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Dr. Ashok Kale, nephew of Savarkar, the PA to great Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Guruji Golwalkar and others

Dr. Ashok Kale, nephew of Savarkar, the PA to great Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, Guruji Golwalkar and others

At midnight of 22.8.08/23.8.08, I had a 37.53 minutes talk on mobile with Dr.Ashok Kale, Pune who is now teaching at Jagdalpur Medical College. I wanted his presence at the proposed NMO conference at Bhopal ,Nov.15-16 and asked for theme for which he suggested ,”Foreign Influence in Health Decision (and practice, I add),” which is alike to the Dam construction promoting by the MNCs.
When I mentioned about late PP.Gurujee(M.S.Golwalkar) and my article in a book on him published by the Ranchi Express which has put my article on 18th number(Vajpayee’s one and Advani’s two in sequence);he was nostalgic about him as he came very close to him after his 3rd OTC in 1973 (when I had taken admission in MBBS and he had passed out MBBS) and I too was as I had managed his stage from where he addressed us at Ranchi though I had seen him three times before at Saharsa, Katihar and Munger on the basis of which I had written that article published first in the Ranchi express and then in the book . He had nurtured him when he joined the RSS.
Probably we were Swaymsevaks of his time when sacrifice was the watch word. Ashokji and me both are rated as rebellion at our places as we presume that there are some persons of honesty and dedication even out of our circle which is not taken in a good taste.
I recalled when Dr. Kale had taken me to Dr. Anant Phadke who had done significant work in Community Medicine and Drugs.
It was a long talk on various aspects which need many pages but let me conclude by mentioning that he is a nephew(bhagina) of one Savarkar who was the PA to the Great V.D. Savarkar. His mama Savarkar wanted that Ashok should purchase the copyrights of Savarkar’s books in one or 1.5 lakh from him whom Great Savarkar had vested all copyrights. Ashok’s mama thought that Ashok was capable of propagating his thoughts but when uncle criticized Guruji and Atal Behari Vajpayee Ashok retorted that he was trained in nationalism by Guruhi like persons and their relations became sour!

Ashok Kale rightly said that had not been Savarkar 14 years in Andmans(and 13 years at Ratnagiri), he would have given new turn to Indian politics! The years spent in Jails might have produced some liters of oil only but was a waste for a talent like Savarkar.
I mentioned about a photograph of him I saw in the hostel of GMC, Nagpur, the only hostel where I had seen in all over country. I read a big article on Savarkar on 23rd August which was a holiday for me and an article by Manmathnath Gupta about Chandrashekhar Azad ,etc and about Chittagaon Rebellion in a souvenir commemorating it s golden jubilee in 1980 which was given to me by late Ganguli ,a direct disciple,of Mastarda, Surya Sen, saying,”He did not die (in some episode of illness) as he had to give me that souvenir and a book (on revolutionaries published by the WB Govt).”
Sometimes later I will dwell on the book if time and mood permits let me say at the moment that thee is an article VIJOYA written by Master Da which if anybody read will have tears in emotions if he /she is truly an Indian where he asked whether he had made some mothers sonless for bad reasons. When one of his disciple lady revolutionary died in thre Armoury he had penned that article on the next Vijouadashmi!
Today even that Chittagon is also not in India though English left!

Ashok Kale ( who himself had gone to serve interiors of Arunachal) said that I possess the stamina to challenge anybody like VD Savarkar ? (which I know I do not have) while he himself was a moderate person to have compromises though he had served as the first, III OTC Trained worker under Bindu Madhav Joshi who when expelled from the BJP had started working for the Grahak Panchayat as Akhil Bhartiya even at working at Pune only which it became so when Ma. Bala Saheb recognized him and the organization. Ma. Bala Saheb had recognized me too and had said in one of the meeting when there was much rumbling whether the NM should be continued or closed, ”Dhanakar will do even International Conference if you can help him, help or keep quite.”
I know that I am doing internationally work for the Maithili though the NMO work is also continued of course with a freedom from the persons who had encircled its guide for their nefarious ends.
Every organization is same- even on 22nd August, I had to cancel the venue of the XVIII International Maithili Conference from Pune on organizational discipline and within a meeting it was relocated to Delhi by mobile telephony- though I want to go the corners of the country but Capital pulls like a market..
Morarjee Desai had once said to a correspondent in reply when was asked whether he was rightist that he was in a sense that he believed in doing right things and I feel everything emanates in the country from the Capital and so Mithila as a state needs capital too!
I said Kale that on 21st August in Geeta class, swami Madhvananda had quoted Vashishtha’s teaching to Ram,”From outside look active to do everything but inside think that ‘I am not doing anything.”
That I feel internally that I am not doing anything!

I wrote a note on rediff:

Tata should withdraw from Singur
by dhanakar thakur on Aug 22, 2008 02:18 PM Permalink

It should- country needs food not cars!
The fate of tribal has not changed even in Singhbhum district where is Tatanagar.
The poorest 50 districts of the country are those having huge minerals and mining!
For industrial behaviour Tata though has been exemplary the poor’s farming need not be snatched on the name of development.
The whole story has also shown hypocrisy of the Marxists!

23rd and 24th were holidays and I utilized for study.
I talked many doctors for the NMO. Bhopal conference eg. Dr.SNR Patgiri and Dr. DK Serker, Guwahati, Dr. Bharat Choubey, Mumbai, Dr.S.Vivekananda, Katihar, Dr. Sunil Agrawal, Patna, Dr. Hridesh saha, Kolkata, Dr.Goswami, Indore, etc. On 24th I talked Dr. Sanjeev Kelkar who was at Pune, Dr. K.K.Sharma, Tirupati, Dr. Winay Siddhesh, Jamshedpur etc. – many of them are from the RSS stock and many outside that and I feel NMO is meant for all without any discrimination for the service to the poor of the motherland. And it was the vision of DR. Abajee Thatte and Dr. Sujit Dhar too. Though it is difficult for me at this age to reestablish it I hope I will do my best without compromising on nationalistic ideology.

On 24th I went for Sanskrit classes also. Learning at this age is peculiar!

There was a function of the death anniversary of Pathikrit son late Abhas Kumar Chatterjee, topper of matriculation in Bihar and in all India in the IAS . I became very close to him in his last years. He was a staunch Hindu nationalist and his opinion on Vajpayee and Advani was like that of the PA Savarkar of the great Savarkar! A trust named on Pathikrit founded by Abhasji needs restructuring for its goals. I may be a marginal contributor to that.

Dr. Shanti Prakash was there and I came him to my quarters ,Advocate Chandra Prakash Jha was reading a book n Amarnath Jha, vice-chancellor, Allahabad University on which we had some discussion and we are of his view that the Sanskritised form of Hindi is valid not the Urduised form for the National Language status. Chandra Prakash and maid Poonam helped me in clearing some of the white ant (deemak) -eaten papers of the NMO and Maithili but it is a mammoth task and needs many more days to sort and classify. A digital form that may be a good record of the NMO and AMP as well as reference for many subjects.
It was surprising the labourer who cleaned premises was named Mithilesh! Not a Maithil probably a Tribal and keeping name Mithilesh and a Mithilesh is a daily labourer for Rs.120?
What is in the name?

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