Friday, January 14, 2011

Ranchi to Kanya Kumari ट्रेन

Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand is an important tourist destination of south- east India which needs a direct connection to Kanyakumari via Chennai, Trichy, Madurai so that people can have pilgrimage to Rameshwaram too.

Kanyakumari every Hindu, particularly youth and followers of Ramkrishnites wish to visit and hence it would be a very successful train if given a chance.

Viewing the regular huge waiting list for Alleppey bound 13351/13352 and Bangalore bound biweekly 12835/12835 trains it would be another facility for people going south and hopefully the new train will run packed to its capacity all seasons all days.

Seeing national games at Ranchi in near future it will be further helpful to many.

I, on this auspicious Swami Vivekanda’s 150th birth day, request you to kindly start this new train and win hearts of millions of people.

‘E’ as a pronoun and new word ‘chlorophyllated’ by Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

'E,' is most commonly used letter (12.702%) in English , I feel it should be used more, particulary as an independent pronoun applied when something needed for both genders, as used in my mothertongue, Maithili, E kahalkhinh(He said/ She said).

Presently the practice is to describe non gender specific things by masculine gender eg.for He/She has hypertension in lectures He is always used, so why not use ' E has hyperstension.'
And, it will save time, material(ink,paper) and of course 'E' will have a true feminist Eve look, taking revenge from 'male,' for which feminists are so are so much worried!
Anyway I am not Skakespeare who made 1,700 new words( out of 17,677 total words he used in all his writings) that my proposition will be accepted though I had once used a word, 'chlorophyllated' for air with tyre-crushed leaves on a busy but big trees on sides(so uncommon know) in a post-summer first rain..-

Voting age reduction will result more non_Hindu votes

CEC's suggestion for reducing voting age from 18 to 16 is not justified.
It will add politics to the immature mind and politics is vicious in our country;most paties choose candidates on cash, caste and crime background.
In fact with the rising life expectancy, voting age needs higher revision from 18 to 21.
It will also increase more voters in non-Hindu population who are breeding faster

विभूति तेजनारायण झाक देहावसान ६ जनबरीक पटनामे

मिथिलाक एक विभूति तेजनारायण झाक देहावसान ६ जनबरीक पटनामे बेटीक घर ८४ वर्षक अवस्थामे भय गेलैन्ही.
१९४२मे हुनका ३३ बेंतक सजा भेटल छलैन्हि जखन ओ मात्र १५वर्षक छलाह
ओ साम्यवादी दलक आजीवन सक्रिय सदस्य रहलाह आ २०११क विधान सभा चुनावमे सेहो अपन दलक उमीदबार लेल प्रचार केलाह
ओ चारि बेर विधायक आ संविदक सरकारमे सिंचाई आ बिजली विभागक राज्यमंत्री सेहो छलाह
अखिल भारतीय मिथिला संघक ओ सक्रिय कार्यकर्ता छलाह आ एहि नाते २६-२७ दिसंबर १९९८ क भेल अन्तरराष्ट्रीय मैथिली सम्मलेन में उपस्थित छलाह आ अपन विचार सभके सुनौने छलाह
ओही समय हमरा अन्तरंग बात हुनकासँ भेल छल
ओ जनैत छलाह जे हम साम्यवादी विचारधाराक उलटा छी मुदा हुनक पितियौत- मसियौत भाई हर्षनारायण हमर दरभंगा मेडिकल कॉलेजमे सहपाठी छलाह बल्कि एकमेव मित्र छलाह
तैं हुनक हमरा प्रति अगाध स्नेह छलैन्हि
आई जखन हर्षनारायण फ़ोन पर कहलाह जे ओ नहीं रहलाह त लागल एक नैष्ठिक मैथिल सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता उठि गेल जे जीवन भरि अपन विधासँ समाजक सेवा करैत रहलाह.
डॉ धनाकर ठाकुर