Thursday, August 21, 2008

Koshi update

Koshi update

Last night Dinesh Kumar Mishra phoned me from Ranchi bus stand that he was proceeding to Patna in way to Araiya, Forbesganj,if possible(as water has been rushing towards the town from Kushha’s broken embankments). The water was about 6’ high at the Birpur Chowk and also entered Balua (as I read in today’s newspaper, a dispatch from Supaul). Mishra said that newly elected PM of Nepal, Prachanda had paid a visit in Kushaha area where around 50, 000 Nepali Maithils have become homeless. Nepali PM had said that he would talk to the GOI also. Hope this flood would have given him first dose that the people of both countries are inseparable and so called nationalistic biases are more whim than a reality.

When youth Abhiranjan from Gurgaon reading my blog mailed me about the condition of Birpur from where he belonged I searched one Birendra Singh from Birpur who had given his number while I had been in way to Hulas village of Supaul district, waiting at Raghopur staion. Despite I tried to on his number 06471-24841, I could not get connection and his was the only number with me from Birpur out of 2901 data on my spreadsheet(and not updated for six months which might add few hundred more). Naturally remaining in contacting with such a huge number is not humanly possible and at times I forget to add/call the persons promised and in fact they also do not remind me.
Dineshji was sore at the happenings and got some more information from Nepal’s the Kantipur Times and the Kathmandu Post. Though he has been doing his best he had read my last post and said that it was embarrassing for him and he wanted to be,”Main jaisa hun vaisa hi rahne den.” In fact what I praised for him was not as much he deserved.
I cannot serve my motherland(in smaller sense I am using for Koshi-Kamla area) but he despite being an outsider working so seriously. True we all are one from the national point of view and had possibly me too in his position might have worked for Bhojpur or Magadh or for that of any part of country which culturally is one including that of Nepal, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, etc.
The surge of nationality is immense while you play or watch cricket.Yesterday I saw that in a match with Sri Lanka. Though I do not wish or pray for victory of Indian team not only with Sri Lanka but with any country not because I do not have nationalistic view but because I think Cricket is a play for some elite persons and countries. My happiness was more with Kanam Malleshwari, Rathore , Bindra and Sushil! Let me not dilate the subject of cuture and nationality here which may be the topic of my next writing.

We need persons like Dinesh Mishra who had studied the problem and solution has become his life aim! I told Dineshji that I was waiting for my early retirement and when the age was lowered from 60 to 58 , I became happy(also because the torturing director was also retiring earlier) and when it was again raised to 60, I became sorry (also because such directors would be longer in service!). Nobody knows whether I will be alive next 7 years to retire and I do not know whether I would be even free to work like Dineshji, rushing to spot despite having no facilities. Who knows I will not became busy in my practice and despite some problems I am getting leaves to tour till I am in service.


prakash man said...

Dear Dr Dhanakar Thakur

Read your updates on koshi with interest. Last weeks flood in koshi has made over 50000 people homeless in Nepal and also large number of people in India also affected. Yesterday morning, I was reading that over 10,000 people from india came to Nepal seeking relief.

Politican (and People like you and me) can blame each other; safely from comfortable room of some distant safe city... but for the people who are living around the river area it is a worst nightmare coming true.. and moreover (you and I know/agree) it was due to human negligence that brought this disaster.

Hope the politicians in Delhi and Kathmandu work out and make sure that such disaster do not happen again.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur said...

I do not think any tangiable has been done in between. Probably Mithila sates in both countries can only find solutions pressing their National Govt.