Thursday, August 21, 2008

21.8.08 II
I saw this news and became worried ..
One can search them on Google to read whole stories in below three lines..

Koshi agreement with India suicidal says Nepal PM Dahal

Now Nepal President demands scrapping unequal treaties - Kathmandu,Bagmati,Nepal

Kosi Agreement between India and Nepal 1954

What I feel and have also issued press statement like it:

"It is quite unfortunate that leaders of Nepal are using Koshi floods and Indo-Nepal Treaty as Pakistani leaders have been doing with Kashmir.
Do not forget that the boundary is human made, nature does not know it.
I strongly appeal for finding a solution and not brick batting- today Nepali Maithils are sufferers(and Indian Maithils have started suffering- already Supaul, Araria and Katihar districts' people are affected.
I hoped new regime will be practical but he wanted to use it as a political tool which is not good for a start of his tenure.
And any Nepali citizen be Madheshi or from Hill should not be allured by the slogans as with India there relation is stronger than any yellow skin,; it is older than the history of Modern Nepal- older than of the History itself- older than Rajarshi Janak and Mother Seeta..and any attempt to crush it with reddened face of the Govt. will result in loss of all concerned.
The issue of Koshi dam may be discussed and in fact in India many like me are not in favour of high dam which will result in purchasing high equipments of the multinationals like that from US, Europe etc.
The rivers of Himalayan beds need de-strangulation from embankments.
The same thing holds for Indo-Nepal Treaty too. I wonder if Nepalis of Madhesh will think alike of Hills as their relation with India is of roti-beti..close kinship which can never be throttled by a ‘whim’ of persons who have no knowledge of reality or ignoring them for their political leverage. Any discussion on the agreement will be welcome whether it is against interest of any country and if pointed out may be rectified friendly."
Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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