Thursday, August 28, 2008

Koshi Floods and Mithila state

28.8.08 Koshi Floods and Mithila state
On the evening of 27th, I got a call from Shri Ganaga Prasad Sharma, from Jamshedpur that the AMP, Saraikela- Kharsawan, was meeting then for the relief work of Koshi floods. I gave them contact number of Dr. L.N. Jha , Saharsa and Dr. N. L.Das, VP, AMP, with whom at Forbesganj Dinesh K. Mishra would have a meeting yesterday morning. Any help will be routed through them which for the moment was needed.
Though we feel Govt. of Bihar has miserably failed for the persuasion of GOI for a permanent solution of Koshi Floods which by technocrat’s’ advice need High Dam(costing 27,500 crores by 1997 estimates) and may be almost 30 such High dams as per Dinesh K. mishra after which it would be difficult to say whether Nepal would own the dams or vice versa?

I had been a flood relief worker in 1984 and 1987 and any talk of relief is only sympathetic unless one have big infrastructure and in fact the relief material hardly reach to the most needy. Still that should be done but should seek permanent remeady. Dinesh ji says break the bandhs and free the rivers and de-silt the rivers which I do agree. I know GOI could muster Rs. 500 crores by 2 % educational cess on all Income tax payees. So, some 30 % cess for a single High Dam? Which Govt,. will do it. PM and CMs would make airsurveys- every year they do such surveys and announce many things which they forget so easily.
And that is a point that India needs a State Govt. of Mithila to press continuously for this which in personal talks Dinesh Mishra(an UP-ite otherwise) had also agreed.
Many persons of Bihar-‘mania’ feels that Bihar is sacrosanct and its division will be anti-national. I am sure they do not have more nationalistic work done that in personal and social capacity I have done up to the borders of Nagaland.

Such Biharphilic persons (many Maithils therein whoa re writing me ,many times ignorantly and many times even abusigly) are always opposing my views but I still repeat even another Maithil CM of Bihar will not do welfare for Mithila area(there have been many such Maithil CMs in the past and there will be many till Mithila is separated).
Mithila had been a janlad of graet Aryavart and only in Muslim period it was merged in Bihar and let every Maithil feel that he/she maybe technically a Bihari he/she is not innately but a Maithil and we need our State for solving our problems.
The AMP all to help flood victims and be united for demanding Mithila state even for the single cause of flood protection which Govt. of Bihar has failed since 1912 it has areas of Mithila in its direct ambit.


Gajendra Thakur said...

the rehabilitation has started and as we go by the words of nitishji every single person will be given home, and the rehabilitation work will be remembered by the posteriority. like roads nitish can do this, is my personal hope and belief.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur said...

Whether Gajendra Thakur's hope realized?
Probably NO..
We need a Govt. of Mithila for proper look after of our area which Govt. of Bihar has failed in past one century almost- no matter Nitish or other?