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My Jaagran Yatra (traveling in the country for arousing Maithils and or Medicos ) of some 6 lakh kilometers

My Jaagran Yatra (traveling in the country for arousing Maithils and or Medicos ) of some 6 lakh kilometers

Diring 94th Mithila Jagarn Yatra to 116th , total 76 days in Mithila in 2011 I had been in 23 yatras, not conspicuous when one amounts that many dwell in Mithila itself but the problem is what they do there and even being in Jharkhand much of my time is spent on Mithila problems which ordinarily a doctor is not supposed doing his normal hospital job.

It amounts to 501 days in 116 such yatras since April 1992 , I joined Mithila movement; might be some of them were for familial purpose but hardly anyone might have been without trying to have contact with Mithilavasis on spot. A revision of my diaries may add some days to such yatras and numbering or sequence may change and a fair calculation may give nearly accurate distance traveled and time to the precision but an estimation should be 116X 1100 km(keeping mean distance by train I usually go from Ranchi to Mithila 550 km, five have been from Bangalore where I was posted 19 months) some 142000 km in Mithila and out of Mithila I had such 234 yatras , a median of 2000 km up and down will amount to some 468000 km during the past two decades though that work had other dimension of my medical organization primarily nonetheless this 6 lakh kilometer may equal to 1.5 trip to moon(surely adding 1977-1992 will return me to earth, not living in geostationary space like Trishanku on the p[owers of my ancestor sage Kaushika. Incidentally Dr. Manikant Thakur, PhD(Dairy science probably, of Darbhanga district and a decade elder to me) despite residing in the USA always thinking for Mithila and Manikant Thakur of BBC Hindi from Saharsa, some years elder to me are also of the same mools of mine.

Why I had taken such yatras- it gives one strength. A book primarily on initial padyatra and cycle yatras is already in press and that will enthuse anybody like me born in a town and educated and serving in a big city to go to countryside. The consistent work of one decade resulted in Maithili’s recognition in VIII Schedule and two decades work has enunciated Mithila on politician’s tongues but ..Miles to go before I sleep..
In medical field my Yatras have forced GOI and Medical Council of India to promulgate old LMP like Rural MBBB, I have been advocating almost the same for some two decades, though there is no mention of my name but I was the solo debater on this issue through my visits to 163 medical colleges.

I am happy to meet people of any area , any country. I have done these journeys at my own cost(except a few sponsorship by my company for the medical conferences) by train and buses and cycles and on foot. Anybody can do such. Let us all strive for organizing people of our motherland.
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