Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8,2008

The media has a hype that it is 8.8.8 and not an auspicious day but they forget that it is 8.8.2008 and has no relation with the non -auspicous 8.8.8 though I fal to understand why 8 is cursed- aath kaath in Maithili, my mother tongue and in Hindi, the national language of India which is in fact Bharatvarsh though its constitution says,'BHARAT,' named after which Bharat- the son of Rishabhdev of ShrimadBhagwadpuran, I read a chapter everyday or on the son of Shakuntala who played with baby tigre, 'Swyamev Mrigendrata,' as is depicted in the insgnia of Vidya Bharati, a body of thousands of primary and secondary schools with an aim to impart nationalistic teaching among youngesters .
But aath is kaath if you think 8 is the number of saturation in atomic numbers- Law of Octate..inert gases have 8 electrons in outer circle..(He has 2 only) and then so onwardss..I do not rememer Medaleef's Periodic Table after I left my Chemistry in 1973, after my pre-medical test..However, I remeber one of the professors of the BIT, Mesra,Ranchi . Prof/ Digambar Agashe had said me that counting by 8 is more perfect than that of decimal system though not as much easy I presumed and was unable to understand his statement though then also I was knowing that the computer is following binumeric system- 0 and 1 and I do not know whether it has advanced to Octate, or hexadrate(for 16, I do not know the exact Latin word though I had read Russinan and French and can follow many Indian languages(maybe 15, including Kannada, I learnt in my 19 months posting at Bangalore which is now Bengaluru) but being a doctor by education and profession(MBBS,MD General Medicine, DCH) I love letters and do write something as and when and today when a bank officer told me that it was a hot topic on TV channels that 8.8.'8 is an auspicious day, I simply said him that entire calculation was wrong as they missed it was 2008..whether they are apprehesive of 8 which is a saturated number or it looks nice like a symphony 8,8,8.. though it would have been so on 8.8.8 or 8.8.888 which maybe again on 8.8.8888 if they are assurred of Indian Mythology where Brahma's one Chaturyugi amounts to..years I do not remeber a Swami had recently quoted but even Brahma is scared of his life as that too is perishable a day..on its completion and he too is a mortal but not as mortal human are who if live healthy 100 years is supposed to be hundred per cent!

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Kusum Thakur said...

Congratulations!I am happy that you have started blogging again.Yes I am your sister-in-law Kusum Thakur whom you said you can't be under score.