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A day at Bhojpur(Ara)- ‘We will have Mithila state. We can change our state but not neighbors and so Bhojpuris and Maghis should feel for us good neig

A day at Bhojpur(Ara)- ‘We will have Mithila state. We can change our state but not neighbors and so Bhojpuris and Maghis should feel for us good neighbours

On 18th February 2011 I had taken Bhagalpur-Annand Vihar Garib Rath train at Mugalsarai to go to Delhi to attend my the marriage of my colleague’s daughter(an IAS).

In the same coach a teacher of the Vidya Bharati, Balindar Prasad was traveling and he invited me to come to Ara anytime to talk to the intellectuals of the area.

I am leading medicos as well as Mithila state movement and in that context my tours have been mostly limited to medics and Maithils.

I wished to have some meetings with Bhojpuris and Magahis as I had delivered a lecture on creation of Bhojpur and Magadh states at Patna Pustak Mela on 12.12.2010.

I wished to convey Bhojpuri bretherens that I was not against of the promotion of Bhojpuri.

I talked Balinderji some days back and having no prompt reply I fixed my progammes for Teghra and Bihat on 26th as I had to attend a dharna for Mithila state on 27th November at Dalsingsarai.

On 23rd November while I was returning from Darbhanga at Kiul I got a call from Balinderji that the programme was possible and accordingly I changed my programme of 26ht.

On 25th night taking Hatia- Patna express talking some students in the way(one of them was very much impressed with me whom I had talked on science and history which was listening their happenings with different doctors. Someone told that Parasnath was famous for Buddhists that I corrected for Jainism .

At patna I got soon Lal Quila express for a journey to 67 kilometer off Ara, the centre of Bihari portion of Bhojpur. Seeing a Muslim lady with a child I stood and offered seat to her and saw flowing Koilwar river. A boy was introduced working for BSNL from Maunathbhanjan(UP) whom I said that he was looked to be a devotee of Lord Hanuman and that he was. Knowing that I was going to be a guest of an unknown traveler he requested me to be his at night near Patna junction which I accepted provided he came to my meeting with intellectuals at 4 pm.

At station Balinderji had sent his colleague ramesh singh but his mobile did not work nor mine though he had contacted me while I was near Koilwar. After some time we could recognize. I had long back taken the address of balinderjee near Moffussil thana ramreakha Vidya Sarswati Vidya Mandir as once I had this mobile problem at Banka too.

He took me to a Tiwari’s house where I had my rituals of bathing- sandhya-Tarpan-puja and then a high class vegetarian meal.

I was escorted to the nearby Sarswati Vidya mandir, knowing the land was donated by Ramrekha Yadav’s sons I enquired why Yadav was not affixed to ramrekha/ To my utter surprise it was a foolish work of some high class Hindus of the RSS cadre who according to me were enemies of the RSS itself and had no knowledge of the basics of the RSS(in the evening I was further shocked to know that some regular swaymsevaks were for this reason made victims in the false cases of rape which a judge Mihir kumar Jha quashed and for that one of them were so much reverant to any Maithili Brahmin that I was invited in Bhojpur who were supposed to be termed as anti-maithil at least since Lau-Rabri regimen.

Just before I had elaborated that Babu Kunwar Singh’s ‘guru(spiritual teacher) was a Maithil Brahmin from Ranti (Madhubani, the hear centre of Mithila)who had stimulated him for fighting against British imperialists.

I also discussed long with the secretary of the school, Sarvdev Tiwari, about the monument of Kunwar Singh. I was shocked that still Govt. has not done anything appreciable while for his village Jagdeeshpur 10 km off of Ara there should have been regular bus from Patna for tourism purpose.(in the evening I saw too huge hoardings of Bihar Ministry for some Sufi but that was for minority vote bank, I criticized on 27th meeting of intellectuals at Samsatipur in harsh words.).

It is a matter of further shame that Kunwar Singh’s statues were erected by his castement here and there- had that great hero fought for his caste? I recalled my speech on him in 1974/75 when I was a second year student and had delivered speech on the request of a friend( again he was a Rajput ?) when failure of electricity aroused a murmur that I commnded’ listening does not require light’ and thde hall was silenced and I continued my speech some 29 minutes(incidentally mike’s battery was working).

I was escorted to the assembly of boys and girls and had inguration of function by lighting lamp before Mother saraswati and Bharatmata.

I was presented a Shreefal(coconut) so beautifully wrapped in colured papers with threads( I had not seen such on the past though my sister today informed such were available at Ranchi also).

Some girls presented a self composed welcome song in sonorous voice-

“raura ayalanhi hamare anganwa,

Ee phulwadi bhay gel;;”

I was stunned to listen those as I had an impression that Bhojpuris were very strong species who have no affection and their songs are mostly obscene.

I spoke- “ India is one and it looked different”

India was not formed on 15th August 1947 but has been a vibrant nation.

Then mostly picking up threads from the kids I gave some hints on health and hygiene- even very akward looking thing- like after defaecation, first you clean urinary orifice with water and then anus and once anus never your hands to go to urinary passage( to prevent Urinary tract infection).

I asked them to chop of nail and have right way of brushing teeth(at 45degree angle joint of gums to teeth, not on the while glistening enamel).

I gave them some tips on vitamins and suggested to avoid toffees preferring apples/ guava/ ground nit instead than sweets(difficult to suggest such things to children).

I said them ‘in one class only one will be first and hence your work is to read only naot thinking for results as per Gita.

Personality is tested in failures not in successes. So NO SUICIDE in any case- sometimes teachers are at fault to give numbers- have pity on them.

I told them the story of a Maithil village girl Priyanka of naaur village who wished to be an IAS and lo! Incidentally there was also a Priyanka!

Gotanjali was there and they could relate to Rabindranath but no maitriee, nachiketa, Abhimanyu, Aaruni or Prahlad!

I felt we are now focused to marketing names on consumerism more than our proud culture.

One girl asked me as to whether I wrote any book and I presented a copy of my MaithiliGita for the library there.

Since Headmaster balinderji had requested me to tell something in my mother tongue- I asked if there was any maithil child- no hand was up and then I narrated them the story of Ugna in Maithili when Lord Shiva had became a servant of the mahakavi Vidyapati(who had even fought with Muslim invaders with swirds and had written

‘Debur bhangi masid bandhi( demolishing temples they make mosques).

It was much time and we started for Vidwadgoshti (intellectuals meeting) at the house of Sadanad Mishra near Kunwar Singh University where though attendance was low we discussed many things.

I told them to go for a Bhojpur state for which they agreed. I told them that We will have Mithila state. We can change our state but not neighbors and so Bhojpuris and Maghis should feel for us good neighbours that my visit was meant.

President of the gosthi Dr.Ramtabkya Singh though HOD of the PG dept. of Chemistry had a flair of writing and singing which I listened. The other retired head of Hindi had a great Bhojpuri thinker Dr. Gadhdhar Singh who informed that now people write too much in Bhojpuri though previously they were serving Hindi cause.

I explained them how national language could be simplified Sanskrit.

To my utter surprise Dr. Singh informed that Mahakavi Vidyapati had visited Jagdeeshpur also and had written in Bhojpuri (two verses of that are with him- which I will try to get from him in future).

Maybe true as Mithila in Vidayapti’s long life tenure for some time was ruled by nawabs of Jaunpur too where Vidyapati had gone as Royal emissary and he might have wrotten in Bhojpuri too and iof that proved so he might be called the first Bhojpuri wroter too., again a proud moment for we Maithils.

It was getting dark and I had decided to go to Patna , if not to Dalsigsarai..

Yet I thought to pay a visit to the grand old physician of the town Dr. SN Mishra, MBBS 1956 batch of the darbhanga medical college who obtained his DTM&H and DCH from England. A native of Shivnagar- Benipatti, 80-years old Dr. Mishra told that he was ‘ a fortunate father of six daughters- the sith mamta was a docto0r and all six son-in laws eminent doctors’ One of them the third Pramod K Jha, FRCS was a batchmate of mine.

Dr. Mishra organized Viodyapati parva for some 30 years which I requested that be revived with the energy of some youth(though some such young maithils were informed no one could come for my meeting and thus such a planned meeting could not be held.

Nor any doctors’ meeting except meeting Dr. Mishra who told us that he used to take rs. 50 as fee for six months no second fee(now he charges Rs.200). He tried to build up a medical college also and runs Shyamal Super specialty hospital at Patna.

I took a rickshaw and seeing the roads of Ara reached station and despite shortage of time I did darshan of Ma Durga and Lord Hanuman at the station. Ma Bakhorapurwalee Durga is otherwise famous who is somewhere near I could not go but had seen written on some distant buses even at Ranchi.

Express traons were late and I asked for a passenger ticket for Rs.10 which in the train I saw was of Mail Express for Rs.22. was it a mistake or an already sold ticket resold to me difficult to say.

I called the Maunathbahnajan boy who had phoned that he was going to Maner(which I had a wrong impression was towards Nalanda in Magadh from where my teacher Dr. KK Sinha belonged to) from where he would go directly to patna and had requested me to give a call.

I was a bit suspicious to go to an unknown person’s room at night and I SMSed my sister his number and address near Veena talkies of Patnanear Ptna junction and with courage I went there.

In the meantime Akhilesh of Nanaur phoned me that a Vidyapati parva was going on at the Rajeevnagar of patna- I told him that if the organizers give me time during cultural function, breaking for my speech for few minutes, I may reach there but the secretary did not agree- whether too give me more honour ? Or was hesitant on my stand on Mithila was difficult for me to understand. Yes, it is difficult for me to understand Mithila psyche!

The train was late and around 10 I reached Ptna. I took some dried chura and thought not to eat anything but the unknown boy Manish came to receive me at the Veena Talkies and in his 8.5’X 15’ cubic(with attached bath and toilet) I was again offered meals cooked by himself.

I thought a second Vinay Tarun he was (of Bhagalpur, there he could know that I was a doctor when I prescribed for his migraine).

He is one among four siblings who could not read beyond graduation for deposing money for his sister’s marriage(father of 46 was almost unemployed). I told him, ‘you could do what I could not.’

In the morning I was awaken by alarm but again slept a finally a call from my sister at 530 I could get up and around 715 I reached nearby Patna bus stand crossing the platforms of Junction station by foot overbridge.

The 7-05 bus to Dalsingsarai already leaft and next 8 am darbar bus I could and reached Mithila’s Dalsingsarai around 11 am in Dharna and then to samastipur—(to be continued)


Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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२०.११.२०११क कर्पूरी चौक पर भेल सफल धरनामे

२०.११.२०११क कर्पूरी चौक पर भेल सफल धरनामे जे किछु प्रमुख लोकक नाम हमरा याद अछि- राजीव कुमार झा,बेंता,लहेरिआसरै , कामदेव चौधरी,माखनपुर, ह्याघट, सुधीर कुमार झा, टेकतारी , सिघवाडा , अमरेश कुमार सिंह, खरसान, रीगा, सीतामढ़ी, मनोज कुमार चौधरी,बेल्बगंज, दरभंगा, पांडव यादव, हायाघाट, अमर कुमार . मिश्र, बंगालीतोला, लहेरिआसरय , राजू कुमार पंजियार,इमाम्वादी , दरभंगा, मुकेश कुमार, टेकतारी , सिघवाडा , बरून कुमार,सैदपुर, कतरा, गोडिशंकर चौधरी, सझोरा, हायाघाट, चुधारी हेमचन्द्र राइ, बलभद्रपुर, लहेरिआसराय, अमरनाथ झा, कलीगांव, जीतेन्द्र प्रसाद कर्ण, आआधर्पुर, गौराबोराम, मुहम्मद . अब्बास, सकरी, मुहम्मद राजा अली, पंडौल, उमेश नारायण कर्ण'कल्प्कवि',, रामपुर,सरिसब पाही दिनेश चौधरी, सिनुआरा

खास कायके मुहम्मद राजा अली जे मिथिला कल्याण मंच मधुबनिक अध्यक्ष छठी आ लोक जनशक्ति पर्त्य्क कहलाह जे ओ मिह्तिला राज्य लेल प्रोवर संगे शहीद होम लेल तैयार छथि

आई २४.११.२०११ क हुनका हम प्रस्ताव देलियेन्ही अछि जे ओ एक मैथिल मुस्लिम सम्मलेन करती जाही में डॉ. शकील अहमद, मद. इसराइल रैन के सेहो आमंत्रित करथि
डॉ. शकील अहमद काल्हिTIMES NOW में बजलाह अछि जे तेलान्गणक संगही मिथिल्क मांग पर सेहो केंद्र सर्कार विचार कए रहल अछि
अगिला धरना २७.११.२०११क दलसिंग सरायमें होयत
अनेक चंनेल्क लोक आ पत्रकार कए हम कह्लियेन्ही जे ई आन्दोलन शांतिपूर्ण गांधीवादी रहत आ मिथिलाक प्रत्येक लोकसभा आ विधानसभा क्षेत्र मे एहेन कार्यक्रम जनजागरण लेल होयत
जे नेता मिथिला विरोधी हुनका हराउ
जे मिथिला राज्य समर्थक हुनका जिताऊ- अगला रणनीति अछि
बिहारक मुख्यामंत्रीक कथन जे छोट राज्य हो, १०० विधायक मुदा मिह्तिला नहीं- २०३ विधायाक्क बिहारक दू भाग कियाविक नहीं- मिथिला नहीं त कोण प्रांत
ओ चाहे छथि सुबेदारी पैघ प्रांत क प्रधान मत्री बनक मानसिकता हुनका में नहीं छनि
मिथिला बनय ओकर मुख्यामंत्रीक पद खाली छैक- मिथिलाक मुख्यमंत्री ५ वर्ष बाद भारतक प्रधानमंत्री बनत कारण मिथिलाक स्वीकार्यता देश में सब ठाम छैक आ मिथिलाक २८ लोकसभा क्षेत्रक अलावा ६८ क्षेत्रमे मैथिल मतदाता ककरो हरा जीता सकैत अछि
- डॉ. जगन्नाथ मिश्र धृतराष्ट्रक रोल में मिथिलाक विरोधी छथि
मित्र सुशील कुमार मोदी RSS क उत्तर बिहार वा मिथिला प्रांत क विरोध सिद्धांतक आधार पर नहीं अपन पद आ मुख्य्मंत्रीक हाँ में हाँ लेल करैत छाहती
कोनो रास्ट्रीय डालके एही स कोण अंतर जे एक प्रांत हो वा अनेक
हम हुनका सबक्ले पब्लिक दबाते लेल चल्लेंगे केलियें - दरभंगा पोलो मैदान, सहरसा, पुर्नेया, मुजफ्फरपुर, बेगुसराई कतहु?
जब्बा देती दरभंगामे IIT कियैक नहीं?
सहरसा में AIIMS कियैक नहीं?
मुजफ्फरपुर सेंट्रल उनिवेर्सित्य कियैक नहीं?
पुर्नेया में IIM कियैक नहीं
सब यदि पटना में त ओ पुदुचेर्री जकां छोट पटना राज्यक मुख्यमंत्री बंताः ओना ओहुमे आधा पर मिह्तिलक दावा होइयत आ हमरा वैशाली भय क पटना जैक रात अची, तेलान्गानाक ह्यदेरबाद लेल अन्ध्राबला समस्या नहीं?
मिथिलाक हाई कोर्ट, मिथिलाक विद्यालय परीक्षा समिति आ लोक सेवा आयोग राजधानीक अलावा अन्य शहर में होयत आ सब क्षेत्रक विकास होयत
हमरा लौटक छल - १ बजे एक कार्यकर्त्ता लहेरिसरै स्टेशन छोड़ी देलान्ही पटना इंटर सिटी क भारी भीड़ - लागल कहिया हमर लोक कए पटना स पिंड छुटतैक? त चारी बेर पटना प्रवेश नहीं लेलान्हू- ISC में MBBBS में बिहार में १९थ भय ,MD (मेड) में DCH में -
२३.११. क लेल आकस्मिक अवकाश में सहयोगी द्वारा झन्झट भेल- 'बहुत बाहर जाते'- कहय परल ' मैं फिर हेल्थ सेंटर वापस हो जाऊंगा' वैसे यदि आपके कॉल दिवस में मैं बहार गया तो आपकी कॉल दिवस कर दूंगा.( आई लुटला पर देखल जे अस्पताल वापस अपन वास्तविक पद (मेडिसिन विभागाध्यक्ष पर २३.८.२०११ क वापस अयला पर) ३० नबम्बर तक कए १०० दिन में ३० छुत्तिक दिनमे ११ दिन आ ७० आन दिन में ३७.५ दिन कॉल दी हमर छल आ हमरा एक तिहाई मात्र करक अछि तीन MD में. -ओहिमे एकमैह्तिल अछि ओकरा कहल अन्हां सब बिना डटके ओहिना बात करैत छि जेना झारखण्डक विकास नहीं भेलैक सब प्रचारित करैत अछि जाही पर २०.१.२०११क TIMES OF INDIA क पूरा पेज में आंकड़ा किछु विश्लेषण किछु और( पूरा गलत ) छैक)

In case of Jharkhand there is clear advantage of carving it- ( Increase in NO. of primary school (97% versus 13 %); Literacy rate (68 from 54 versus 64 from 47); economic growth( 5.3% to 7.0% versus 4.9% to 6.8%); Infant mortality rate( 44 from 70 versus 52 from 62); and that from the help from centre in 2009 Jharkhand only 13 % of total grants and loan compared to 25 % to Bihar. In food grain production only Jharkhand card is marginally worse(due to draught) -19 % compared to -15 % of Bihar.
हमरा बारे में मेडिकल छात्रजीवन स एक भ्रम लोक कए छैक जे हम केवल नेतागिरी करैत छि जखन की हमर रिकॉर्ड काफी नीक अछि- मेडिकल में प्रवेश रांची विश्वविद्यालयमे प्रथम भय केने छि- आ MD में सेहो पहिल बर्मे कम्पीट केने छि- अनेक किताब अछि केके सिन्हाक संग- मुदा खसके मैह्तिल कर्मचारी हमरा पंचांग देखेबला पंडित बुझैत छठी- कोनो हर्ज नहीं हमर एतेक भीड़ कम होइत अछि? आ ब्राह्मण छि त उचितान्ही पंछाग संग राखी? आब वर्श्क्रिटी खरीदला पर देखैत रहला पर बहिन सेहो कहैत अछि जे हम आब कर्मकांडी भय गेलंहु- कियैक नहीं वाचस्पति द्वितीयक ग्रामीण कर्मकांडी हो?
पूरा समाज एही बेर सरस्वती पूजा प्रुवाविद्धा नहीं कयक पराविद्धा गलत तिथि में केलक- संयोगस हम देखि लेल्न्हू आ ठीक के लेलान्हू? पंचांग सबमे गलत लिखल छल

२२.११.२०११ क रांची जयनगर टेरेन लेल गेलंहु त स्टेशन पर एक मैथिल चीन्ही लेलाह जे कहियो ट्रेनमे २०११ जनगणना में मैथिली लिखबाय लेल संग देने छलाह
- ओ नरेन्द्र कुमार झा मदरिया(कुर्सो नदियामी ) गाम क छथि- हुनक बेटा आगू चढी ऊपर दू सीट रखलक (सामंक जगह सुते लेल )

एक सहयात्री विश्वम्भर झा आधार बिरौल्क भोरे में दू टा मैह्तिलीगीता खरीद्लाह( पहिने पहिने छल जे एहिना गीता बनती दी मुदा पूज्य चिदात्मंजीक निर्देश पर एकरा बेचने ताकि सुपात्र लग जय शुरू केलान्हू)
शंभू सह बासोपट्टीक आ राजेश महतो बाजितपुर दरभंगाक मिह्तिला राज्यमे इंटेरेस्ट देखौलाह
कहियो कियो कहने छल- ई ट्रेन चालत त मिह्तिला_मैह्तिली काज खूब होयत से सट्टे- मुदा मिथिला केवल मधुबनी- दरभंगा नहीं से सतत ध्यान रहय
ई ट्रेन कहक चाही हमरही नेतृत्वमें चलि पायल- लोक कए यात्रा करैत देख नीक लागल-

२३.११क प्रदोष त्रयोदशी व्रत क दिन छल -
सीधा बेंता चौक - टेम्पो भाडा १० रूपया पासिंजर रांचीक अपेक्षा अधिक लागल-
जगदीशजीके राष्ट्रिय साहित्य केंद्र मैथिलीगीतक १०० प्रति बेचय लेल देल- १९८४क बाद भेंट भेल- अनेक परिचित अनिरुद्ध साहू, सत्यनारायण बासत्यनारायणजी , शिवाजी आदि स्वर्गीय भेलाह

पैदल थैला लेने हल्लुक भेल सीधा धरना में गेल छलहु- सोचने छलंहू अपन वेस्ट हॉस्टल २० नुम्बर कमरा सामने अरहुल क फूल तोड़ी पूजा करब जाते १९७५स १९८० तक हम छलन्हू मुदा मौका कंहा?
उदयजी कहलाह- नहीं जाऊ समय भय गेल छैक-आ लहेरिअसरी स्टेशन पर पानीफल सिघाड़ा आधा किलो १० रूपाक लेल
इंटर सिटी में ठाढ़ ह्याघट तक फेर सीट भेटल खेत रह्लान्हू- पानी फल पानी आ फल दूनू व्रतमे ठीक ओना हम व्रत प्रायः निर्जला करैत छि मुदा जखन स्नान- तर्पण संध्यावंदन नहीं भेल - तखन मात्रीभूमिक कार्यमें सब कसमी छैक- कहियो सुरेन्द्र झा 'सुमन' कहने छाल्क्खिंह कार्यालय मत्री बिन्देश्वर्जीके जे पूजा स बढ़ी के मैथिलीक कार्य - मिथिलाक कार्य लागैत अछि ओहू स बढ़ी के अछि/
बरौनिमे ड्राईवर कए कहल जे हथिदाह्मे स्लो कराय लेल जे पतिपुत्र एक्सप्रेस भेटी जय- ओ आश्वासन देलक मुदा ओत देखल जे ९ नुम्बर प्लात्फोर्म पर बल्लिया - सिअलदाह एक्सप्रेस ठाढ़ अछि- ओहुमे काफी भीड़ छल- कोहुना घुसी थैला लटका सीत्क बीच ठाढ़ भेला पर आपत्ति केलक
;doosre की दिक्कत नहीं समझाते हैं?'
"ठीक बात आपने कही है-वैसे किस पर applicable है यह आपही विचार करे( सीट पर बैसल ओ वा बीचमे ठाढ़ हम?)
कह्लियान्ही - काच ९० लेल छैक मुदा ९१म हम नहीं
अस्तु _ सिमरिअघत्क पूल पर गंगा मैयाक शीतल पवन स्पर्श्स लागल जे स्नान क कमी पूरा भेल- कहियो स्वामी माधवानंद अपना प्रवचन में कहने छलाह जे एहेन पवित्र नदीक वायुस्पर्श सेहो मल्हारी होइत छैक
किउल में उतारी तकल्न्हू त बहूत देर बाद एक थाम जल भेटल - ओताही प्लात्फोर्म ३ पर कागज बिच्चा स्नान भोरका बांकी संध्यादी आ संझाक प्रदोष शिव पूजन कायल
पत्लिक प्रतीक्षामे भाग्ल्पुर्क एक यूवक आ फेर आन २ व्यक्ति जे एहिमे रुचि लेलान्ही बतावल जे अंगक भाग कियैक मिथिला मे आबय- बिहारमे रहबाक बजाय
पाटलिपुत्र त लेट भेल मुदा वनांचल आबी गेल- जाही में बैसक आ फेर ऊपर लेत्वाक आ धनबाद्क बाद सुतबाक जगह भेटल आ भोरे भोर रांची पन्हुचालान्हू- यथ्समय डेरा आ अस्पताल
आ सबस पहिने मुहम्मद रजा अलीके फ़ोन कायल-

किउल्ही में बालिन्द्र्जीक फ़ोन आयल छल जे २७.११क आरामे विद्वत परिषद् में हमर बिसर तय केलाह अछि आ बादमे किछु मैथिल संगे- संगही विद्यालाय्मे स्वास्थ्य चर्चा होयत आ संभव मेडिकल विषय पर डाक्टर सब संग गोष्ठी
भोरे समस्तिपुरमें जयकृष्ण झा कए फ़ोन केलियेन्ही- कहलाह स्टेशन पर आबी जय्तान्हू-
कह्लियेन्ही हम एहेन VIP नहीं- समय लयक आयब-मुदा ओ निमंत्रित केलाह २७ नवम्बर वा ४ दिसम्बर लेल एक कार्यक्रम में में जजतय एक एक्स- जस्टिस सेहो रहताह .
किउल में पूछल कोन डेट- २७ क १ बजे-
२७क दलसिंगसराय में धरना १०-१२ बजे रही समस्तीपुर लाव कॉलेज में सांप्रदायिक हिंसा निवारण कानून पर मुख्य वक्ताक नाते .

बलिन्द्रजी फरबरीमे दिल्ली जाइत भेटल छलाह- सरस्वती शिशु मंदिरमे शिक्षक-
म्हर पूछने छालियेन्ही- मीटिंग की भेल?
स्वीकार कयक बरौनी कल्यान्जीके फ़ोन के तेघरा, बीहट क बिसार आगा लेल स्थगित कायल
भोजपुर में हमर ई पहिल मीटिंग होयत- याद राखू आन्हां राज्य बदलि सकैत छि मुदा अपन पड़ोसी नहीं?
हम मिथिलाक समर्थक मुदा मगही वा भोजपूरीक विरोधी नहीं छि

Thursday, November 17, 2011

110th Mithila jagaran yatra_Munger-Forbesganj-Purnea- History of Maihtili introduction at Clacutta University- Bhagalpur

110th Mithila jagaran yatra_Munger-Forbesganj-Purnea- History of Maihtili introduction at Clacutta University- Bhagalpur

110th Mithila jagaran yatra concluded or Mithila jagaran yatra without awakening Mithila was concluded by me is difficult to say at this instance being under heavy turmoil to continue with the same or not on which a comment may not be apprppriate at this time.

Anyway started under the said circumstances, reached Kiul on 10th morning and had a breath in jamalpur passenger where one sharma from Urain working at Asansol said that Lakhisarai(munger) had been a part of Mithilanchal for millennia. The way in winter in the area suggested birds could be invited from far if sanctuary was made there. The womenfolk with heavy fodder bags created a scene till jamalpur I reached.

Had a trekker for Mumger the town I had been in 1970 for a month- and exactly at that Model School a teacher Choudhryji was waiting for me. Went to Maithili Parishad office where some neghobouring lady cooked simple roti sabji for me.

Went to dalhatta with Amolji to meet Indu daughter of late laxmikant Mishra, the doyen of Maithil community there who passed away recently.

Had a glimpse of Yoga sansthan from the outskirts and then to lallupokhar office for maithili meeting which seconded a Mithila state conference soon there.

Though they insisted stating at night –in the morning 5 there was a chance of theft a on raod9though position has improved in this govt.) and hence I decided to take 730 train for Bhagalpur and had a talk with passengers on Mithila state.

Many have wrong notions of ill development on the Jharkhand’s happenings.

At bhagalpur though advocate sadhana jha arvibnd Jha;s house I passed and listened kartik Purnima matra chanting thought not to disturb them abnd went to my relativ’s house which I had forgotten once Vinay Tarun was introduced.

The wife of my younger cousin a teacher had made several dishes and sweets.

In the morning of 11th I walked to nearby bus stand and had a bus for Purnea and then crossing River Koshi reached Purnea and immediately I got a slow moving bus to araria(rather having big halts with fast speed) and crossed Araria remembering its many workers, some of whom have left us for no reason.

Reached my native town Forbesganj and then a tempo to M the Mithila Public School I had to speak – the town has changed in decades I left. I tried to catch glimpse and record video on Sony’s instrument. The locality was known to me but new building had come up- yet there was a board of JK I had once mentioned to its owner Raghupati sSinghania and so was the Mahavir Mill.

Doctors’ clinics are everywhere- people are unhealthy but specialists are available. The funeral ghat I saw besides the Sita dhar.

Reached Mithila Public School and was welcomed by its Principal Putul ishra who provided a heavy lunch, talked many luminaries of the district who had come there. And in the evening boys assembled to listen to me on their career and health and I also tipped for prevention from suicide(seeing rampant news in ranchi papers). A boy’s question on Dream? Was fascination- The boy Abdul could say Abdul kalam, Maulana aAbul kalam*(whose burthdayw as eductation day that day) ato which I added aAbdul Rahim Khnakhana..the great Rambhakt poet..( to be concluded..)

Part II

MIthila Public School(MPS) is run by a Maithil family from Bhadreshwar late Saryu Mishra’s scion (whose son Pradeep was my classmate at the Lee academy , Forbesganj). While going to that school I was thinking I should have contacted my Alma mater too for such a talk.

This MPS is a private institution with some 1500 students and its roll of honour shows many students of over 90% and later I was informed one had 8th position in Bihar PMT(I was 19th only).

In the evening assembly of the borders (some 150 students) I started with offering a copy of my >MaithiligadyaGita/ to the Madam principal, Ms. Putul Mishra.

I asked for the significance of the day and somebody said it was 11.11.11 but one boy could say that that was Guru nanak Dev’s birthday and the other that it was a Poornima of Kartik.

I started ,with asking a question my teacher Agmalal Saha had asked in 1966

Araria Court- Court= ?

A boy stood and replied’ Court.’

I said the same mistake my friend had done and was slapped by the teacher but in the modern scenario Madam Principal will be afraid of slapping(corporal punishment) to any boy.

I told them that then the teacher had said= Simaraha dhatta ( khali maidan) and then that teacher of mathematics started explaining in that geography class causes of Population at a place that after there was a court at Araria people started gathering for different work.

I said that only the examiner of Dr. Rajendra Prasad was honest to declare’ examinee is better than examiner’ though in every class there are one or more better than their teacher who would be doctors, engineers etc. while their teachers could not go to that extent.

I also given them few tips on health like nail chopping weekly and hygiene and on foods and fruits and vegetables etc.

I also explained them that success is enjoyed by all but the personality rests in fighting any failure where suicidal attempts are serious as many times even examiners were wrong in judging the students. A courageous stand to fight eventualities is the need which I chose to speak because recently I came across many such suicide cases at Ranchi.

AMP Meeting at Forbesganj

I had several calls by Prof NL Das and Sudhirji and I concluded quickly. The school provided a vehicle to post office chowk , my home hardly 2 km from there where meeting of the AMP was in the Mohan Smriti Bhawan.

I could stop hardly for a minute at my home though informed that the roof of the home was broken I could not view.

The meeting was as usual attended by a few Maithils who were divided in opinion to start an AMP unit or some other organization. I asked them to run AMP unit as it had an umbrella but Maithils are egoistic everywhere (even within the AMP and do not want to follow any other and so I was there instead a conference at a distant Agra).

After meeting Prof. NL Das, a recipient of the Translation Award of the Sahity Akademy of 2010 and AMP vice=president asked me to go to his house for night stay. The rickshw puller took Rs. 30 while to go to Purnea it is merely Rs.40 by bus and Rs.11 by train?

I had an enquiry at railway station for the morning train and thought to catch 7.13 am train. At Dasji’s house his co-brother had expired previous day and it was a gloomy night. In 2008 also I had the news of my mother’s demise at ranchi when we had returned there from Hulas camp of the AMP.

There was a teacher from Jamui joined recently Shishu Vatika at the Vidya Bharati, Forbesganj.

The next morning I could take some of the photos of the award Dr. Das had and some receptions on that account and tours to Kerala and Delhi for that.

I reached Purnea junction and by auto RN Sah Chowk from where a rickshw pulled me to Bhattha chowk, Arabia Masjid line, Madhopur and Teachers’ colony- where young journalist Vinay Tarun’s father and sister Pinki lived with whom I had an accidental introduction in 2008.

There one Maithil could talk his brother Dhirendra Mishra, ex-IAS when I give his number to him.

Though Pinki had told me that a meeting of local will be organized she could return and I had to start for Brajmohan Thakur Law College.

Principal was outstation and so the director but the in-charge principal Ashutosh recognized me and soon we had a good meeting in the library hall.

I explained them the historical course of Mithila since English advent and a progress sheet in the road of statehood and its necessity.

It was pleasing that a law student Aman Khatoon put a question why Mihtila was named? I tried to reply satisfactorily. The other student Pratik Sanyal, hailing from North Dinzpur(WB) explained Mitakshara and daybhag systems of law of which Mihtila school was one where the person doing last rites of any heirless person becomes the master of the property of the deaceased. Among students Poonam Kumari, Kanchan Kumari,Priya Mahto Amardeep Kr. Yadav, Reena Kumari were present. Among staff and teachers Prof. RN Thakur, Vijay Kr Mishra, Vinod Kr. Thakur,Yogendra Mohan Thakur, Saketanand Jha, nagendra Mohan Thakur, Himanshu Prasad Varma, Sikendra Kumar Mahto, Arun Kumar, Pappu Kumar, prashant Kumar Sinha, Chandeshwari Kumar, Jnaneshwar Prasad, Vijay Kumar Jha, Kshitish Mohan Thakur etc. were present.

Earlier also I had been also in this college but every time I visit that place I get energy for the movement.

Maithili introduction at the Calcutta University in 1919

I had thought to stay there itself but Ashutosh took me to his house where his father Birendra Mohan Thakurji came late but we had an important session of interview on his father Pt. Brajmohan Thakur (14.2.1989-9.12.1977)’s initiation of the Maithili education at the Calcutta University when Babuaji Mishra and he talked for it and approached Sir Ashitosh Mukherjee who said if 2500 Rupees could be deposited he may start a chair for Maihtili. Then BM Thakur approached Raja Krityanand Singh etc. of Purnea and raaura, Durgaganj and could collect Rs.11000.

Then BM Thakur was asked to collect books etc. for teaching and syllabus formation, the dairy of which I was shown on 26.4.2008 night during XVII International Maithili Conference. I photographed and video recorded all those matter(his diary, question papers and mark allotment paper of 1932 etc. signifying that at Kolkata Maihtili was a subjet till 1932 at least though Ashutosh said that it was till 1942 and was closed when the money BM Thakur had deposited was exhausted.

I feel sincerely had Mihtila been in Bengal(instead of Bihar) Maihtili’s progress would have been undeterred as it was eclipsed since 1940 when the great Dr. Sachhidanand Sinha and Dr. Rajendra Prasad thwarted the move of Dr. Amarnath Jha for basic teaching of Maihtil children in Maihtili.

I am a vegetarian and hence again food was cooked for me(as they had made fish-rice).

In the night I was tormented over some happenings in the AMP and was thinking to move away from the work altogether, if system was not restored.


In the morning I was ready and after breakfast I went to catch a bus for Bhagalpur. There was a jam just before the Kursel’s Koshi bridge which took many hours to be clear by four cranes.

An advocate of Purnea had many interesting accounts on the fate of old persons quoting sayings from some scriptures also. Some other were discussing diabetes and its cause and prevention and treatment by Yogic methods- though I interrupted on unscientific talks I did not reveal that my MD thesis was on diabetes itself or I was a qualified doctor. We must be scientific in our approach.

When bus started the boy besides me was introduced from Ranganj who was knowing Abhay Jha, a teacher and Maithili worker whose son was the boy’s frind working with the State Bank of India at Delhi(I could get Abhayji’s number from him later on).

I also talked Dinesh K Mishra on Koshi river while crossing that bridge as Bhojpuri Dinesh, an IIT Kharagpur alumini has devoted his entire life for the flood victims of Koshi bed.

It was interesting to talk with him on Ganga’s further course in India and Bengladesh where it is called Padma and later with Brahmputra is known as Meghna.

Bhagalpur meeting of the AMP

My train from Bhagalpur was at 455pm but I was not sure whether jam could be relieved by that time not to talk of the scheduled meeting form 3 pm at Burhanath mahadev premises. Luckily I could reach Bhagalpur around 3 pm and by other auto the place crossing Tilakmanjhi chowk once more.

At Burhamnath some Maihtils were assembled Dr. sadanad Jha, Shyamanad Mishra, Mahesh Jha, Anil Jha, jay prakash Jha, Shya,akant Jha, Ram Bilas Jha and Mihtilesh Jha. They were enthusiastic for an international conference there but after seedling of a committee with due membership. They also liked my rendering of Gita.

The temple premises is mostly filled with prospective bride and grooms’ paries for negotiation.

It has a Sanskrit college as well there.

As the doors of Lord Burha were not opened till 415 pm I had to leave for taking my train.

I purchased some chura and bananas etc. and in the train(where I was wait listed 10) on a TTE seat took my food of varied materials. Soon came a young boy to occupy the seat but he accommodated other passengers and me but then 2 dadas(musclemen, maybe in police) came and chided and even assaulted the bioy who protested that TTE had said him to seat. TTE from the AC coach came and I said that though probably I was the most qualified person in the train and also on highest Govt. cadre and connected to several top ministers of the states of Bihar and Jharkhand, I had removed my little luggage to go somewhere else ; I felt the matter be closed otherwise if I have to give witness it will go against dada(the muscle man). The musclemen changed there attitude and not only they allowed me and other passengers to seat they asked and pampered the boy(who was a Muslim and soon the dadas could get connectivity from his father, a police inspector).

At Chittaranjan I could get space to sleep and did not notice when that lady leader got down at Katrasgarh and could awake at Ranchi. While getting down I chided a child for not clapping over tobacco (khaini) but he retorted ferociously. It is better to keep mum.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad