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Mihtila Jagaran yatra_117 _Grierosn Jayanti and Maithil Samman Divas(Jan 7) blated sat Darbhanga on 8th January 2011

Mihtila Jagaran yatra_117 _Grierosn Jayanti and Maithil Samman Divas(Jan 7) blated sat Darbhanga on 8th January 2011

It was Sunday Jan.8th, 2011 being second Sunday a holiday for me that I decided to got o Darbhanga for a short visit of 5 hours. Ranchi Jaynagar train is an achievement for Ranchi Maihtils and usually there is no rush and I had a comfortable seat to sleep and in the morning I crossed Rajendra Setu to enter in Mithila.

Dr.Boocharoo paswan who had been in the contact for previous days was assured that I would be in time around 11 when they had planned to start Grierson Jaynati as well as to open an office for the Antarrashtriy Maithili Parishad at the house of Shri Rajnath Mishra, ‘Shreeangan,”, Kabirchak.

The train stopped at Donar and somebody said that kabirchak was nearby and I got down but to dismay I had to go to near Sadar Block and so again I had to walk by the sides of the rails with a bag full of Aayurvigyan pragati which would have been dropped in the letter box of the RMS at the station had I gone and would have comfortable in walking but by a mistake though it was a bit strnous I could see Darbhanga was expanding from my days of 1985 I left that for good.

I reached a pond had to do its parikrama to reach sadar Block. On that chowk I remarked that if that is the status if the road this town will have difficulty in the acceptance as the capital.

Darbhanga is town of ponds and unless its all big ponds are connected its waterlogging would remain an enigma.

Dr. Boocharoo Pasawn and Rajnath Mishra were there and soon I took bath and did my daily pooja .The day was cool but Sun had apperread and soon legendary figures of Mithila movement as well as of the Maithili literature assembled.

Rajnathji had some reseravations for having a banner of the AMP there though all programmes were held as per the AMP’s convention.

It was a day late(for being Sunday holiday though Grierson was born on 7th jan 1851 and Maithili too was included in the Constitution of India on 7th January 2004 itself as if the Great Aurobindo’s birth on 15th August 1872 and India’s independence of 15th August 1947).

A brief report already communicated of the programme-

Darbhangame Dr boocharoo pawank adyakshatame Grierson jayanti aa Maithili samman divas 8th Jank bhel- sanyojak Rajnath Mishra Maithilik savsparshee banaula par prakash delaah- Rajbhasha aa rahy kona? Aadi

Dr. Kamlakant Jha, president,AMP, AMPk samvaidhink manyatame Gurumaitajee, RSS chief aadi sang Oct.2000 me genai aa Hunkumdeojik 3.6.2003 k yaad Nirmalime Vajpayeeke diyaunai aadi batulanhi- vartman anek lelhak AMP k nam hi nahi lait chhaithi ( jakhanki 1992me seho AMP jakr vikasit roopachhi Maithili Vikas Parishad p okar pratnidhimandal gel chhal -jahime Chaturanan mishra k tippani against rahlanhi je note me naam chhapat kewal)

2000 me Devendra yadav dastkhat tak nahi kelanhi- cheennai sammelan me pratignya mombatti par haath day lel gel chhal je 3 saal meee kaj hoyat aase Gurumaitaa karulanhi hunka naam kolkata aa darbhanga bala nahi lait chhaithi..

vidwan bhimnath Jha kahlanhi je anha sab kaaj karee itihaas swaym banat- naam lel kaj satwik lakshan nahi.O George griersonk 7 jan k jamn tain 8th Jan k Maithilik manyata par vishad prakash delainhi.

udayshankar mishra Mithilak vikas le Rajyak aawshykata par bal delanhi. Dr.. Satyanarayan mahoto, prsedent, Mithila rajya sangharsh samiti samajik samrasata par bataulah.

Kamleshji Maihtilik prathmik shikhapar jor delah. Dr Ashok Mehata Jan7-8 k har saal mahasammelan k sujhab delah. burha bhai Maihtil k vividh pksh par bajlah, patrakar Amlendu shekhar kahlah je mithilak sab bhagke bhag kono kajme hebak chahee- kevaw Darbhanga-madhubani nahi lok ke apan hak lel ladak chahee,

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur Griersonk jeevan yatra ,hunak maithili karya aa Mithila prantk aauchity par bajalah.

Dr. Tuntun Jha adhyaksh, AMp, darbhanga jila khlah je Mithilak nakesha par ekmat lel ek baisar ho . Mahila lel Maithili patika niklay. Maithili me sab vishay kitab likhal jay/

Rajnath Mishraji is a retired officer of the Govt. Of Bihar and Jharkhand who has written a book on Mithila,(which was distributed to all) an encyclopedic land and other historical records therein which I had already commented though his area of Mithila is quite practical, we are demanding almost double of the area he had mentioned( no mention of Champaran, Vaishali and south of Ganga ).

It is my view that border may be negotiated while Mithila’s formation is on anvil.

We need Vaishali as it has been named in Mithila traditionally and it will give us a gate to Patna as well.

Champaran has been in Mithila since epical days though people there havea dialect of Bhojpuri mixed with Maithili but I have not much experience of the locality whether they would remain with us being part of Tirhut commissionary. Grierson has not taken Champaran in Maithili speaking belt and has said that equal area has been taken by Maithili in the south of Ganga(munger, Bhagalpur , Godda, Deoghar region).

In fact it is 23 assembly constituencies both.

Mithila needs at least 100 assembly constituencies from Bihar and if we truncate our demand both sides it would amount to some 100 but leaving Vaishali will make our point weaker.

In fact we need some pockets of south of Ganga as well for obvious region that Bhagalpur district is bifurcated by Ganga .

Though Angika they claim is nothing but Southern Maithili which extends till Deoghar.

And likewise Vajjika claimed by Vaishali and top of MUzaffarpur is but the Western Maithili .

Anyway my journey to Darbhanga was not settle it but settle an office there with regular contacts.

I do not consider Darbhanga as Mithila’s capital personally not because I belong to Araria bit I feel Darbhnaga has contributed for Maithili cause and it should continue to Mithila cause as well for that they need more work and also sacrifice.

Let others say if that fits for capital.

With the Koshi mahasetu running with the grace of Vajpayee any area around Sakri- Jhanjharpur may be developed as capital if not Darbhnaga per se. Sakri was one of the time capital of Maharaja Shakra Singh and so Andhara Thadhee was capital for long.

But these all are hypothetical till we are having good organizational structure on the both sides of the highways(Purnea- MUzaffarpur and Purnea-Forbesganj- Koshi Setu –Darbhanga) to get Mithila state.

Let us forget the capital issue and capitalize first the state ‘s acceptance. Begusarai-0- Barauni- Dalsingsarai had been my first choice for capital provided Bhagalpur-Munger joins Mithila and so Muzaaffarpur will have a weight if Champaran-Vishali joines.

In a democracy one cannot press one or other region nor we are interested to press any part yet our attempt should be to meet people of these zones and make them understand that they will have better opportunity in new state of Mithila.

The meeting started late . The inugurator IG had hesiotaion to go anybody’s personal house which I thought was not good as people must visit person’s house too and he was visiting a retired officer’s house.

However, on the whole meeting was good and it conveyed a message to the press and thereby the locality that all need come united to get Mithila a state .

My time was approaching and I thought to go to station where my sisters were waiting in the Darbhanga-Kolkata train with my bhaginis Priya and Neha to got Ranchi with me.

I had choosen that train because I could reach Ranchi by 6 am to be on duty on 8 and for that I had to take train. I tried to avoid lunch but Rajnathji’s whole family was involved in the function(his, wife, daughter including) and I saw even for lunch they made quick arrangement to serve- more than two persons served puri , tarkaari etc. and seeing that too hot I mixed glassful water which must have diluted salt which otherwise would have bneen more for me as an advantage, but still it was warm and somehow I could finish . My request to drop me station was compiled by a Youngman whom I thought was son of Rajnathji but he was his son-in law from a village of Bhagalpur whose mother was from my mother’s village Koilakh. How Rajnathji could leave Bhagalpur in his Mithila map when he had sent his daughter there?

This is most perplexing oddities that we have relations in those area which we want in Mitthila nd that is the case for Champaran as well.

In the train my elder sister Bhavani from Kanhauli had come to see me – her son was there but brother inlaw could not come to platform no.3 and I could not go to meet him on platform 1 as my train was about to whistle.

This is the familial condition for me whenever I visit. Not much in past ,only in May this year I had crossed MRM college with president Dr. kamalkant Jha to go to Bariaul village but could not go to sister’s residence 2 minutes on the street in the professors’ colony and on dozens of occasions crossed Bhitthi Chowk near Samaul but could go to my ancestral village samaul, only 12 minutes walk from there.

What Kamleshji said that we are not giving time being in service I was rtather rude to reply that still we work better for Mithila which a scholar like Bhimnath Jha had acknowledged though they too do not have enough data of our working which needs some serious research worker to establish my assumption that Lalu’s one wrong, removing Maithili from the BPSC, lead to my entry in Maithili m ovement which adding to others’ work probably dug a political funeral of that Maithili –baiter.

I had asked for packed lunch to save time but Rajnathji’s family had added that for the journey which we took in the train at Barauni . I could distribute some pamphlets and one young from Madhepur who had worked for a RJD candidate took interest in Mithila. I think once we work sincerely even Lalu and others who oppose mithila will come on the ground to support us as Mithila is a vote granary for them and they would not commit ‘political harakiri’ by negating this demand if their workers demand that; and if they or any party avoids to this they will be isolated and will loss their fortune.

Mithila movement is to go that ways- I parted with Mithila once more seeing Ganga and dropping a coin therein like many others and I quipped, ‘ this custom I had seen in Godavari and Cauvery and all rivers,’ and there India is one by the grace of Hinduism.

At Kiulthough train had no stoppage, it stopped we too but Vannachal had just crossed and so we again entrained to got down at Jhajha, the scheduled stop where after some time Vanachal came and we could get seat and after DHnbad even place to sleep to be at Ranchi early morning at 545 .

Today I received a mail from Rajnathji that he felt satisfied to work with us which prompted me to finish the article as patience pays- I had some hesoitation whether he would work with us but a stranger as he was till 7th Sept 2011 and in a small meet at Darbhanga on SMS comment on his article on birds of Mithila ,mine under presumption of a botany student, he came to station in the Intercuty and had exclaimed with with his book Mithila. A students simplicity can only learn laurels of knowledge. I was a student at Darbhanga in the DMC for 14 years 1973-1987 (MBBS, MD and DCH intervening with housejob of prolonged duration ) and I learnt again a lesson there in this journey, be slow and have patience but peruse your task destined with confidence. I declared there that Mithila will come on the map and that needs these virtues in all of us who love Mihtila and or any thing .

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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Good carry on the struggle, Mithila federal state is about to be formed in six month with about 10000 area n 8 million population in nepal.