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Autobiography of an Unknown Medico- covers(though photos will not come here)

The reorganization of Indian States (Dr. Dhanakar Thakur’s proposition based on various factors mainly 2.5 – 5 per cent of area and or population of India)

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur on his mission of separate Mithila states in India and Nepal(in picure with Nepali PM Prachanda who accepted and announced it for Nepal)

Dr, Dhanakar Thakur at the GMC, Srinagar, on 7.11.2004, concluding his visits to all 106 medical colleges of his time.

(F) IMPORTANT EVENTS-Datewise/Yearwise in The autobiography of an unknown medico(to be updated)

(F) IMPORTANT EVENTS-Datewise/Yearwise   (to be updated)                                                  
1.8.1498          Christopher Columbus set foot on the American        1
                  mainland for the first time                                                   
23.6.1757        Plassey War                                                                                33
1.8.1793          France became the first country to adopt the Metric  1
                   System of weights                                                                   
1857                I Indian Independence War                                                17
1.8.1819          Herman Melville born                                                              1
1.8.1882          Purushottam Das Tandon born                                            2
1.8.1920          Lokmanya Tilak dead                                                               1
1.8.1920          Mahatma Gandhi started Non-Cooperation Movement1
5.11.1920        Indian Red Cross born                                                             89
1924                Darbhanga Medical School etablished                                             202
1945                Author’s father came to Forbesganj                                                  3
1955                Socialistic pattern adopted in India                              1
1.8.1955          Birthday of author                                                                            1
1962                General Election                                                                        15
20.10.1962      China invaded India                                                                 15,16
1963                Author sold 10 paise stamps for Vivekananda Rock Memorial     30
1964                Author admitted to Class VI                                                            2
1964                Author founded Indian Republican Army                                        15
1964                Author founded Keshav Pustakalaya                                              20
Summer 1965 Author led a procession on the martyrdom day of Mangal Pande   17
1965                Indo-Pak War                                                                              14
1965                Author passed Middle Board in I Division                                      24
1966-67          Author participated in cow-protection movement                           30
1967                Author worked in election campaign for B. J. S. at Forbesganj    
1968                Author opted Biology                                                                      2
12.3.1969        Dr. Shrikant Shiledar joined the Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra, Lohardage 64
1969                Author met Atal Behari Vajpayee at Forbesganj                            15
1970                Author attended Sangh Shiksha Varg; Admitted to Ranchi
                        College in P. U. C.                                                                           34
1971                Author worked in election campaign for B. J. S. in Ranchi,           49
                        Lohardaga and Khunti                                                                    
3-17/12/1971  Indo-Pak War-Bangladesh liberated                          63          
1972                Author enrolled in employment exchange at Ranchi                        138
21.4.1973        Suraj Narayan Singh was killed at Ranchi                                       49
1973                First scientific article in Maithili by author                                     46
1973                Author topped in Ranchi University in P. M. T.c and took
                        admission in the Darbhanga Medical College                                39
1974                Students’ Movement                                                     1,64
1974                Searchlight Press burnt                                                                     77
28.1.1975        Author started writing dairy in mother-tongue following Gandhi   257
August 1975   Author left taking tea                                                                       37
1975                Author met Dr. Srinivas at Patna for discussion on Polypathy       37
1975                Author suffered from ‘third year syndrome’                                   71-73
23.4.1976        Kunwar Singh Victory Day  in the D. M. C.                                   84
1977                Author in IV M. B. B. S.                                                                40
March 1977   Author conducted a Lok-Manch where candidates for                  46
                        Lok sabha declared their assets                                          
March 1977   Author worked in election campaign in Darbhanga,                      67
                        Madhubani and Jhanjharpur;
                        Janata party came in power
1977                Author attended Kailashpati Mishra’s meeting at Forbesganj               4          
22.4.1977        Agitation against Capitation-fee based medical                         79
                        colleges in Bihar started                                                      
13.7.1977        Author got arrested                                                                         79
21.7.1977        Author released                                                                               82
3.8.1977          Agitation against Capitation-fee based medical colleges                  79
                        called off                                                                                
8.8.1977          Govindacharya visited Darbhanga, author talked for              84
                        a separate organization of medicos                                    
14.8.1977        Author wrote at Samaul the manifesto of such an            84,266-267
25.8.1977        A. B. V. P. central team endorsed the paper at Mumbai  84,85              
3.10.1977        Medicos group meeting was held during A. B. V. P.,            85
                         Bihar State conference at Darbhanga                                     
5.11.1977        N. M. O. was founded at Varanasi                                     v, 85-90
19.11.1977      Devastating cyclone in A. P.                                                   93
21.12.1977      Author lead a team to A. P. for cyclone relief                        vi, 94
21.12.1977      N. M. O., Patna unit donated fund for Andhra cyclone relief 93
January 1978  Author proposed  izkf.kuke~ vkfrZuk’kue~ as the motto of the N. M. O. 267
14.1.1978        First public function of N. M. O. at Darbhanga                52,100
4.4.1978          Author closed the N. M. O. file in disgust                              103
15.8.1978        Author presided over a meeting in which V. C. was a speaker     46
7.4.1979          Author started working in a Harijan village Chhapaki    102 
18.4.1979        Five lakh people defied curfew in Narengi (Assam)               67
22.9.1979        Govindacharya wrote to author about the P. M. F. menace     110
26.1.1980        Meeting at Patna decided to hold the I N. M. O. Conference  110
16.2.1980        Total Solar eclipse                                                            116
17.2.1980        N. M. O. meeting at the S. K. M. C., Muzaffarpur                 116
18.3.1980        Author joined internship                                                         104,115
30-31.3.1980  I N. M. O. Conference at Patna                                           v, 113,268
29.8.1980        Draft Constitution of the N. M. O. was presented by the        112
                        author which was accepted by the executive committee         
Dec.1980        Author attended the A. S. I. CON., Patna                               222
Jan. 1981        Author attended the A. P. I. CON., Nagpur                            222
23.1.1981        Author met Acharya Binoba Bhave at Pawnar                       136
Feb.1981         Dhanwantari as insignia of the N. M. O. was proposed by    126
                        the author at the executive meeting at Patna
19-20.4.1981  II N. M. O. conference at Ranchi                                      122,126,268
                        Aayurvigyan (later named Aayurvigyan Pragati) was     
                        released on 19.4.1981 122; Dr. Barmeshwar Prasad suggested
                        Dhanwantari as its insignia, which was accepted 126         
21.6.1981        Author closed work in village Chhapaki (Darbhanga)         102
1981                Mandai massacre in Tripura—N. M. O. sent a relief team   94
1981                Author attended the I. M. A., Bihar-CON, Muzaffarpur      222
Jan. 1982        Author attended the A. P. I. CON., N. Delhi                       222
17.3.1982        Author completed senior housemanship                               137
8-9/5/1982      III N. M. O. Conference at Patna, 123,125145,268  
                        N. M. O. flag hoisted first time 123                                  
16.7.1982        Author started private practice at Shubhankarpur (Darbhanga)       137
2-3/10/1982    N. M. O.’s controversial meeting at Ranchi                         125,127
23.11.1982      Author appeared for the P. G. entrance examination            140
24.5.1983        Author joined the M. D. course                                            137
Author attended the A. S. I. CON., Madras(Chennai)                                 222
21-25/1/1984 Author attended the A. P. I. CON., Hyderabad                    222
12.4.1984        Sixth issue of the Aayurvigyan Pragati was released by      129
                        (Lt. Gen.) S. K. Sinha (retd.)
28.5.1984        Author came to Ranchi to learn Neurology from Dr. K. K. Sinha 149
17.7.1984        Author’s study under Dr. K. K. Sinha concluded                 149
2.10.1984        Author was humiliated by a group of the N. M. O. workers129
3.12.1984        M. I. C. gas tragedy at Bhopal                                  xii, 94
8-13/12/1984  N. M. O.’s relief team served Bhopal’s victims                   xii, 94
Author attended the N. S. I. CON., Varanasi                                               222
21-25/1/1985  Author attended the A. P. I. CON., Bangalore                     222
8-10/2/1985    Rebel group of N. M. O. workers formed the Bihar state    129
                        committee during the A. B. V. P. conference at Patna        
10-11/3/1985  Rebel N. M. O. Committee met at Patna                               129-130
7-8/4/1985      Rebel N. M. O. committee met at Patna                                130
11.5.1985        Dr. K. K. Sinha wrote to author to come to Ranchi for         130
                        the editorial job                                                                    
11-12/5/1985  Rebel N. M. O. committee met at Patna                                130
29.5.1985        Author took admission in the D. C. H. at the D. M. C.        130
2.6.1985          Author was back to Ranchi on Dr. K. K. Sinha’s urgent call          45,60
                        for an editor’s job (of editing progress in clinical neurosciences)
1985-1987      Progress in Clinical Neurosciences edited by the author     xv
16.8.1985        Author returned to Darbhanga for the M. D. examination    130
22-23/8/1985  First Indian Medical Editors’ meet, Kolkata                         147
26.9.1985        Author’s M. D. examination concluded                               130
30.9.1985        Emergency convention of the General Body of the         132
                        N. M. O. was held at Darbhanga                                     
2.10.1985        Blood donation by the N. M. O. at Darbhanga                     132
30.11.1985      Author joined the C. C. L., Ranchi as Medical Officer         137,155,156
15-18/12/1985 Author attended the N. S. I. CON., Patna                            222
18-22/1/ 1986 Author attended the A. P. I. CON., Udaipur                        222
6-7/12/1986    IV National Conference of the N. M. O. at Jamshedpur          133,212,268
13.1.1987        N. M. O. workers celebrated Makar Sankranti at Ranchi    170
Jan.1987        Author attended the A. P. I. CON., Madurai                        222
11-12/7/1987  N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O., Ranchi                            269
29.11.1987      N. M. O.’ Regional Conference, Jammu                              268
24.12.1987      X Anniversary celebrations of the N. M. O. at Ranchi   133,145
30.12.1987        Author led first Hindu Missionary doctors’ team in             220
18.3.1988          Author joined the Bihar State health Service                      162
31/3- 1/4/1988   V N. M. O. Conference of the N. M. O. at Bhagalpur    134
23.9.1988          Chakara Pani Jha proposed for Dr. Suman Jha (Dolly)’s    176
                          marriage to Author                                                              
25-26/9/1988     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O., Lucknow                        269
Oct.1988           Author started private practice at Ranchi                           166
16.12.1988        Author met Dolly at Kolkata                                                 181
Jan.1989           Author left the Bihar State Health Services                         165
23.1.1989          Author was married to Dr. Suman Jha at Ranchi                76,136,175
23-24/1/1989     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Ranchi                         269
4-5/3/1989         VI National Conference of the N. M. O. at Gwalior        268
1989                  Author visited Shardul Martand Brahmcharyashram, Bikaner     3
1.8.1989            Prologue of this book was typed                                         xv
1989                  Author hypothesized—Mathematics has separate center      29
                          I in brain                                                                              
14.11.1989        Swami Chinmayananda wrote to author                        Cover II,
                          from Indore                                                                        135-136
Nov.1989          Manuscript of the main substance of this book was           xiv, 193
Nov. 1989         Author left Ranchi for settling at Delhi                                 167
1990                  Earthquake in Bihar                                                              94
3-4/3/1990         N. E. C. Meeting of N. M. O. at Ranchi                               269
March 1990       Author left for Mumbai to settle there                                  195
8-9/9/1990         VII National Conference of the N. M. O. at Mysore       230,268
12.11.1990        Author joined the M. E. CON., Ranchi as sr. Specialist (Medicine)             196
21-22/12/1990   N. M. O.’s Regional Conference at Silchar                          268
14.1.1991          Author came to K-164, Shyamali, Ranchi to reside              196
                          leaving two decades' hostel life                                            
1991                  Author attended the I Medicine International at Ranchi        222
25.8.1991          35 medical camps on Rakshabandhan day by                      237
                          the N. M. O. , Rajkot
13-14/9/1991     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Patna                           269
29.9.1991          N. M. O.’ Regional Conference at Kolkata                           268
23-24/11/1991   VIII National Conference of the N. M. O.                       268
                          at Karnavati (Ahmedabad)
29.2.1992          Maithili was removed from the B. P. S. C.  Examination       257         
April 1992         Author wrote a letter in the Ranchi Express protesting the
                          removal of Maithili from the B. P. S. C.  Examination         257 
16.5.1992          Author’s report ‘Free flow of Drugs nurturing Militancy’ xiii, 228
                          was released by the P. T. I.
1-5/10/1992       Jagu Maithil Dhir pamphlets distributed in Mithila              263
Nov.1992          Author attended the II World A. I. D. S. Congress at Delhi   222
10.1.1993          N. M. O. ’s Regional Conference at Solapur                        268
Feb.1993           Author attended the A. I. S. M. O. CON. at Visakhapatanam   222
19-20/6/1993     I International Maithili Conference at Ranchi:                       258,260,265
                          Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad Founded                          
8.8.1993            R. S. S., Chennai office blasted by the Islamic militants       225
11-12/9/1993     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Ranchi                         269
30.9.1993          Killary earthquake                                                                 xii
16-26/10/1993   Author’s padyatra in Mithila                                                 259
9-10/4/1994       IX National Conference of the N. M. O. at Udaipur      268
22-29/5/1994     Author’s cycle-march in Mithila                                           259
10-11/9/1994     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Bhubaneshwar            269
14-22/10/1994   Author/s cycle-march in Mithila                                       259
18-22/1/ 1995    Author attended the A. P. I. CON. at Madras(Chennai)       222
25-26/1/1995     N. M. O.’ Regional Conference at Thrissur                         268
Feb.1995           Author attended the A. I. S. M. O. CON. at Ranchi             222
14-16/4/1995     X National Conference of the N. M. O. at Amritsar       228,268
7-8/10/1995       N. M. O.’ Regional Conference at Madurai                         268
18-19/11/1995   N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Kolkata                        269
7-8/1/1996         II International Maithili Conference at Madhubani               265
28.1.1996          Author presided over the Vidyapati Parva at Hyderabad     181,261
28.1.1996          N. M. O.’s Regional Conference, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad)      268
16.2.1996          Ex-parte judgment day of divorce suit, author                    181
                          appeared in the Madhubani court                                       
18-19/7/1996     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Agra                            269
1996                  Author attended the C. I. M. CON. at Ranchi                      222
1.12.1996          N. M. O.’s Regional Conference at Kolkata                         268
1997                  Author attended the East Zone Neuro-CON. at Ranchi        222
8-9/2/1997      XI National Conference of the N. M. O. at                     208,268
13-16/4/1997  III International Maithili Conference, Nepal Terai                      265
13-14/9/1997  N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Delhi                           269
14.9.1997        Ma. Laxman Shrikrishna Bhide addressed the N. M. O.,       211
                         N. E. C. meeting at N. Delhi                                                      
3-5/10/1997    Author attended the VII P. G. Course in Diabetology at Mumbai   222
Dec.1997        Author attended the R. S. S. D. I. Con., at Chennai                   222
11.12.1997      Author visited the Stanley Medical College, Chennai                  224
21.12.1997      Author presided over the foundation meeting                              260
                       of  the Maithili Manch,Harmu,Ranchi
IV International Maithili Conference at Raurkela                                                265
1998                Author attended the A. P. I. CON. at Bangalore                          222
13-15/2/1998 Author attended the A. I. S. M. O.  CON. at Raurkela                222
28-29/3/1998  XII National Conference of the N. M. O. at Bhagyanagar    206,268
14-15/4/1998  V International Maithili Conference at Katihar                            265
17-18/10/1998 N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Pune                                   231,269
26-27/12/1998 VI International Maithili Conference at Chennai                         265
1999                Author attended the B. A. P. I. CON. at Ranchi                          222
1999                Author attended the Medicine International at Ranchi                  222
18.3.1999        Newt Trend in Medicine edited by author and Dr. K. K Sinha     xv
                        was released                                                                              
27-28/3/1999  XIII National Conference of the N. M. O. at  Agra               268
1.8.1999          Nirad C. Chaudhuri dead                                                             2
2-3/10/1999    N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Mumbai                              269
28.11.1999      Nivedta Ashram, an orphanage, started at Ranchi                  147,226-227
1999                   Super-cyclone in Orissa, the N. M. O. members 
                          attended on about 33,000 patients                                          xii,94
8-9/1/2000         VII International Maithili Conference at Jamshedpur                    265
8-9/4/2000         XIV National Conference of the N. M. O. at Lucknow     268,269
1.6.2000            Antarashtriya Maithili Parishad registered                               264
13.9.2000          Affidavits were signed by Dr. Suman Jha and author on
                          compromise petition before the Patna High Court                          180
30/9- 1/10/2000 N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad)     269
23-24/12/2000   VIII International Maithili Conference at Biratnagar (Nepal)          265
26.1.2001          Earthquake in Bhuj the N. M. O. members around              vi, 94
                          1000, attended on about one lakh patients
4/2,10-11/2/2001 Distributed pamphlets in Mithila for enumerating                         263
                          Maithili in Census
16-18/3/2001     Author attended the VI International Medical Conference,Ranchi   222
1-4/4/2001         Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Jainagar (Madhubani)           262
14-15/4/2001     XV National Conference of the N. M. O. at Ranchi                  268
1-3/5/2001         Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Ajnaul (Samastipur)              262
8-9/9/2001         N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Delhi                                      269
5.11.2001          Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the N. M. O. started               v, 243
                          at the I. M. S., B. H. U., Varanasi                                                    
2001                  Author attended the Zonal Pediatric-CON. at Ranchi                     227
1.10.2002          Author visits the T. D. Medical College, Allapuzha                       208
10-11/11/2001   IX International Maithili Conference at Saharsa                     260,265
14.1.2002          Author attended the N. M. O.’s medical camp at Sabrimala           242
23-24/2/2002     XVI National Conference of the N. M. O. at Rajkot  227,238,268
3-5/5/2002         Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Sukhsena (Purnea)                262
14.7.2002          N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Kolkata                              v', 269
14-15/9/2002     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Jaipur                                     269
7.10.2002          Dolly appeared at the Madhubani court for compromise                180
10.11.2002        Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the N. M. O.     Cover II, v-viii, 268
                          concluded at Siri Fort Auditorium, N. Delhi                                  
11-15/1/2003     Author attended the A. P. I. CON. at Varanasi                        222,352
1/2-2/2/2003      X International Maithili Conference at Dhanbad                        v, 265
22.2.2003          Author addressed a meeting of Maithili workers and a       265-Part II
                          press conference at Dalsing Sarai
23.2.2003         The core committee meeting of the N. M. O. at Mumbai   v,  265-part II
                          (Author was not informed)
15-16/3/2003     Author attended the I J. A. P. I CON. at Ranchi                             222
15-16/3/2003     Author attended the VII International Medical Conference             222
                          at Ranchi                                                                                              
12-13/4/2003     The XXVI Annual conference of the N. M. O. at Indore         268
24.5/2003          Author and his parents and sister Bindu absolved of the
                          dowry torture case                                                                          184
27-30/6/2003     Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Ugna (Bhawanipur),
                          Madhubani                                                                                      262
12-15/9/2003     Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Narayanpatti, Madhubani      262
2.10.2003          Author went to village Begampur (Russeraghat)                            262
                          to change its name as Vaishnavi                                                         
11-12/10/2003   N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Meeruth                                 269
22-23/11/2003   XI International Maithili Conference at Dalsing sarai                    265
22.12.2003        Lok Sabha passed  Maithili's inclsion in the
                          viii schedule of the Indian constitution               x, 256,257,265
8.1.2004            Maithili's inclsion in  Viii schedule of the Indian constitution 265
                          by 92nd Amendment,notified on in the Gazette of India.
18-21/1/2004     Author attended the A. P. I CON. at Hyderabad                            223
4.3.2004            Author shifted to D-5, Shyamali, Ranchi to reside                         196
21/3/2004          Author attended (partially) the XXVII Annual   v, 265-Part II,268
                          Conference of the N. M. O. at Patna
21/3/2004          Website of the Antarrastriya maithili Parishad                               257
                          http.// maithili_parishad was  launched
7-10/5/2004       Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Ranchi                                   262
24-27/9/2004     Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Mane Chowk(Sitamarhi)       262
2-3/10/2004       XII  International Maithili Conference at Muzaffarpur                     265
22-25/10/2004   Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Kuangarhi(Munger)              262
24-27/10/2004   Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Dumaria(Godda)                   262
7.11.2004          Author  visited Govt. Medical College,Srinagar concluding     228,Cover IV
                          his journey to the all medical colleges of his student days
                          and also S.K.I.M.S. there                                                                     
26.12.2004        Tsunami disaster                                                                        xii,94
22-24/1/2005     Author attended the  Diamond A. P. I CON. at Mumbai                222
30.1.2005          Author  did not attend the N. M. O.’s  Zonal  Conference at Surat 265-Part II, 268
6.2.2005            Author attended  NMO, Jaipur's CME Programme                             v
12.3.2005          Author founded  the Mithila Vidyarthi Parishad(MVP) at Saharsa 264
9.4.2005            Author visited the Mata Gujri Devi Memorial Medical                  235
                          College, Kishanganj                                                                             
11-12/4/2005     Author visited the B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences    xvi,242
13.4.2005          Author visited the Katihar Medical College, Katihar                       235
21-22/4/2005     Vidyapati Parva by the Maithili Manch,Harmu,Ranchi              260           
22-24/4/2005     Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Ranchi                                   262
23-24/7/2005     N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Ranchi                                   269
24-25/9/2005     XIII  International Maithili Conference at Jaipur                    265
22/12/2005        Author attended  the XXVIII Annual                   265-Part II,268
                          Conference of the N. M. O. at  Agra
22-24-/12/2005  Maithili Workers’ Training Camp at Hulas(Supaul)                201,262
24.12.2005        Author's mother Smt. Nirmala Devi expired at Ranchi           201
1.1.2006             Author was asked to attend Nivedta Ashram's meeting                 227
29.1.2006           Author was asked to take charge / live at  Nivedta Ashram        227
30-1/2.2.2006    Author  partially attended the   A. P. I CON. at Patna                    222
20.3.2006          Author was transferred to Bangalore as if a punishment     iii,193,201
25.3.2006          Author inaugurated  the Vidaypati Parva, Jamshedpur
30.3.2006          Author reached Keshavkunj, Bangalore
31.3.2006          Author joined MECON, Bangalore                                                     
8-9/4/2006         Author attended  the XXIX Annual                      265-Part II,268
                          Conference of the N. M. O. at  th SAIMS,Indore
1-5/5/2006         Author started 2000 km car journey(Ranchi to Bangalore)
2.5.2006            Author visited the MGM  Medical College, Jamshedur
3.5.2006            Author visited the SCB  Medical College, Cuttack and MKCB           
                         Medical College, Brahmpur
5.5.2006            Author visited the NRI Academy of Medical Sciences and Medical
                          College, Malaygiri(Guntur) and  Katuri Medical College, Katuri
6.5.2006            Author visited the  Sri Devaraj Urs  Medical College, Kolar
26-28/5/2006     Author visited the Sri Devaraj Urs  Medical College, Kolar             ....
27-29/5/2006     Author  could not attend Maithili Workers’ Training Camp-cum
                          XIV  International Maithili Conference at Simariia                         265
3-4/6/.2006        Author visited the  Siddhatha  Medical College, Tumkur                 ....
10.6.2006          Author visited the GMC, Mysore
11.6.2006          Author visited the JSS  Medical & Dental  Colleges,Mysore
18.6.2006          Author visited the Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore               ....
18.6.2006          Author visited the MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore
24.6.2006          Author visited the Satya sai Institute of Higher Medical
                         Sciences,   Bangalore
24. 6.2006          Author visited theVaidehi Medical College, Bangalore
11.9.2006          Author completed  writing/ entering in computer Maithili Geeta
24.9.2006          N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at Bhopal                                   269
16-19/10/2006   Author in Mithila
6-8/1/2007         Author Organised XV International Maithili Conference, Bangalore  265
14.1.2007          Author addressed YOM(Yoth For Mithila) Convention, N. Delhi       257
14-18/2.2.2007  Author  partially attended the   A. P. I CON. at Goa                      222
27-28/1/2007     Author attended  the XXX Annual                       265-Part II, 268
                          Conference of the N. M. O. at  Katihar
24-25/2/2007     Author was not informed/invited for the              265-Part II, 268
                          National Conference of the N. M. O. at  Jaipur
10.3.2007          Author visited the Rajarajeshwari   Medical College, Bangalore      ....
18.3.2007          Author inaugurated  the Vidaypati Parva, Jamshedpur
22-26/3/2007     Author in Mithila
14.4. 2007         Author visited the  SVIMS, Tirupati
15.4. 2007         Author  chief guest at Vidyapati Parva, Hyderabad                      260
30.4.2007          Author in Mithila
11.5.2007         Author absolved of the other dowry torture case                           183
11-12/5/2007    Author in Mithila
13/5/2007          N. E. C. Meeting of the N. M. O. at N. Delhi                                 269
  5.7.2007          Author chief guest at the Mithila Sanskritik Parishad, Hyderabad
8.7.2007            Author visited the MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital, Hoskote
22.7.2007          Author instumental to the Foundation Meeting of the National
                         Software Engineers' Organisation (NSWEO) at the Yadav Smriti, B   
                          Bangalore                                                                                           xi
2.8.2007            Author left the RSS when humiliated for the above meeting     xi
5.8.2007            Author visited the Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences, Hassan
12.82007           Delhi State  Meeting of the N. M. O. at N. Delhi                           269
19.8.2007          Author visited Sarvanbelgola
25.8.2007          Author visited Srisailam(AP)
26.8.2007          Author visited the Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool
2.9.2007            Author visited Belur- Halebeedu
4.9.2007( Janmashtami ) Author's sister Bindu's marriage finalized at Kolkata        201       
 8.9.2007           Author visited Bhimashankar
9.9.2007            Author addressed the medicos at the B.J. Medical College, Pune
15.9.2007          Author visited Dharmasthala
16.9.2007          Author visited Koke Subramnyam
23.9.2007          Author was honoured by the Mithila Darpan at Mumbai
30.9.2007          Author visited Nunjungudeshwar at Nanjungud and
                          Vivekand Grjan Kalyan Kendra at BR Hills n Karnataka
2.10.2007          Author visited the SRN Medical College and saw SRN Dental
                           College, Potheri, Chennai
7.10.2007          Author had a darshan of Saibaba and also  saw
                          Sri Satya Sai         Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Puttupurthy
4.11.2007          Author  attended XVI  International Maithili Conference at Goa 265
5.11.2007          Author attended  XXXI Annual                                                       
                          Conference of the N. M. O. at  Goa                        265-Part II, 268
15-25/12/2007   Mithila Rajya abhiyan Mithila- Patna-Jamshedpur
6-9/11/2007       Bangalore to Ranchi Car Journey
21.11.2007        Author's sister Bindu's marriage at Ranchi
27.1.2008           Author attended Mithila Mahotsava, Jamshedpur; father hospitalized at Ranchi
28.1.2008          Author's father Dinakr Sharma Vaidya shifted to Apollo, Irba
6.2.2008            Author's father took last breath
26-27/4/.2008   Author attended  XVII  International Maithili Conference, Purnea 265
5.5.2008            Author read story "Saudamainik Vivah,' at Jamshedpur
May-June 2008  Author lost MECON Executuve Association's Presdential post
5.7.2008            Author was vivtimized being  transferred to Satellite Health centre
September 2008                                                    Author offerred to Koshi Flood victims
6-9/10/2008       Auithor did Cycle March in Mithila for Mithila State
 9-12//10'2008   Author attended XIII Maithili Workers’ Training Camp-cum at Parsa(jaynagar)
15-16/11/2007   Author attended  XXXII Annual Conference of t
                           N. M. O. at  Bhopal                                               265-Part II, 268
 6-9/12/2008      Authororganised XIV Maithili Workers’ Training Camp-cum at Ranchi
20-21/12/2008   Author attended  XVIII  International Maithili Conference, Delhi 265
22.12.2008        Author in Dharna at jantar Mantar Delhi for Mithila State
11-12/4/2009     Author attended  XIX  International Maithili Conference, Kathmandu
                          Sharing dais with Nepali PM Prachanda who spoke for autonomous
                          states in nepal on language and ethinicity ; author  briefed Nepali V.P.
                           Parmanand  Jha  Maithil's problems                             265, cover iv