Monday, August 18, 2008

SWEETS..SWEETS: Sanskrit is sweet and our sanskriti is sweet

SWEETS..SWEETS: Sanskrit is sweet and our sanskriti is sweet..any amount you digest you will not be an obese or diabetic..
(Aug.17th 2008)
On 17th August morning my sister awoke me that there was a belated birthday wish call from Mahesh jha of USA who had read my lines that I wanted to remain ‘unsung’. Though he asked me to enjoy sweets(apart from reminding me distribution of Mithila state pamphlets by Manikantji which I propose to undertake during Puja holidays in October), I now want to refrain from sweets not I am that a diabetic rather want to loose a few kg weight though am not able to resist temptation once sweets are presented to me. On 17th noon also Dr.Asit Baran De ,only doctor of my hospital whose house I visit off and on(and gone to watch tv snippet by local channels as I do not keep TV as I do not get sleep once that is there- and after a small TV without cable, did not purchase other. When I left Bangalore that too had some mechanical defects which my maid had taken to some shop yesterday again. Anyway we could not find that channel NAZAR PBL but was offered again sweets for Raksha bandhan by Dr. Shipra, wife of Dr. Asit. They are from Bankura(WB) and Asit had his MBBS from GMC, Srinagar, I visited in 2004 as a mark to end of my journey to all 106 medical colleges of the country of my student days- then there I had stayed in a Muslim girl’s house whose brother seemed to me as if a militant. She was student at Jammu’s engineering college of my friend Arun Jha and had come to receive me at Lal Chowk and next night I was in a Sikh student Mangal Singh’s house- my long article, Kashmir: Paradise or Paradigm of problems is on that journey.

On 16th noon I was busy in writing reports and releases of Sanskrit Divas and faxing them though only few lines by some papers appeared on that important and unique function after the evening OPD, I had gone to the house of my senior colleague Dr.Manjushree Tiwari’s house to bless her son Vivek, a software engineer at Gurgaon and his newly wed wife in the reception day of whom I was away at Purnea on April 27th, 2008. They were in the town and I took that opportunity to meet them. It was a long talk on our scriptures and Sanskrit and science with them. His sister too was a student of Dentistry at the Davangere the college I had visited long back where in the library had seen the volumes of Brahmvadin edited by Swami Vivekananda himself which I had quoted n my autobiography.

On 17th I remained sleeping till late and had gone to the library where I took a book on 51 poetries by Atal Behari Vajpayee. After returning from Asit’s house I completed reading that book before going to the Geeta Jnan Yanya at 7pm(I was free as incidentally Hanumantesh , a Kannaga cancelled his appointment from 3 pm where he was t help me in translating UR Ananthmurthy’s , ‘Mauni’, the part of wich I had done at Banglore with help of Ramana and here some pages on 15th August). I have one personal meeting with Vajpayee when I was a child and was pleased to read about his life and poetries. He is a bachelor and none of his poems are sensual while though am almost a bachelor have written a few such though sharing nationalistic vision I have hardly written poetries on nationalism which marvellously he had penned. I longed to be a debater and parliamentarian like him.
In the evening I had gone to the house of a friend and compunder of mine where I told him that I prefer to have my evenings with someone from other state(i.e. language) or caste or district though it was always not possible and there too his wife , a teacher in a distant district offred me sweets and khir..and also a shirt from his representative friend accepting which was a difficult task for me as reciprocation by prescriptions would amount to be unethical and I gave it to my sister to present it to my brother in law in coming kojagra..he was yesterday at Haridwar and had phoned about the conversation with a US born person who delved deep in the Vedanta of India and had come to live here thinking it the country of god and my brother in law remarked that he had forgotten all his knowledge of scriptures before that foreigner as his knowledge comparatively was immense and his provocation that being a Brahmin he should have know them exhorted him(my brother in law)..
Is it not correct for me and many persons like me..Sanskrit is sweet and our sanskriti is sweet..any ampunt you digest you will not be an obese or diabetic..

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