila Rajya from Ugna Mahadev. In 1993-94, I had visited the areas on foot and or cycle. In 15 years many things have changed and this time I may call interested persons to assemble at Parsa village where Maithili Training Camp will be held from 9th to 12th October. Parsa is near Jaynagar from where belongs Dr.P.K.A.Pandit who was energetic worker while he was at Ranchi. When yesterday evening Dr. Kamal Kant Jha talked me from Kaluahi where he has opened a clinic and informed me about the camp at his village I happily consented for such a camp where some patients too must be benefited by my advices.

Yestrday was a day of JAMs- the gate going to connect satellite colony was closed by some persons leaving in the Khatal area when they were charged for a Matka Phore programme in the premises of the MECON without permission. They said that they had made a Govardhan Sthan and were worshipping there for many years. The gate was closed and people sat with a banner of the LJP. So the place of VHP, RSS is being taken by others for the Hindu cause too as workers are the same and party may change in a day of swift changing loyalty to persons more than the loyalty. And,hence, yesterday Laly Yadav’s magic worked and Madhu Koda accepted Shibu Sorens enthroning again who till yesterday was dead against of him! There was a jam by Koda supporters near CM house on the Kanke Road and also on the Main Road as said by one of my hospital workers.

For my evening OPD, I took a long route through Debadih seeing many new restaurants and a big car shop on the bye pass road crossing Bhusar river which is swollen if rain is even few hours. Damodar is swollen second to 1985, I saw in TV last evening. I saw a Bhusar Sarna sthali made by the SAIL- such a thing may be finally for the Govardhansthan also though definitely that is an encroachment by religious name.

The BSNL mobile had also a jam in the afternoon- was it due to political heat or heat of Bhado without clouds in the sky I could not know but I was apprehensive of my sister’s well being who had gone to railway station booking her tickets(and mine too for Delhi in the coming Deepawali where I usually am present to meet workers on the eve of Kali Puja for many years). In Deepawali there can be no meetings and so in Durga Puja and probably a cycle wandering will also make me healthier by reducing a few kg weight which I have gained after coming from Bangalore!

I tried to contact Mahtoji of Dalsing Sarai and Vishnukantji/Rajneesh of Muzaffarpur for arranging motor cycle for visiting villages in Samstipur districts to Muzaffarpur which are being engulfed by so called Vajjika but could not contact them . Though my nephew could not be contacted at Kanhauli his father (today at Rameshwaram) told me that a cycle will be available, if I liked again(like 1994)..Though visiting south-west Mithila will be more important, refreshing memories of Madhubani-Darbhanga district may be useful as I can request youth to join Parsa camp and there can find even one whole/part timer will be organizationally useful. We need young workers in a substantial number..
Dr. Dhanakar Thakur


Kusum Thakur said...

My best wishes for your yatra and training camp.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur said...

Thanks- I will go my(and yours too) village for a few hous after long many years and that too in a Puja occasion.