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Saraswatipuja at thre BHU, Varanasi by Maithil youth_ Maithili teaching in BHU?

Saraswatipuja at thre BHU, Varanasi by Maithil youth_ Maithili teaching in BHU?

ON 28th January 2012 I was incidentally at Varanasi as my father’s varshee was extended from 22nd to 29th due to premature death of one of the cousin’s of my(it should be held on the afternoon of the Ekadasha of the deceased was a common opinion of several pundits I enquired).

Though I thought to go to Allahabad to have a dip in the Magh Mela because I was in ashauch on 28th9again technically as my cousin died in the night of Wednesday and it should have been over by Friday 27th but there at Jaipur they did count when they saw him dead on Thursday morning) and also there was no phone call back by the president of Allahabad Maithili Sangam, I preferred not to go there this year in the abnormal chill when most of the workers including Bidhu Mishra were out of Allahabad and reached Varanasi on 28th also to utilize my day for the Sarswati Puja assembly of youth as I was once invited by some of the youth there though I lost his telephone number.

I reached Varanasi on 28th at 10 am but I was a bit lethargic and rather preferred to glue in my brother’s house as I had to fast for Ekbhukt and after that in the evening I went to the Lanka gate of the BHU .

I phoned Abhinav Jha who was outstation but suggested me to go to the Delegacy Hall near Maitree Hotel which is more famous in the Arts Faculty side.

I took a rickshaw and went near that and gave him Rs.10 but he said that he would go to the poja site for having Prasad. I remembered how in my youth days I too was craving for that and Prasad is more important for such who have some sensation of hunger satisfying than many of us who are usually overfed.

Boys were there and a lonely girl from Begusarai. Many Maithil boys were there and I met some of them from Saharsa and studying law. One of them was interested in Mithila movement but promised to work after getting stability in life. I said that problems do not come in queue and problems will ever occur and one should know to balance social work with personal and professional work.

Soon there was a call from aarati and though I was in ashauch I also joined and found there was no full Saraswatistrot and I intercepted that the Varshkritya was there from where it should be read out and was gladly accepted by them.

Some students were from Sanskrit faculty and they dis chanting in good pronunciation.

Ambejik aarti was a lso done- though Sarswati in to be worshipped along with Amba and Mahalaxmi, I felt Sarasawati aarati and in fact all such important aartis be provided in Maithili. I think I should work on those in near future.

They gave me Prasad which I kept for the other day when I would n be in shouch.

After that some persons sat and took interest in my talks., particularly Rajeev Kumar Jha son of late Sundarkant Jha who was patron of local Mithila Manch, Sgishir K. Jha of Belahi now settled at Begusarai, Madhav Jha, Advocate Nirsan Jha of village Kasraur, Sandeep K Jha etc.

Alter Nirsan Jha saw me off till Lanka gate which was illuminated with lights on the festive occasion.

Nirsanjee came next day also in my father’s varshee with other Maithil though students as promised did not come.

Nirsanjee informed that while donating fabulous money to the BHU Maharajadhiraj Darbhanga(who in fact presided over the grand meetings of Maharajas of the country where Gandhiji spoke first time in any public meeting in India after returning from South Africa and was about to be arrested for his criticism to kings but was saved by Malaviyji and Annie Beseant) had said that he did not want anything but Maithili teaching there in the BHU which was continued till 1962.

Nirsanjee proposed that he would like a conference there in which this issue would be raised to which I promptly agreed. Next day in Varshee many Maithilis from the DLW attended Brahman Bhojan and I requested them to have a unit of the Antarrashtriy maithili parishad which should host an Antarrashtriy maithili Sammelan in the city of Baba Vishwanath.

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