Monday, August 18, 2008

Make Sanskrit simple

Make Sanskrit simple by leaving DWIVACHAN in Shabdrupas and using only three tenses for dhaturupas.
( Sanskrit Divas, August 16th 2008, Rakshabandhan)

Sanskrit can be made simple by leaving DWIVACHAN in Shabdrupas and using only three tenses for dhaturupas, not using difficult Sandhis, and also leaving out some of the Shabdrupas not commonly used and using plural for numbers 2 and above) and such Sanskrit can be the National language which can be learnt to speak by any Indian in 5 days time.

It was a memorable day for me when in the midst of the Independence Day and the political drama in Jharkhand the Sanskrit Divas (16th August ) was organised by me under the auspices of the Antarrarshtriya Maithili Parishad(AMP, founded by me in 1993) at Ranchi and in this programme it was shown by small kids that they can understand and speak in Sanskrit without any difficulty.

The programme unique of it kind was conducted for 90 minutes in Sanskrit, enjoyed by over 60 persons where almost all speakers spoke in Sanskrit.

Conducted by a teacher from the DAV,Kadru, Ranchi Sri Santosh Kumar Jha, little children presented songs, drama in simple Sanskit comprehensible to audience. Participants were Atul, Abhishek, Aditya, Ishan, Pravin, Shanakr, Sukrit, Nimisha, Sushmita, Anuraka, Astha, etc.
Those who enjoyed include Dr. R. K Choudhary from Jamshedpur and Mrs. Gauri Ganesh, and Sri Chandrashekhar mishra, Chandradev Jha, Jayanand Choudhary,Mithilesh Kr. Mishra, Chandraparakash Jha, Chandradev Jham Amarnath Jha, Satish Cjandra Mishra, Sudhir Kumar Thakur, Ram Kumar Jha, Hrishikesh Choudhary, Ajit kr, Singh, Ajay Kr, Jha, Secretary, AMP, Ranchi, etc, The programme was conducted in Sanskrit by Shri Akshayvat Nath Tiwary. I also spoke in Sanskrit.(Three years back also in one such programme I had organised at my residence I had spoken in Sanskrit. Once I had spoken a few sentences before the Shringeri Shankaracharya in sasnskrit,”Aham Mahan Vachaspati Dwitiyasya graminah asmi.” and he had replied, ”Sah mahan santah aasit.”

The beauty of Sanskrit remains in its recall after a long period-when one of the guests there came from Saharsa(where legendary Shakaracharya had debate with Mandan –Bharati at Mahishi village) said that Sanskrit’s encyclopaedia , Amarkosha is unique, I could recall the verses from that book read 44 years back. Even one 5- year old Child Arnav surprised the audience with Gita’s VIII Chapter chanting by memory.

The presidentship of the fuction Dr. Guneshawar Jha informed that the Deccan College, Pune is publishing third volume of the 10 million words extracted from Vedas which will be the biggest lexicographic work done anywhere as per Indologist, A.L. Basham.

Swami Madhvananada of Chinmay Mission , Chief guest there said that Sanskrit has 54 letters and hence, in it the words spoken is written as it is while English being of 26 lettered is unable to do so.
He said that Sanskrit is very simple language and is our root. He is conducting Sanskrit classes too (which I am also attending apart from attending his week long Geeta Jyan Yajna on each Chapter which third Chapter he has started yesterday,. The first such Jyan Yajna I had attended of Swami Chinmayanad himself in 1989 after which he had sent me a personal letter when n the Gurudakshina instead of money I had offered him the booklet for the National medicos Organisation, I founded in 1977).

In Sanskrit meeting on 16.8.2008 were persons like Sri Swadhin Mukherjee, ex-President, MECON’s Executive Association who regretted that they could not speak Sanskrit like their fathers and grandfathers but they would learn it.
But Sanskrit needs simplification unless done that our ancient treasure may not find reglory and vast treasure of knowlwdge of medicine in the books like Charak and Shushruta and in many other sciences will remain unused.

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