Friday, January 14, 2011

‘E’ as a pronoun and new word ‘chlorophyllated’ by Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

'E,' is most commonly used letter (12.702%) in English , I feel it should be used more, particulary as an independent pronoun applied when something needed for both genders, as used in my mothertongue, Maithili, E kahalkhinh(He said/ She said).

Presently the practice is to describe non gender specific things by masculine gender eg.for He/She has hypertension in lectures He is always used, so why not use ' E has hyperstension.'
And, it will save time, material(ink,paper) and of course 'E' will have a true feminist Eve look, taking revenge from 'male,' for which feminists are so are so much worried!
Anyway I am not Skakespeare who made 1,700 new words( out of 17,677 total words he used in all his writings) that my proposition will be accepted though I had once used a word, 'chlorophyllated' for air with tyre-crushed leaves on a busy but big trees on sides(so uncommon know) in a post-summer first rain..-

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