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My January Dec.31st 2011- Jan. 1,2012

My January Dec.31st 2011- Jan. 1,2012

I do not consider January 1 as my New year day(which long I considered Chitra Shukla 1 or Varsh pratipada till I started Maithili work and delved deep to find that it was Vishuv Sankarnti (this year April 15 though 14th is usual and almost fixed-
Hope that New years will be celebrated as Mithila Day in contrast to Bihar Day , a new practice started since 2010 by the Govt.of Bihar for its publicity there to dampen Mithila movement which it cannot now due to sincere efforts of many workers in which I too have my humble contribution.
I did not go to the Chinmay Ashram for the Vishnu Sahastranama as I did not like it to be concided with January 1 from a Sanatan Hindu organization.. Due to cold I did not go out at all and hence, not in an Ekadasha bhoj of a Mailthil old lady from Kaluahi whose husband, late Shardanand Jha was a pioneer Maithil worker of Ranchi. I had been their home in village though his son has no good impression for me and once had remarked sarcastically ,’swayambhu neta of Mithila’ in a party but having received his card I had decided to go despite not his call which is usual practice for Ekadasha though I could not but today will attend Dwadasha..

Despite my position known on New Year (when yesterday on 1.1.2012 , I was house locked almost by the drizzling rains as a cyclonic effects ‘Thane’ in distant Tamilnadu) I was contacted by 31 persons(8 calls and 24 SMSs) from different places and types of persons all of which I kept reserved, for April 15th though it would be practically impossible for me to contact all those or thousands of persons I keep track

I was contacted by Umesh Karna kalpkavi from Sarisab, Madhubani. Mithilesh Jha from Atrauli(who being a RSS worker did not greet me but gave a number of Kusum Jha, lady worker for Maihtili camp), Ratnesh Jha of Katiya, Benipatti, Dr. Buchroo Paswan, Darbhanga, Jhumi Priyanka of MRM College whom I knew at Naur scholl called from Rudrapur village near Thadhi now studing at MRM College Darbhanga where girls’ are not allowed to keep mobile till class XII or going out otherwise she could think to meet me at Darbhanga n January 8th On Maithili Samman Divas(in fact it was on 7th January 2004 that the Constitutional Ammendment including Maithili in the Gazette of India was notified) keeping mind holiday of Sundau.

Umesh Jha of Havibhaura from Varanasi, Dr. Arvind Kr. Singh, Saharsa, ,Dr. Shefalika Verma from Delhi, Dr. Arvind Jha from Mumbai, KN Choudhury from Sambalpur, Odisha, BK Jha from Daltonganj, Jharkhand, Dr. Arvind Pathak from Bokaro , JK Mishra from Sindri, Dhanbad, Ugresh Jha, KIriburu, Jharkhand, Vikas Mishra, Chaibasa, Pramod Jha, Jamshedpur

Old lady Mrs Kalpana Ganguli, Ranchi, greeted me and a retired SAIL employee RV Prasad from Ranchi, remembered me.
From my medical organizational connections Dr. Malay Chaturvedi from Kanpur, Dr. Deepak Shukla, Delhi,Sri Ranendra, ADM, Ranchi, DR. Vijay Dahiya, Rohtak, DR. KP Deo, Sitamarhi, Dr.DK Singh,Ranchi, Dr.Ashok Kumar, Patna, contacted. However I hardy remember SAIL employee Mohan Aiyar, but which Nagendra? And other 9430390751 number which sent me a not one among 4547 data on Excel sheet which suggests early upodation left pending for long may cross 6000 persons surely in mobile era, if I do not forget of nearly thousand who were friends of this one of the biggest number of post crad writer. I felt many times (but could not do) to wrote some 5-10 to all of them just to give me a call(as almost all of them might have a number which I will start from today to rejoin with missed links).

Journey friends Jayant Sarkar, Rourkela, SS Prasad , Kolkata, also remembered.

My brothers in law( husband of sisters-bahinois) from Kanhauli and Bokaro also greeted.

At my hospital on 31st December there was a pre-new year meet where I was asked to give a speech from my senior (Incharge of the hospital)- I said many things in 2-3 minutes(new year is related with crops like Makar sankranti, deep prajjwalan or candles, a brief advancement in heath pointers just released on 29th Dec 2011 that Infant Mortality rate of coutry was slowed by 3( 47 from 50), an achievement despite least expenditure on health; requested my colleagues not to overburden laboratory with undue tests, a clinician must expect some results before advised one,; asked grade IV to keep toilet clean as I was once suggested by late Rajju Bhiya(who later became RSS chief) before an all India children meet camp of the Vidya Bharati,’Let us inspect toilet as that is the index of santion’ and while quoting him also I quoted him when had said on 14.1.1977 inuguating the National Medicos Organisation(NMO) at the Darbhanga Medical College,” In USA a senior person said while inaugurating a hospital,’What need of marble floors,if you have men;men of character, of qulity,” and Rajju Bhaiyya remembered named of his famous professors at the Allahabad University Ganganath Amarnath Jha, Prof. Krishan etc. whp used to stimulate any student for high..”

I also said that we working in the GOI sectors should also remember to serve the poor the tribal living north of the colony on whose land our colony was made and so to have a soft attitude..

I did not miss to mention the anti-corruption movement scenario in the country without naming Anna (for his support on 28th I was at the Gandhi statue of the Morhabadi Maidan.

On 31st a Maithil Bishwambhar Jha was retiring and when I called him in the evening midst of my writing diary, he invited me to his residence. It took me almost 90 minutes to finish my writing(not I write so much everyday but some 38 pages were blank and I thought would be wasted if not written same evening and I wrote those in Maithili, an autobiographic details of previous year rather years. I reached his house around 830 Pm and had a heavy snack though I was expecting a dinner but smelling meat I concluded his wife would not ask for food that I was known to her a vegetarian. Their son had come from Gurgaon and daughter from Kolkata(both working in the HCL) on that milestone of father’s life who had retired after 38+ years service in the SAIL(Steel Authority of India and its previous name Hindustan steel Limited). I had many evenings with them and their menatally handicapped eldest child Piyush when I was working in the Heatk Centre in their colony.

When I was returning I saw boys had assembled near the railway tunnel on the Bhusur River where child Dhoni had times with his friends.

Though not celebrating January 1, I too watched TV the scenes from Aukland, date starts first in that Newzeland Town, Australia, China and then Indian metros which has made this day a commercial affair. Jauray I being a Sunday would have been a very festive day but was marred at ranchi and many places for being cyclone-moathed chilly day
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