Friday, August 22, 2008

I was writing wrong Murdhanya Sha,Today I knew

I was writing wrong Murdhanya Sha,Today I knew

Today I corrected my one of the mistakes I had been doing in Devnagari(Hindi) alphabet writing- in Murdhanya Sha, I had been giving right oblique stroke in Pa while it should have been left oblique stroke.
That I noticed when writing some of the Sanskrit shabdroops as asked by Swami Madhavananda, the Chinmaya Swami who has started a Sanskrit course too.
Such mistake was probably my primary education was not formal. I may have some more such mistakes I could not even know for long nor anybody did point out to me.

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Kusum Thakur said...

I didn't see otherwise I would have pointed out.I have sent several e mails but I don't know whether it was correct id or wrong.Please send your correct id.