Thursday, August 14, 2008


As per Hindu Maithil tradition tody is my birthday and I have been busy for arranging meeting for Sanskrit Day on 16th August. I do not know why Sanskrit Bharati has choosen this festival as sanskrit day when it has no relevance with that except that Rakshabandhan is called festival of Brahmins(like Durgapuja for Kshatriya , Deepawali for Vaishyas and Holi for Shudras)and Brahmins have been using Sanskrit the most.
I am on fast as per any Paradosh 13(trayodashi)..though on my English birthday August 1 , I had taken sweets my sister had brought for offering Prasad..Even today my office(MECON Ltd.) has given a pack of sweets..on Independence Day eve..but I will wait till evning.
Nobody did phoned me(on English birthday my brother in law- husband of my sister had!)
I was never jubiliant over my birthday as I was ever knowing that my age has reduced one year and I have advanced to my Yaksha-Yudhishtir samvad Yaksha had asked- Kim ascharyam? what is wonder in the world. Yudhishtir had told aptly.. knowing that day by day(ahni..ahni..) man is advancing to death and is busy for nothing...
I am an unknown ,unsung prson and my tragedy is that whom I loved most, served most have neglegted me be in my personal life or organisational life or in service..
I want to remain unsung as I have written in my autobiography..
I never wanted any material thing in reward and I remained always in disagreement on points which ordinarily people will like to agree at that Na bruyat satyam apriyam..
Whether Satya( Truth) can be pleasant or unpleasant.. the ultimate Truth is not a truce and is unconditined..and that is the Almighty, the Supreme..Whether I would be able to realize that is a questin which cannot be put in a million or any other Dollor or worldly thing of merit--Let me advance on that..

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Kusum Thakur said...

Congratulations! I am happy that you have started blogging again.I agree on your feeling about birthday.