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Saraswatipuja at thre BHU, Varanasi by Maithil youth_ Maithili teaching in BHU?

Saraswatipuja at thre BHU, Varanasi by Maithil youth_ Maithili teaching in BHU?

ON 28th January 2012 I was incidentally at Varanasi as my father’s varshee was extended from 22nd to 29th due to premature death of one of the cousin’s of my(it should be held on the afternoon of the Ekadasha of the deceased was a common opinion of several pundits I enquired).

Though I thought to go to Allahabad to have a dip in the Magh Mela because I was in ashauch on 28th9again technically as my cousin died in the night of Wednesday and it should have been over by Friday 27th but there at Jaipur they did count when they saw him dead on Thursday morning) and also there was no phone call back by the president of Allahabad Maithili Sangam, I preferred not to go there this year in the abnormal chill when most of the workers including Bidhu Mishra were out of Allahabad and reached Varanasi on 28th also to utilize my day for the Sarswati Puja assembly of youth as I was once invited by some of the youth there though I lost his telephone number.

I reached Varanasi on 28th at 10 am but I was a bit lethargic and rather preferred to glue in my brother’s house as I had to fast for Ekbhukt and after that in the evening I went to the Lanka gate of the BHU .

I phoned Abhinav Jha who was outstation but suggested me to go to the Delegacy Hall near Maitree Hotel which is more famous in the Arts Faculty side.

I took a rickshaw and went near that and gave him Rs.10 but he said that he would go to the poja site for having Prasad. I remembered how in my youth days I too was craving for that and Prasad is more important for such who have some sensation of hunger satisfying than many of us who are usually overfed.

Boys were there and a lonely girl from Begusarai. Many Maithil boys were there and I met some of them from Saharsa and studying law. One of them was interested in Mithila movement but promised to work after getting stability in life. I said that problems do not come in queue and problems will ever occur and one should know to balance social work with personal and professional work.

Soon there was a call from aarati and though I was in ashauch I also joined and found there was no full Saraswatistrot and I intercepted that the Varshkritya was there from where it should be read out and was gladly accepted by them.

Some students were from Sanskrit faculty and they dis chanting in good pronunciation.

Ambejik aarti was a lso done- though Sarswati in to be worshipped along with Amba and Mahalaxmi, I felt Sarasawati aarati and in fact all such important aartis be provided in Maithili. I think I should work on those in near future.

They gave me Prasad which I kept for the other day when I would n be in shouch.

After that some persons sat and took interest in my talks., particularly Rajeev Kumar Jha son of late Sundarkant Jha who was patron of local Mithila Manch, Sgishir K. Jha of Belahi now settled at Begusarai, Madhav Jha, Advocate Nirsan Jha of village Kasraur, Sandeep K Jha etc.

Alter Nirsan Jha saw me off till Lanka gate which was illuminated with lights on the festive occasion.

Nirsanjee came next day also in my father’s varshee with other Maithil though students as promised did not come.

Nirsanjee informed that while donating fabulous money to the BHU Maharajadhiraj Darbhanga(who in fact presided over the grand meetings of Maharajas of the country where Gandhiji spoke first time in any public meeting in India after returning from South Africa and was about to be arrested for his criticism to kings but was saved by Malaviyji and Annie Beseant) had said that he did not want anything but Maithili teaching there in the BHU which was continued till 1962.

Nirsanjee proposed that he would like a conference there in which this issue would be raised to which I promptly agreed. Next day in Varshee many Maithilis from the DLW attended Brahman Bhojan and I requested them to have a unit of the Antarrashtriy maithili parishad which should host an Antarrashtriy maithili Sammelan in the city of Baba Vishwanath.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur 9470193694

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Mihtila Jagaran yatra_117 _Grierosn Jayanti and Maithil Samman Divas(Jan 7) blated sat Darbhanga on 8th January 2011

Mihtila Jagaran yatra_117 _Grierosn Jayanti and Maithil Samman Divas(Jan 7) blated sat Darbhanga on 8th January 2011

It was Sunday Jan.8th, 2011 being second Sunday a holiday for me that I decided to got o Darbhanga for a short visit of 5 hours. Ranchi Jaynagar train is an achievement for Ranchi Maihtils and usually there is no rush and I had a comfortable seat to sleep and in the morning I crossed Rajendra Setu to enter in Mithila.

Dr.Boocharoo paswan who had been in the contact for previous days was assured that I would be in time around 11 when they had planned to start Grierson Jaynati as well as to open an office for the Antarrashtriy Maithili Parishad at the house of Shri Rajnath Mishra, ‘Shreeangan,”, Kabirchak.

The train stopped at Donar and somebody said that kabirchak was nearby and I got down but to dismay I had to go to near Sadar Block and so again I had to walk by the sides of the rails with a bag full of Aayurvigyan pragati which would have been dropped in the letter box of the RMS at the station had I gone and would have comfortable in walking but by a mistake though it was a bit strnous I could see Darbhanga was expanding from my days of 1985 I left that for good.

I reached a pond had to do its parikrama to reach sadar Block. On that chowk I remarked that if that is the status if the road this town will have difficulty in the acceptance as the capital.

Darbhanga is town of ponds and unless its all big ponds are connected its waterlogging would remain an enigma.

Dr. Boocharoo Pasawn and Rajnath Mishra were there and soon I took bath and did my daily pooja .The day was cool but Sun had apperread and soon legendary figures of Mithila movement as well as of the Maithili literature assembled.

Rajnathji had some reseravations for having a banner of the AMP there though all programmes were held as per the AMP’s convention.

It was a day late(for being Sunday holiday though Grierson was born on 7th jan 1851 and Maithili too was included in the Constitution of India on 7th January 2004 itself as if the Great Aurobindo’s birth on 15th August 1872 and India’s independence of 15th August 1947).

A brief report already communicated of the programme-

Darbhangame Dr boocharoo pawank adyakshatame Grierson jayanti aa Maithili samman divas 8th Jank bhel- sanyojak Rajnath Mishra Maithilik savsparshee banaula par prakash delaah- Rajbhasha aa rahy kona? Aadi

Dr. Kamlakant Jha, president,AMP, AMPk samvaidhink manyatame Gurumaitajee, RSS chief aadi sang Oct.2000 me genai aa Hunkumdeojik 3.6.2003 k yaad Nirmalime Vajpayeeke diyaunai aadi batulanhi- vartman anek lelhak AMP k nam hi nahi lait chhaithi ( jakhanki 1992me seho AMP jakr vikasit roopachhi Maithili Vikas Parishad p okar pratnidhimandal gel chhal -jahime Chaturanan mishra k tippani against rahlanhi je note me naam chhapat kewal)

2000 me Devendra yadav dastkhat tak nahi kelanhi- cheennai sammelan me pratignya mombatti par haath day lel gel chhal je 3 saal meee kaj hoyat aase Gurumaitaa karulanhi hunka naam kolkata aa darbhanga bala nahi lait chhaithi..

vidwan bhimnath Jha kahlanhi je anha sab kaaj karee itihaas swaym banat- naam lel kaj satwik lakshan nahi.O George griersonk 7 jan k jamn tain 8th Jan k Maithilik manyata par vishad prakash delainhi.

udayshankar mishra Mithilak vikas le Rajyak aawshykata par bal delanhi. Dr.. Satyanarayan mahoto, prsedent, Mithila rajya sangharsh samiti samajik samrasata par bataulah.

Kamleshji Maihtilik prathmik shikhapar jor delah. Dr Ashok Mehata Jan7-8 k har saal mahasammelan k sujhab delah. burha bhai Maihtil k vividh pksh par bajlah, patrakar Amlendu shekhar kahlah je mithilak sab bhagke bhag kono kajme hebak chahee- kevaw Darbhanga-madhubani nahi lok ke apan hak lel ladak chahee,

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur Griersonk jeevan yatra ,hunak maithili karya aa Mithila prantk aauchity par bajalah.

Dr. Tuntun Jha adhyaksh, AMp, darbhanga jila khlah je Mithilak nakesha par ekmat lel ek baisar ho . Mahila lel Maithili patika niklay. Maithili me sab vishay kitab likhal jay/

Rajnath Mishraji is a retired officer of the Govt. Of Bihar and Jharkhand who has written a book on Mithila,(which was distributed to all) an encyclopedic land and other historical records therein which I had already commented though his area of Mithila is quite practical, we are demanding almost double of the area he had mentioned( no mention of Champaran, Vaishali and south of Ganga ).

It is my view that border may be negotiated while Mithila’s formation is on anvil.

We need Vaishali as it has been named in Mithila traditionally and it will give us a gate to Patna as well.

Champaran has been in Mithila since epical days though people there havea dialect of Bhojpuri mixed with Maithili but I have not much experience of the locality whether they would remain with us being part of Tirhut commissionary. Grierson has not taken Champaran in Maithili speaking belt and has said that equal area has been taken by Maithili in the south of Ganga(munger, Bhagalpur , Godda, Deoghar region).

In fact it is 23 assembly constituencies both.

Mithila needs at least 100 assembly constituencies from Bihar and if we truncate our demand both sides it would amount to some 100 but leaving Vaishali will make our point weaker.

In fact we need some pockets of south of Ganga as well for obvious region that Bhagalpur district is bifurcated by Ganga .

Though Angika they claim is nothing but Southern Maithili which extends till Deoghar.

And likewise Vajjika claimed by Vaishali and top of MUzaffarpur is but the Western Maithili .

Anyway my journey to Darbhanga was not settle it but settle an office there with regular contacts.

I do not consider Darbhanga as Mithila’s capital personally not because I belong to Araria bit I feel Darbhnaga has contributed for Maithili cause and it should continue to Mithila cause as well for that they need more work and also sacrifice.

Let others say if that fits for capital.

With the Koshi mahasetu running with the grace of Vajpayee any area around Sakri- Jhanjharpur may be developed as capital if not Darbhnaga per se. Sakri was one of the time capital of Maharaja Shakra Singh and so Andhara Thadhee was capital for long.

But these all are hypothetical till we are having good organizational structure on the both sides of the highways(Purnea- MUzaffarpur and Purnea-Forbesganj- Koshi Setu –Darbhanga) to get Mithila state.

Let us forget the capital issue and capitalize first the state ‘s acceptance. Begusarai-0- Barauni- Dalsingsarai had been my first choice for capital provided Bhagalpur-Munger joins Mithila and so Muzaaffarpur will have a weight if Champaran-Vishali joines.

In a democracy one cannot press one or other region nor we are interested to press any part yet our attempt should be to meet people of these zones and make them understand that they will have better opportunity in new state of Mithila.

The meeting started late . The inugurator IG had hesiotaion to go anybody’s personal house which I thought was not good as people must visit person’s house too and he was visiting a retired officer’s house.

However, on the whole meeting was good and it conveyed a message to the press and thereby the locality that all need come united to get Mithila a state .

My time was approaching and I thought to go to station where my sisters were waiting in the Darbhanga-Kolkata train with my bhaginis Priya and Neha to got Ranchi with me.

I had choosen that train because I could reach Ranchi by 6 am to be on duty on 8 and for that I had to take train. I tried to avoid lunch but Rajnathji’s whole family was involved in the function(his, wife, daughter including) and I saw even for lunch they made quick arrangement to serve- more than two persons served puri , tarkaari etc. and seeing that too hot I mixed glassful water which must have diluted salt which otherwise would have bneen more for me as an advantage, but still it was warm and somehow I could finish . My request to drop me station was compiled by a Youngman whom I thought was son of Rajnathji but he was his son-in law from a village of Bhagalpur whose mother was from my mother’s village Koilakh. How Rajnathji could leave Bhagalpur in his Mithila map when he had sent his daughter there?

This is most perplexing oddities that we have relations in those area which we want in Mitthila nd that is the case for Champaran as well.

In the train my elder sister Bhavani from Kanhauli had come to see me – her son was there but brother inlaw could not come to platform no.3 and I could not go to meet him on platform 1 as my train was about to whistle.

This is the familial condition for me whenever I visit. Not much in past ,only in May this year I had crossed MRM college with president Dr. kamalkant Jha to go to Bariaul village but could not go to sister’s residence 2 minutes on the street in the professors’ colony and on dozens of occasions crossed Bhitthi Chowk near Samaul but could go to my ancestral village samaul, only 12 minutes walk from there.

What Kamleshji said that we are not giving time being in service I was rtather rude to reply that still we work better for Mithila which a scholar like Bhimnath Jha had acknowledged though they too do not have enough data of our working which needs some serious research worker to establish my assumption that Lalu’s one wrong, removing Maithili from the BPSC, lead to my entry in Maithili m ovement which adding to others’ work probably dug a political funeral of that Maithili –baiter.

I had asked for packed lunch to save time but Rajnathji’s family had added that for the journey which we took in the train at Barauni . I could distribute some pamphlets and one young from Madhepur who had worked for a RJD candidate took interest in Mithila. I think once we work sincerely even Lalu and others who oppose mithila will come on the ground to support us as Mithila is a vote granary for them and they would not commit ‘political harakiri’ by negating this demand if their workers demand that; and if they or any party avoids to this they will be isolated and will loss their fortune.

Mithila movement is to go that ways- I parted with Mithila once more seeing Ganga and dropping a coin therein like many others and I quipped, ‘ this custom I had seen in Godavari and Cauvery and all rivers,’ and there India is one by the grace of Hinduism.

At Kiulthough train had no stoppage, it stopped we too but Vannachal had just crossed and so we again entrained to got down at Jhajha, the scheduled stop where after some time Vanachal came and we could get seat and after DHnbad even place to sleep to be at Ranchi early morning at 545 .

Today I received a mail from Rajnathji that he felt satisfied to work with us which prompted me to finish the article as patience pays- I had some hesoitation whether he would work with us but a stranger as he was till 7th Sept 2011 and in a small meet at Darbhanga on SMS comment on his article on birds of Mithila ,mine under presumption of a botany student, he came to station in the Intercuty and had exclaimed with with his book Mithila. A students simplicity can only learn laurels of knowledge. I was a student at Darbhanga in the DMC for 14 years 1973-1987 (MBBS, MD and DCH intervening with housejob of prolonged duration ) and I learnt again a lesson there in this journey, be slow and have patience but peruse your task destined with confidence. I declared there that Mithila will come on the map and that needs these virtues in all of us who love Mihtila and or any thing .

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

Mithila Jagarna Yatra 116_Vidyapatinagar camp in chilly Poos Dec 24-27,2011

Mithila Jagarna Yatra 116_Vidyapatinagar camp in chilly Poos Dec 24-27,2011

In ‘Poos ki Raat,’ Munshi Premchand has described the state of a poor farmer in chilly Poos(December) was informed to me by Kalpkavi Umesh Kumar ‘Karn’ who was a second year trainee at XXIII Maihtili karyakartta Prashikshan Shivir.

It was fixed in the odd time because I had decided not to got o Jantar _mantar dharna on Dec.21 for the Mithila state (because going to Darbhanga Darbhanga I used my one day casual leave l and in remaining two days it was very difficult to attend Delhi . Hurriedly camp was fixed with Ganesh Giri ‘Kavi.’

I started by Maurya Express where a seat was provided by a Jasidih going student and reached Dalsing Sarai on 24th morning and went to Shambhuji’s dalan and not getting him on phone I slept there on a chowki spreading newspapers as I required sleep after charging my mobile in a point. I was thinking that a good spot for putting Mithila hoarding (as it was side of the Railway line near station where trains must be slow enough to be board readable) and to have an office of the AMP there which later Shambhuji agreed.

Soon came Anil Jha , finding me slept there he took me to his nearby house where I did my snana and puja . No sooner I invoked Lord Sun with ‘Udyamiti..,; that he appeared in the sky after many days- it was a good sign for us.

Soon came Dr. Satyanarayan mahtoji and we started for Vidaypatinagar . Heeralal Mahto was also with us. In the way we went to a book stall for putting my maithiligeeta for sale but he did not agree for Maithili book despite he talked with us in Maithili only. This is a challenge for us that we do not give value to our language.

In a mini bus soon we were at vVidyapatinagar some 8 km from there. We had a darshan of Lord Hanuman and the priest posed there for a photograph. We crossed rails and were soon in the temple premises where I had been on 27.2.2011 also. Soon came Ganesh Giri and we assembled for inaugural session of the camp. Many villagers and local scholars attended. Vijaykant Jha had come as a trainee from pariharpur(Madhubani) and Umesh Kalpkavi from Ramnagar, Sarisab (Madhubani) and next day Dr. AK pathak(Gaura).

We were accommodated in tourist bunglow though torists do not vome there much and hence it was not properly managed.

The next morning we started for Gram sarvekshan and Vijaykant Jha gave their lecture on changing villages at Vidaypati chowk. He was quipped by Ganeshji that he did not say for Mithila state. I found that he was though not speaking Maihtili was for the Mithila state and this I had found at Kuangarhi(Mubger too).

We visited Vidyapati high school and then Inter college where I spoke on career, health and Mithila state as well.

We returned and had bath and puja at the temple where Mahakavi Vidyapati was taken away by Ganga Mata coming from around 10 km when he said, “Mother I came to you from long distance and whether you would not come to me for this short distance..

Bad such sar payal tua teere..

And kartik dhawal trayodashi jaan..

Mahakavi was taken by a Rauta dhaar of Ganaga.

The great pilgrim centre where devote and god both are at a place is unparallel in the world and needs torists attracftion.

Everything there is Vidaypatimay- be Vidaypati Hardware shop of Ganesh kavi or any other shop of anything you will fingd Vidyapati, Vidyapati..

The chowk Ganeshji made with public contribuition when CM karpoori Thakur assured but could not.

The temple was also erected by a Baleshwarbau when he could get a sin at the age of 65.

We had afternoon classes of camp on Maithila related subjects and inthte evening we strolled around.

Next day Ganesh Giri took us to museum where he had rare collection of the portraits related to Vidyapati’s life and he introduced them with songs which I videorecorded .

Then with Vijaykant jee I went to Bajidpur where in the way we had a nukkad meeting on mithila state and in a School again named on Vidyapati I gave small talk .. Finding girls top three in class I appreciated their zeal and spoke on great daughters of Mithila- gargi, maitreyee, Bhartee etc. with tips on career and health..

On returning time we sat on a doora of a person whose son looked older than the retired father and they all were followers of some shanty Maharaj.

We came to temple premises and had a puja and then classes of the camp till evening when came Dr. kamalkant Jha who talked on history of Mithila. . Dr, Boochroo paswan also came and we all stayed together talking on several organizational issues which is a real benefit of such camp apart from closer relations among workers.and Boochrooji to museum and

The next morning Ganeshji took Kamlakantjee to museum and I took early puja.

Then we had concluding session before which I had gone to station to take a ticket of the ballia express which halts there(from and to Sealdah).

Dr. Satyanarayan Mahto spoke on social harmony and AMP’s Antarrashtriy maithili sammelanas . Dr, Boochroo Paswan spoke on why to become whole timer and Vijaykantji offered himself as one who was given charge of Darbhanga Division at the age of 66, he is agile ,; He had been a co-worker of Bhogendra Jha and he will work for Mithila. He has dream too make one village ideal though that is very difficult.

MY train was to come and I had to see a patient, brother inlaw of Ashokji and I chided her mother when she asked what would happen if insulin is stopped. He can die should not have been told by me to a mother soon I realized.

My train came sideways and I entrained a general coach for Kiul.

When I spoke for temple a person was interested-‘sometimes I may get chance’.

‘No, you will see just now and showed them photo of Shiva (as Ugana his servant) and Mahakavi and the sgivlaingam..

Kiul came and I got down. Came Vanachal Express and I had a comfortable seat to rach Ranchi early morning.

and in the evening president Dr. kamlakant Jha also reached who spoke on the history of Mithila

At night we had

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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Leadership_ GK PIllai, former CMD, HEC: action speaks louder and that was GK Pillai.

Leadership_ GK PIllai, former CMD, HEC: action speaks louder and that was GK Pillai.

On 3.1.2012 I saw a small hording at the MTI, SAIL, Ranchi to welcome Mr. GK Pillai who has just retired as the CMD of the HEC and he was to deliver a lecture there on the leadership in the corporate world.
Ihad talked him on 25.3.2011 when we were guests with Union Minister Subodhkant Sahai in a Maihtili meeting where he had spoken before me and later I had mentioned some points about Kerala too and had later sent him by email some matters on Kerala I had written .

He is a respected name in Ranchi because he made HEC viable which people used to think could be closed any day. As he had to speak and probably last time at Ranchi and in my colony I decided that I would surely listen to him. Any lecture gives message but the action speaks louder and that was GK Pillai. Swami Vivekananda had said it is the personality which has two thirds effects and lecture by any person only a miniscule rest.

Pillai has worked and hence, his words have an effect.
He had delivered talks on leadership and in the MTI he meant to give message to middle level leaders mostly(though there were directors of MECON and EDs of the SAIL whom I knew because I work as a doctor in the same company).
Pillai repeated age old coinage,’ Managers think right and Leaders do right thing.
He emphasized that leadership an ability to attract and convince people.
He said that we need a leader for the common goal.
He scanned through different theories of leadership- trait, evolution etc.
He said that a wrong notion is that ‘he/she ‘only’ can do and others cannot. Robin Sharma was referred for his ‘Leadership without a title’.
Trust and confidence should be in a leader.
He should have an effective communication- how they contribute? He should share information to employees.
He said that in 2007 people thought the HEC would be closed-people were anxious and might have undue speculation so he shared information as soon as he returned from Delhi for every events.
A leader should be technically efficient and should take responsibility
He ?she should also take care of personal well being of employees the the tried to take informally going to some or other s; house without talking on official things.
The big problem was low moral of HEC employees who were on 1992 salary structure.(Then Chairman was getting 13,000 Rs. Only and he commented SAIL people must not be remembering their that scale (saving many revisions thereafter).
He said that management skills advice team work, no person but team work.
For HEC’s turnaround he said it was always in loss except 1976, 1977 & 1988.
He had spent 21 years in Kerala and some times in Chennai before coming to this unknown place for him.
HEC was established on 30.12.1958 and started production since 1964.
He found that there was frequent changes of its CEOs- 21 (average time spent 2.2 years as if a stop-over to other company.
No painting was done in 25 years.
He decided to identify the most critical problem and solve that.
He prioritized that company should be out of red; be profitable.
Even shopkeepers used to neglect its workers for petty loans.Challenges were before- technologically obsolete machnes were there, pathetic state of the plants, acute fund crisis.
He started showing picture of changing mindset of an old eagle who has to go to a high hill and loose its beaks and feathers for anywhere one at the age of 40s if it wants to live till 70.
People are usually bonded with traditions- they even do not want to change their rooms or chairs or tables.
Revival is possible, yet, if determined.
He found that average age of HEC people was 55 years.
He had no money and so he invited Chinmay Sadhus and Ramkrishna Mission Sadhus who did not expect much like managerial teams to open workers’ mind that darkness does not prevail indefinitely.
He started some programmes where wives were called on third or fourth day who used to coax thir husbands , stimulate them for earning profit. In fact they were happy that their husbands afterwards used to spend 8 hours in factory who used to go and return anytime previously.
He said that any leader should share the larger picture of the future of the company.- everybody should know what is happening in the company.
He focused on customer zone which was too much neglected- people did not go out as the TA,DA was low. He enthused them to go on tour who will not loose on that account though cannot make also.
He himself chose difficult places like Singrauli, Ramgundam , Bhilai than going to Mumbai or Kolkata. People welcomes him as he was the CMD, criticized him as HEC did not deliver but accepted that if any item could not be procured anywhere it was the HEC which could.
He focused on delivery. From 4.41 it rose to 24.6 despite marked decrease in manpower.
From 159 crore it went to 681 crores while workforce reduced to 2800 from 25000.
And it was done by the same set of people and machine!
Because it was the TEAM SPIRIT which worked.
He replaced sand-filled time punch machine despite protests that it would incur 5 crores!

Women of the colony helped. Anger nullified.
So, it was a success based on middle management who can make or mar any company; never top management mattered.

One cam make positive to more positive. Criticism of weakness can never improve him/her.
Making negative to positive is utmost difficult. So learn to appreciate.

Mr Pillai was given a standing ovation.
He said now ‘former’ CMD looks a bit abnormal to him.
When he asked for questions I probably (only true non-technical) asked about the news reports of the day that the HEC was again going in reds. (In fact when that news was shown to me in the afternoon, I was a bit worried that the company, the jewel of country, not only the state where I work will again be doomed..). Probably I should not have been blunt and would have appreciated him first before putting the question but I always remain specific in putting question and GK Pillai replied that it was newspapers’ estimation but he could reach 811 crore though he wished to reach 1000 crores.
I feel 81.1% target achievement is grade A ,particularly for a sick company.
I also feel that doing better from good has no much appreciation value than making good from a a bad(in fact HEC had the worst condition), of course Minister Subodhkant Sahay being lad of the township too helped from Government side but GKP’s work was pivotal. He took up the challenge and performed. I would have liked his further extension but any person should know when to retreat and retreating at height is often giving satisfaction (and also others to work steadfastly).
In a question he replied that so far no trainee of the HEC had been its MD and he hoped that some time some one from the present lot would be.
In other words he replied that the HEC was making leaders.
He also replied other that leaders learn more from other leader group than followers.
In a personal question he replied that seeing Brigadier BJ Sahney he had decided that to become CEO somewhere and hence he left his better paid work( in his near nativity).
He added that when he was young somebody had told him that in any company only two mattered- those who sell and those who produce and even them a seller had more value but in his life he learnt that in between were not errands as was decribed to him but the men- the human resource is most valuable – seller may be greater than maker but human is even greater than him/her.
He also share some of his experiences of other company under him the HMT which had lost its charm in recent past where too he must have been successful(which was not presented in the talk).

We had a small talk on snacks. GKP will soon go to his native Palkkad (where I had only one night stay on 16.1.2002 while coming back from the darshan of Makrjyoti at Sabrimaa; GKP had probably 14 visits of that great pilgrim) though I had 11 visits of Kerala and have been connected with the state named keralam , a Malyalam word for coconut whose greenery will mesmerize you particularly from the top of the Lord Shnkara’s village Kaldi’s temple or rivers anywhere. That is land of god- made by chiseling of the hills by Lord Parsuram. Where in Oanm every year visits King Bali who with a sanklap a to give three steps land to Lord Vamana despite protest from his Guru Shukracharya, the gigantic Vishnu was asked by him , to have his third step on his head and then started Laxmi’s appeal to Bali after tying Rakhi to Bali making him Her brother to release the Jagadpati Vishnu which is echoed in following mantra of Raksha bandhana-
“Yen Baddho Bali raja, Danvendrao mahabalah
Tenatwam Pratibadhnami, raksho Machal, Machalah.”

GKP is going to his land, we pray him well. Mrs. Menon, a retired teacher from our colony is there who had been a source to Chinmay children.
I wish GKP now starts his second inning of social work which he could not do in busy years.
He had joked that in Bihar-Jharlkhand people marry early and lost drive by 59 when their children are married and settled in job- southern marry late- GKP’s daughter is still a student.
When the lone lady manger expressed her relations with MECON, I quipped Ranchi was first known for mental asylum then for HEC only and it was in fact a precious gem in national treasure.
Well it will give him a chance to work again for the society I wish as many legendary persons had done transforming the life of thousands.
I wish and pray a good life to a great corporate leader!
I feel his dedication is worth emulating for transforming many ills of the many pockets of the country not only in the corporate world. He is a sober simple person who has been near to anyone whoever came in his contact and left an indelible imprint with his smiles on a determined working man behind the machine of his body.
I wish he visits many more institutions and enthuse people to achieve better and a moving GKP would be healthier than a static retired man.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Jaagran Yatra (traveling in the country for arousing Maithils and or Medicos ) of some 6 lakh kilometers

My Jaagran Yatra (traveling in the country for arousing Maithils and or Medicos ) of some 6 lakh kilometers

Diring 94th Mithila Jagarn Yatra to 116th , total 76 days in Mithila in 2011 I had been in 23 yatras, not conspicuous when one amounts that many dwell in Mithila itself but the problem is what they do there and even being in Jharkhand much of my time is spent on Mithila problems which ordinarily a doctor is not supposed doing his normal hospital job.

It amounts to 501 days in 116 such yatras since April 1992 , I joined Mithila movement; might be some of them were for familial purpose but hardly anyone might have been without trying to have contact with Mithilavasis on spot. A revision of my diaries may add some days to such yatras and numbering or sequence may change and a fair calculation may give nearly accurate distance traveled and time to the precision but an estimation should be 116X 1100 km(keeping mean distance by train I usually go from Ranchi to Mithila 550 km, five have been from Bangalore where I was posted 19 months) some 142000 km in Mithila and out of Mithila I had such 234 yatras , a median of 2000 km up and down will amount to some 468000 km during the past two decades though that work had other dimension of my medical organization primarily nonetheless this 6 lakh kilometer may equal to 1.5 trip to moon(surely adding 1977-1992 will return me to earth, not living in geostationary space like Trishanku on the p[owers of my ancestor sage Kaushika. Incidentally Dr. Manikant Thakur, PhD(Dairy science probably, of Darbhanga district and a decade elder to me) despite residing in the USA always thinking for Mithila and Manikant Thakur of BBC Hindi from Saharsa, some years elder to me are also of the same mools of mine.

Why I had taken such yatras- it gives one strength. A book primarily on initial padyatra and cycle yatras is already in press and that will enthuse anybody like me born in a town and educated and serving in a big city to go to countryside. The consistent work of one decade resulted in Maithili’s recognition in VIII Schedule and two decades work has enunciated Mithila on politician’s tongues but ..Miles to go before I sleep..
In medical field my Yatras have forced GOI and Medical Council of India to promulgate old LMP like Rural MBBB, I have been advocating almost the same for some two decades, though there is no mention of my name but I was the solo debater on this issue through my visits to 163 medical colleges.

I am happy to meet people of any area , any country. I have done these journeys at my own cost(except a few sponsorship by my company for the medical conferences) by train and buses and cycles and on foot. Anybody can do such. Let us all strive for organizing people of our motherland.
DR. Dhanakar Thakur 9470193694, 9430141788

My January Dec.31st 2011- Jan. 1,2012

My January Dec.31st 2011- Jan. 1,2012

I do not consider January 1 as my New year day(which long I considered Chitra Shukla 1 or Varsh pratipada till I started Maithili work and delved deep to find that it was Vishuv Sankarnti (this year April 15 though 14th is usual and almost fixed-
Hope that New years will be celebrated as Mithila Day in contrast to Bihar Day , a new practice started since 2010 by the Govt.of Bihar for its publicity there to dampen Mithila movement which it cannot now due to sincere efforts of many workers in which I too have my humble contribution.
I did not go to the Chinmay Ashram for the Vishnu Sahastranama as I did not like it to be concided with January 1 from a Sanatan Hindu organization.. Due to cold I did not go out at all and hence, not in an Ekadasha bhoj of a Mailthil old lady from Kaluahi whose husband, late Shardanand Jha was a pioneer Maithil worker of Ranchi. I had been their home in village though his son has no good impression for me and once had remarked sarcastically ,’swayambhu neta of Mithila’ in a party but having received his card I had decided to go despite not his call which is usual practice for Ekadasha though I could not but today will attend Dwadasha..

Despite my position known on New Year (when yesterday on 1.1.2012 , I was house locked almost by the drizzling rains as a cyclonic effects ‘Thane’ in distant Tamilnadu) I was contacted by 31 persons(8 calls and 24 SMSs) from different places and types of persons all of which I kept reserved, for April 15th though it would be practically impossible for me to contact all those or thousands of persons I keep track

I was contacted by Umesh Karna kalpkavi from Sarisab, Madhubani. Mithilesh Jha from Atrauli(who being a RSS worker did not greet me but gave a number of Kusum Jha, lady worker for Maihtili camp), Ratnesh Jha of Katiya, Benipatti, Dr. Buchroo Paswan, Darbhanga, Jhumi Priyanka of MRM College whom I knew at Naur scholl called from Rudrapur village near Thadhi now studing at MRM College Darbhanga where girls’ are not allowed to keep mobile till class XII or going out otherwise she could think to meet me at Darbhanga n January 8th On Maithili Samman Divas(in fact it was on 7th January 2004 that the Constitutional Ammendment including Maithili in the Gazette of India was notified) keeping mind holiday of Sundau.

Umesh Jha of Havibhaura from Varanasi, Dr. Arvind Kr. Singh, Saharsa, ,Dr. Shefalika Verma from Delhi, Dr. Arvind Jha from Mumbai, KN Choudhury from Sambalpur, Odisha, BK Jha from Daltonganj, Jharkhand, Dr. Arvind Pathak from Bokaro , JK Mishra from Sindri, Dhanbad, Ugresh Jha, KIriburu, Jharkhand, Vikas Mishra, Chaibasa, Pramod Jha, Jamshedpur

Old lady Mrs Kalpana Ganguli, Ranchi, greeted me and a retired SAIL employee RV Prasad from Ranchi, remembered me.
From my medical organizational connections Dr. Malay Chaturvedi from Kanpur, Dr. Deepak Shukla, Delhi,Sri Ranendra, ADM, Ranchi, DR. Vijay Dahiya, Rohtak, DR. KP Deo, Sitamarhi, Dr.DK Singh,Ranchi, Dr.Ashok Kumar, Patna, contacted. However I hardy remember SAIL employee Mohan Aiyar, but which Nagendra? And other 9430390751 number which sent me a greeting.is not one among 4547 data on Excel sheet which suggests early upodation left pending for long may cross 6000 persons surely in mobile era, if I do not forget of nearly thousand who were friends of this one of the biggest number of post crad writer. I felt many times (but could not do) to wrote some 5-10 to all of them just to give me a call(as almost all of them might have a number which I will start from today to rejoin with missed links).

Journey friends Jayant Sarkar, Rourkela, SS Prasad , Kolkata, also remembered.

My brothers in law( husband of sisters-bahinois) from Kanhauli and Bokaro also greeted.

At my hospital on 31st December there was a pre-new year meet where I was asked to give a speech from my senior (Incharge of the hospital)- I said many things in 2-3 minutes(new year is related with crops like Makar sankranti, deep prajjwalan or candles, a brief advancement in heath pointers just released on 29th Dec 2011 that Infant Mortality rate of coutry was slowed by 3( 47 from 50), an achievement despite least expenditure on health; requested my colleagues not to overburden laboratory with undue tests, a clinician must expect some results before advised one,; asked grade IV to keep toilet clean as I was once suggested by late Rajju Bhiya(who later became RSS chief) before an all India children meet camp of the Vidya Bharati,’Let us inspect toilet as that is the index of santion’ and while quoting him also I quoted him when had said on 14.1.1977 inuguating the National Medicos Organisation(NMO) at the Darbhanga Medical College,” In USA a senior person said while inaugurating a hospital,’What need of marble floors,if you have men;men of character, of qulity,” and Rajju Bhaiyya remembered named of his famous professors at the Allahabad University Ganganath Amarnath Jha, Prof. Krishan etc. whp used to stimulate any student for high..”

I also said that we working in the GOI sectors should also remember to serve the poor the tribal living north of the colony on whose land our colony was made and so to have a soft attitude..

I did not miss to mention the anti-corruption movement scenario in the country without naming Anna (for his support on 28th I was at the Gandhi statue of the Morhabadi Maidan.

On 31st a Maithil Bishwambhar Jha was retiring and when I called him in the evening midst of my writing diary, he invited me to his residence. It took me almost 90 minutes to finish my writing(not I write so much everyday but some 38 pages were blank and I thought would be wasted if not written same evening and I wrote those in Maithili, an autobiographic details of previous year rather years. I reached his house around 830 Pm and had a heavy snack though I was expecting a dinner but smelling meat I concluded his wife would not ask for food that I was known to her a vegetarian. Their son had come from Gurgaon and daughter from Kolkata(both working in the HCL) on that milestone of father’s life who had retired after 38+ years service in the SAIL(Steel Authority of India and its previous name Hindustan steel Limited). I had many evenings with them and their menatally handicapped eldest child Piyush when I was working in the Heatk Centre in their colony.

When I was returning I saw boys had assembled near the railway tunnel on the Bhusur River where child Dhoni had times with his friends.

Though not celebrating January 1, I too watched TV the scenes from Aukland, date starts first in that Newzeland Town, Australia, China and then Indian metros which has made this day a commercial affair. Jauray I being a Sunday would have been a very festive day but was marred at ranchi and many places for being cyclone-moathed chilly day
Dr. Dhanakar Thakur 9470193694, 9430141788