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Mithila Jagarna Yatra 116_Vidyapatinagar camp in chilly Poos Dec 24-27,2011

Mithila Jagarna Yatra 116_Vidyapatinagar camp in chilly Poos Dec 24-27,2011

In ‘Poos ki Raat,’ Munshi Premchand has described the state of a poor farmer in chilly Poos(December) was informed to me by Kalpkavi Umesh Kumar ‘Karn’ who was a second year trainee at XXIII Maihtili karyakartta Prashikshan Shivir.

It was fixed in the odd time because I had decided not to got o Jantar _mantar dharna on Dec.21 for the Mithila state (because going to Darbhanga Darbhanga I used my one day casual leave l and in remaining two days it was very difficult to attend Delhi . Hurriedly camp was fixed with Ganesh Giri ‘Kavi.’

I started by Maurya Express where a seat was provided by a Jasidih going student and reached Dalsing Sarai on 24th morning and went to Shambhuji’s dalan and not getting him on phone I slept there on a chowki spreading newspapers as I required sleep after charging my mobile in a point. I was thinking that a good spot for putting Mithila hoarding (as it was side of the Railway line near station where trains must be slow enough to be board readable) and to have an office of the AMP there which later Shambhuji agreed.

Soon came Anil Jha , finding me slept there he took me to his nearby house where I did my snana and puja . No sooner I invoked Lord Sun with ‘Udyamiti..,; that he appeared in the sky after many days- it was a good sign for us.

Soon came Dr. Satyanarayan mahtoji and we started for Vidaypatinagar . Heeralal Mahto was also with us. In the way we went to a book stall for putting my maithiligeeta for sale but he did not agree for Maithili book despite he talked with us in Maithili only. This is a challenge for us that we do not give value to our language.

In a mini bus soon we were at vVidyapatinagar some 8 km from there. We had a darshan of Lord Hanuman and the priest posed there for a photograph. We crossed rails and were soon in the temple premises where I had been on 27.2.2011 also. Soon came Ganesh Giri and we assembled for inaugural session of the camp. Many villagers and local scholars attended. Vijaykant Jha had come as a trainee from pariharpur(Madhubani) and Umesh Kalpkavi from Ramnagar, Sarisab (Madhubani) and next day Dr. AK pathak(Gaura).

We were accommodated in tourist bunglow though torists do not vome there much and hence it was not properly managed.

The next morning we started for Gram sarvekshan and Vijaykant Jha gave their lecture on changing villages at Vidaypati chowk. He was quipped by Ganeshji that he did not say for Mithila state. I found that he was though not speaking Maihtili was for the Mithila state and this I had found at Kuangarhi(Mubger too).

We visited Vidyapati high school and then Inter college where I spoke on career, health and Mithila state as well.

We returned and had bath and puja at the temple where Mahakavi Vidyapati was taken away by Ganga Mata coming from around 10 km when he said, “Mother I came to you from long distance and whether you would not come to me for this short distance..

Bad such sar payal tua teere..

And kartik dhawal trayodashi jaan..

Mahakavi was taken by a Rauta dhaar of Ganaga.

The great pilgrim centre where devote and god both are at a place is unparallel in the world and needs torists attracftion.

Everything there is Vidaypatimay- be Vidaypati Hardware shop of Ganesh kavi or any other shop of anything you will fingd Vidyapati, Vidyapati..

The chowk Ganeshji made with public contribuition when CM karpoori Thakur assured but could not.

The temple was also erected by a Baleshwarbau when he could get a sin at the age of 65.

We had afternoon classes of camp on Maithila related subjects and inthte evening we strolled around.

Next day Ganesh Giri took us to museum where he had rare collection of the portraits related to Vidyapati’s life and he introduced them with songs which I videorecorded .

Then with Vijaykant jee I went to Bajidpur where in the way we had a nukkad meeting on mithila state and in a School again named on Vidyapati I gave small talk .. Finding girls top three in class I appreciated their zeal and spoke on great daughters of Mithila- gargi, maitreyee, Bhartee etc. with tips on career and health..

On returning time we sat on a doora of a person whose son looked older than the retired father and they all were followers of some shanty Maharaj.

We came to temple premises and had a puja and then classes of the camp till evening when came Dr. kamalkant Jha who talked on history of Mithila. . Dr, Boochroo paswan also came and we all stayed together talking on several organizational issues which is a real benefit of such camp apart from closer relations among workers.and Boochrooji to museum and

The next morning Ganeshji took Kamlakantjee to museum and I took early puja.

Then we had concluding session before which I had gone to station to take a ticket of the ballia express which halts there(from and to Sealdah).

Dr. Satyanarayan Mahto spoke on social harmony and AMP’s Antarrashtriy maithili sammelanas . Dr, Boochroo Paswan spoke on why to become whole timer and Vijaykantji offered himself as one who was given charge of Darbhanga Division at the age of 66, he is agile ,; He had been a co-worker of Bhogendra Jha and he will work for Mithila. He has dream too make one village ideal though that is very difficult.

MY train was to come and I had to see a patient, brother inlaw of Ashokji and I chided her mother when she asked what would happen if insulin is stopped. He can die should not have been told by me to a mother soon I realized.

My train came sideways and I entrained a general coach for Kiul.

When I spoke for temple a person was interested-‘sometimes I may get chance’.

‘No, you will see just now and showed them photo of Shiva (as Ugana his servant) and Mahakavi and the sgivlaingam..

Kiul came and I got down. Came Vanachal Express and I had a comfortable seat to rach Ranchi early morning.

and in the evening president Dr. kamlakant Jha also reached who spoke on the history of Mithila

At night we had

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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