Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nanaji Deshmukh should be accorded BHARAT RATNa(posthumously)

Nanaji Deshmukh should be accorded BHARAT RATNa(posthumously)
National Medicos Organisation(NMO) pays homage to veteran nationalist Nanji Deshmukh who was the chief guest in its II Conference at Ranchi in 1981.
I recall he told me at Ranchi airport to take care of Dr. BN Das Gupta saying,"I am your man, take care of guest," and similarly Dr. BN Das Gupta said to take care of Nanaji saying he was the guest and great person.
In the conference he said while many times turning over pages of the booklet,"Rastra Ki pUnarniman me Medical Chhatron ki Bhumika,"Yah Punarniman ki bat kiske man me ayee..jabki sabhi satta ke peeche hain.." I had given that topic to Prof. Rajendra Singh (Ma. Rajju Bhaiya) while welcoming freshers at DMC,Darbhanga on 14.1.1978 and that was printed as a booklet in 1980's October probably.
Whether NMO members are on a right track? Probably many have drifted to political mileage and so I again chose to remain with a smaller group with no such affiliation.
Nanaji had asked us to join after marring- he had said he needed both- a good couple to work for the deprived..(Personally I tried but my doctor wife deserted in the very beginning despite it was briefed).
We wish many more to join the social service on Nanaji's legacy.
Nanaji put a model before politicians to retire at 60 which none followed producing a problem in succession planning.
Probably with the advancement in average life span if physically fit a whole timer politician may retire at 65 (and those joping politics after Govt. service may be at 70).
Nanaji also donated his body to the AIIMS which is also praiseworthy like many of his deeds.
He should have been nominated for the presidency(in stead of Bhairo Singh Shekhawat) by the BJP is my personal view.

Though at Delhi I could not pay my last regards as my coworkers felt due to many Z security persons it may take much time to take my train for Varanasi at 18 PM.

Our homage to the great son of India who should be accorded BHARAT RATNa(posthumously).
Dr. Dhanakar Thakur, MBBS,MD(Gen Med), DCH
E-35, Shyamali, Ranchi 834002
Founder & Organising Secretary,National Medicos Organisation(NMO)
MO. 09470193694

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