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Coincidences-Banka 27.3.2010,Bhagalpur-27.3.2010,Godda 28.3.2010

Coincidences-Banka 27.3.2010,Bhagalpur-27.3.2010,Godda 28.3.2010

A Sanskrit scholar, Dr. Bibhakar from Deoghar had requested me to release his Maithili book at Deoghar on 28th March 2010. He was impressed with me because on his Sanskrit book I had sent comments in Sanskrit verses which he had published with some corrections. Though I did not feel myself a proper person to release the book of that retired professor he insisted for that and had sent me a copy of the book in advance and I had also booked my tickets to and from Jasidih. To utilize my time better I requested Dr. Vijayshankar Singh of Bamangama(who was once a cotraveller in train and an unknown person who had arranged a meeting of the Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad(AMP) on 6.9.2010) near Madhupur to arrange the postponed meeting of 21st February at his place on 27th march and he had agreed.

Some days back Prof. Bibhakar informed me that he had to go to his native place Madhura near Jhanjharpur and hence he was postponing the release of book. Since my other programme was fixed I made my mind to go Bamangama on 27th as per schedule and to seek for Dumka or Godda on 28th but the examination of students on ramnavami day was again postponed to 27th and that meeting was again to be postponed (to April10th).

I could have cancelled the ticket but already I had cancelled my schedules for those holidays for Madhepur, Phulparas, Biraul camps from March 24-28th as Dr. kamlakant Jha,President.AMP had to got o Patna to get his own book released on March 28th( that was also postponed for the publisher Shardinduji was ill).

I talked Prof. Ugra Mohan Jha and Mahesh Jha of Bhagalpur about use of march 27th for foundation meeting of AMP there as I have been feeling that without a proper unit of the AMP at Bhagalpur,our agenda of Mithila state was not being pushed by Maithils there, some of them were cowardice and even went up to the extent of insulting me by not providing chance to speak despite being invited there on March 21st when I had gone there on my own expenditure as usual, postponing Bamangama meeting that day.

Prof. Jha and Maheshji happily accepted and so Vinay Tarun,the young journalist there.

I asked Sudhirnath Mishra, the convenor of the XXI International Maithili Conference,Araria on April 24-25,2010 to come there at Budhanath Mandir and had asked local printer for banners and Mithila slogans of Manikantji on flex which was delivered at my house by the evening of 26th.

Journey in the Patali express was uneventful except that it was over 90 minutes late by the time it reached Jasidih. With heavy bundle of flex, I moved out till bus stand but there was no bus for Bhagalpur and I could get a bus for Banka from where for Bhagalpur there is swift connection.

Banka is an important place and a district headquarters where I had visited once on 24.10.2004 in way to Dumaria-Motia where a Maithili Workers’ camp was running and had gone to the houses of Prof. Mahesh Jha from Rajpur and Dr.Sunil Jha and Dr.Mrs Shil Jha who were junior to me at the Darbhanga Medical college but none were present on that day and with the faint memory of Gandhi Chowk I had returned.

My meeting at Bhagalpur was from 5 pm and so till 3 pm,I could utilize there time at Banka to form a nidus for the Amp work. With the advent of mobile in my pocket I have forgotton to keep diary in my pocket and mobile has a limited number to store and hence I had removed the number of some Dasji who had once visited me as a patient. I tried to contact him through father of Vinay tarun at Purnea as that dasji was also a karma Kayastha and settled there at Purnea as well where he was posted before retirement. Father of Voinay did not know him.

I asked Sudhansu of Dare village of Godda living at Ranchi to gove Dr.Sunil’s number. Sudhansu’s wife picked up phone and after contacting Sudhansu gave me Dr.Sunil’s number but it was with his compounder who gave me his number. Dr.Sunil said that he was at Godda. I asked him that he should tell me one or two person’s number who may help in my mission.

I talked copassangers also and was spotting a person with Gandhi topi for this work. I was taken aback that one more person road had Gandhi cap which I use to see only in Maharashtra’s visit ,on the head of the common men.

I asked Devendra Jha , a reired engineer from Devghar but he had no contact at Banka. I asked Prof. Ugra Mohan Jha about the number of Prof.esh Jha and he said that as maheshbabu was ill it would be futile to meet him and he had no other contact.

I asked my patient Dilip Thakur of the RDCIS who was then at Bokaro but he too did not have any contact. I had already asked Sanjesh Mohan Thakurof Dumaria but he too had no contact.

In the end (thinking might be sleeping after press work till early morning) I asked Vinay Tarun who had once told me about my visit to Banka. He immediately gave me a number of local journalist but by the time I contacted him from running bus in hot weather like that of May the call was dropped after ’hello,’ and soon the calls became non-responsive.

I thought that I would have to go to Bhagalpur directly after my all attempts were futile to find a contact.

I saw the way with curiosity and a board of eye care doctors Manjush and P K Jha attracted me several times. Honestly speaking I do not like advertisement by doctors. I also spotted many places in between just to say the journalist if could be contacted, where I was and my approximate time of reaching Banka.

I entered the town and reached the bus stand. I went to a PCO to call that journalist, Manoj Upadhyay but could not contact him. The PCO person advised me to go to the nearby Hindustan Office instead. It was locked but I saw a board of LIC agency by Rajiv Kumar Jha. In fact his name’s ‘Jha’ attracted me and went to his office, He was not there but his assistants received me cordially. One of them was a maithil Brahmin and a Panjikar and we talked for some time and then an education officer came with whom another income tax advisor talked for long in a very business term as to what happens if people do not declare their income from interests or do not declare their all savings accounts. He also hinted that how an income from ‘number 2’ may be made white if shown as from house property. His other advice was noteworthy that officers should must take their DA as traveling in AC class may be added to their unbalanced expenditure out of their salary and so on and so forth. Sitting in a dhoti in a south Indian style for him I was an ordinary man not an officer but once a word slipped from my mouth that I use to pay additional 20 per cent tax after TDS on FDs. However, his whole talk though informative to service holders had no interest for me as I was not finding some one who could listen my mission on Mithila.

I asked the native place of education office who was sitting there because his nearby office was not opened by that time. He was from a village in between Purnea and Madhepura and I talked with him about the problem of our region and then some other person came who took interest in my talk. Some person asked him to publish my talks as he was a journalist. He asked me to come with him to his office of Dainik Jagaran. I went there and put my points as to how the region of Banka was in Mithila and as to how it was neglected by the Govt. with the allotment of minimum (only one) centre for computer for the BPL students while CM’s district Nalanda was given 20! The senior journalist there. Prakash Vats, told me that he he had listened to my talks when I was visiting Purnea(maybe with Janardan yadav,ex-Minister). There I could have introduction with Dharmendra choudhary and then with Dileep K.Singh of village Phulli and Mukesh Munna of Hindustan too who to told me that Manoj Upadhyaa had chicken pox.

Then I took leave from them and coming out went for urination on right side of road which had no building. It was hot and I was without bath and puja and on fast. I had very concentrated urine. On the opposite side of road ,I saw same Eye care centre and a lady was crossing on first floor whom I felt must be Dr.Manjusha.

I reached LIC Agency, still rajiv Jha had not come. I edrank some water there and felt should meet that lady doctor for the NMO’s purpose. I changed my dhoti to pant in a proper way and went to her clinic and asked her compounder to tell her about me.

I was waiting and saw one gentleman with black goggles there who was called by doctor first but before that I had some exchange of words and knowing him a lawyer I requested that gentleman. Shymabihari Mishra to take responsibility of the organizing AMP there and after consultation to spare few minutes with me to meet Rajiv Jha who too I wished to give some responsibility but was un-decisive till I met him. I was also unaware as to who was the senior among them.

After knowing me that I was from Forbesganj,Araria, Shyam Bihari Mishra asked me whether I had any relation with madhubani and when I told him my native place, Samaul of Madhubani he asked me as to how many brothers I had. When I told about my elder brother, as principal in an engineering college at Gwalior,he sparked that he was his sister’s husband (pisiyaut bahinoi).

I was taken aback and said that now he will have to accept the post of president of banka of the AMP.

Soon came call for him from lady doctor. When he returned with her I introduced myself and she invited me to her chamber and I requested Shyam Bihari Mishra to accompany me. She was an ophthalmologist .passed from AFMC,Pune. I told her about the NMO and about my visit to her college. She called her husband, Dr.P.K.Jha, a pediatrician ,passed from the same institution. I had a feeling of appreciation that they were serving a remote area of the country despite trained in a big metro. Serving our own persons is highly commendable. In a minute or two I explained about NMO and the AMP giving them Aayurvigyan Pragati and Maithili Sandesh and asked him to be in the committee of the AMP. Lady doctor taunted ‘ladies too should have place in the committee.’ I said her to take the presidency itself though I had talked shymBihariji who too asked her to accept but then she refused finding him a senior. I told her that yet she would have to accept chairmanship of the Ladies wing, which she did.

I told her that Murdhanya Sha in her name, I was writing in a wrong way till few months back and had written a blog on that which I would forward her.

Their happy son looked me a bit overweight but his pediatrician father weighing him informed me that he was so some months back but now his weight was constant. Though I was correct to some extent I forgot that parents were of heavy frame and child’s weight also depends on that to some extent.

Lady doctor asked for tea which I do not take and then she asked me for lassi though on fast I had said to take but probably she also forgot and I was in haste to get copies of the Xerox for press and Shyam Biharibabu was also being delayed.

We came out soon and I went to the Jagarn office to gove a copy of the press release and then to the LIC Agency for there Rajiv Jha had come and I he talked so cordially and accepted the AMP work. Now as Shym Bihari Mishra was the president ,I asked him on phone would he like Rajiv as Secretary which he happily agreed. I made him talk to rajiv as by this time BSNL had been right. Maybe it had went wrong to have so many coincidences and formation of Banka unit with all strangers but own people!

I gave a banner of the AMP and membership forms to Rajiv and requested to celebrate Mithila Divas on 14th April, Mithila’s New Year Day.

I was getting late for Bhagalpur’s scheduled meeting and almost ran till Gandhi Chowk with heavy banners and posters in Flex and could get a vehicle which took too much time on the outskirt of the town to pack passengers like goods though I was on a comfortable side seat and ate fruits(grapes and oranges I purchased there despite being on fast) without bath and sandhyabandhan of that day.

I recalled that probably I had crossed that road in past also. On the side of me was a science graduate working for a Science society who was using yahoo on his mobile. I had seen that in 2007 at Bangalore while I was purchasing a ticket there at Jayanagar and was happy that slowly and steadily science was penetrating the interiors of the country. I talked with him on some aspects of science giving my introduction as an editor of a science journal and as a humble social worker. Though I gave him my email id, I knew from his expression that he would not mail me. Most of the people want to work for money only and sitting me like a common commuter he could hardly recognize my worth, even if it would have been something.

Again it was a run in the hot weather and despite that I had a nap for sometime after we crossed Kharhara Chowk(Dhaka More) of famous martyr Satish Prasad Jha(one of the following seven shaheeds in 1942 movement who died one by one taking Tricolor in thier hands and unfurled

Umakant Prasad Sinha - Ram Mohan Roy Seminary,class IX
Ramanand Singh - Ram Mohan Roy Seminary, class IX
Satish Prasad Jha - Patna Collegiate School, class X
Jagatpati Kumar - Bihar National College, 2nd year
Devipada Choudhry - Miller High English School, class IX
Rajendra Singh - Patna High English School, matric class
Ramgovind Singh - Punpun High English School, matric class IX

I could not find the exact date of martyrdom on net-it was in August 1942.

I could not find time even to stop there and bade my pranam from my heart.(once I had stopped there many years back and surely now with the Banka unit of AMP in the existence will find time to go and give salute the martyrs. In his village step brother of my bahinoi, Lait Pathak probably he is named,lives).

Then I had a nap and when I was awake I was in the aliganj of Bhagalpur.I saw one Durgapuror sthan changed name on bords also and then from the bridge took a rickshaw for Burhanath where I was in time.

Soon some Maihtils assembled and we had a good start of AMP. Prof UgraMohan Jha said that despite my announcement of his name as president,he would like to propose Prof. Sadanand Jha for the post. I happily agreed as I found one more and younger than Prof.U.M.Jha but with the condition that Prof. UM Jha would be president of Mithila state unit which he agreed. After some months we will call a Mithila State conference at Bhagalpur to formely install him as president of Mithila state.

Prof. Jha said that the AMP was needed and advised to work with consistency.

Here I did not miss to announce wife of Prof. UM Jha, Dr. Veena Jha to make her president of Ladies wing of Bhagalpur unit.

Mahesh Jha who cordinated that meeting was made the secretary. Young lecturer Alok who runs a Yuva shakti also spoke.I insisted that he spoke in local dialect(Dakshini Maithili or Angika). He spoke well and I hoped in the coming time he would represent in Assembly the Mithila cause. I also said that state of Mithila will honour all the dialects of Maithili and simple Maithili and simple Sanskrit would be Mithila’s first and second state languages.

Jayprakash Jha also spoke well whom I had entrusted to hold one International maithili Conference which was being held now at Arariya,the convener of which Sudhirnath Mishra had reached and invited all to join the conference on April 24-25,2010; not less than 11 wouold be present there,all assurred him.

It was again late and when people dispersed photographers of Hindustan, jagaran and Prabhat Khabar came. Maybe seeing only few the news was not published in subsequent days though Banka’s news was published. Hope Mithila Divas celebrations will find place.

It was the shrine of Burhanath and for me an occasion to have my pradosh puja after taking bath there. I did complete my morning’s puja also and then evening’s. A priest asked me the pages of the strotas of Lord Shiva who was turning the pages woith interest. I gave him those pages for good. He was asking something but could not speak, I am a simple man and was not in a position to give some thing and I also did not ask him as to what he wanted-maybe some doantion..or so which to temples is definetly not commensurate to my economic condition.

A teacher of Sanskrit school,Shyamanadji give me many laddoos as prasad which were for me matter for breaking fast and Sudhirji broght clean and cool water from the cooler there which around 400 ml I drank.

We took a rickshaw and reached to Vinay tarun’s room-again on a top of a mess named on him.

Around 10 he came and cooked rice and vegetable,we ate. Before and after that I read Phanishwarnath ‘Renu’s, “Shrit-Anushrut..” the autobiographical notes and could know that his name Renu was in fact from Rin(loan)his father had to take in the year of his birth..Renu was adopted as a son in the Koirala’s family I could know only reading that book and so many things about him but could not complete and was awole till 230AM.

In the early morning Sudhirji went to narayanpur in way to Araria and after I had my snan-puja on the open terrace came Pusymitra, a young jpournalist,editor of Ang Bharat who had recetly expoded with data on Visfot.com that Govt. of Bihar had spent 44 per cent only on Patna and while patna has 37,735 Rs. Per capita income, second Munger has only 12,370Rs. And the worst are- jamui with 5516 Rs,,Araria 5245 Rs., and Sheohar- the land of Mata seeta only Rs.4308 Rs.

Pushyamitra asked me about more data in favour of Mithila state which I think are many. I said that his named king was the last golden page of 7 by Savarkar. I wish sometime I could write Seven blunders of Indian History(like expulsion of Subhash by gandhi ,etc.)..

It was again late but I had an information that Kislay of the Saubhagya Mithila TV had not left Ranchi for Godda (and so stoppage at Dumaria was about to be cancelled. And so I did asking Vikas who had not informed villagers).

Grom Bhagalpur I did not get a direct vehicle for Godda and again a Banka bound vehicle left me at Dhaka More where again I was in haste in midday scorching sun and I got other vechicle for Godda. In the way to Motia I had seen Mandar Hill which was said to be used as mathani during Devasur Sangram. It falls in Bihar’s Banka district which I had seen first on 5.9.2003 when I had gone Sanjesh’s village Motia first. After my meetings at Dumaria the next day on the next day I had visited Prof. Manimohan Jha’s house also and had entrusted him district presidetship of the AMP but despite my several attempts and had one more visit on 25.10.2004 (after my meetings at Motia and Dumaria on 24.10.2004) and had several telephonic talks but the AMP’s state conference there was not taken there seriously.

It was my last visit to Godda on 23.1.2010 I had a brief meeting at advocate sarvajeet Jha’s house and this time I hoped a formal meeting will be held. Hence, I cancelled Dumaria visit though I crossed that village after Panjwara and a river. I saw again labourers running on feet with several sacks of smuggled coal from the abandoned mines probably, loaded on bicycles. The border between Bihar and Jharkhand had a Singhdwar. I hoped when Mithila would be formed that Singhdwar will be demolished as Panjwara and Motia are two banks of the same river; are part and parcel of Mithila culture-their geography and history and languages are one.

In the vehicle were two passengers, not much read but they liked Mithila pamphlets. Two young boys also took pamphlets and they told me the correct place Kargil Chowk to get down for the LIC office where I went on a rickshaw and reached Netaji Nagar at the Sarvjeet Jha’s house where I took and some food and rest. There I read that in the Rajmahal Coalfields Vidyapati parva was celebrated only 2-3 days back.

We reached Shiv mandir in time for meeting. One Panda was plucking right Belpatra (having intact 3 leaves ) and discarding the others. Soon assembled eminent Maithils of the town including a retired principal. I was waiting for a meeting in order but it was not for the Amp but for a common Yajnopaweet next month. Whatever I could talk informally was meant for me. I had to take my train from Jasidih and hence 5 pm bus as well.

I had some queries from a young journalist and he was impressed by my explanation of Mithil’s contribution to Indian philosophy and its deplorable state and the benefits santhal would get in Mithila as compared to Jharkhand like mkore jobs and ganga water for irrigation,etc. He asked me to come again for that purpose. I said that I had spared my day for that only and may be it may take a long time for the next visit.

Retired Principal had some stray remarks on maithili parishad(an old organization of the place). I explained many things for the AMP and its contribution and invited them for XXI International Maithili Conference at Araria.

I requested Sarvajeetji to drop me to bus and requested him to observe Mithila Divas and have separate meetings as no release can be given on our behalf and further we do not need so many people but few receptive to our mission for our organizational growth. I was again not satisfied with the day’s work but could get a seat 6 on request while he had it vacant but had given me 23rd in a 32 seater.

sIn the way i9 saw Godda college and then a tribal hat where liquor smell was in air. Liquor is to be prevented for the growth of tribal.

I crossed the way, I had crossed before also sometimes and crossed deoghar without a Darshan(like from that Shivmandir ratneshwarsthan at Godda,I repented as to why I did not enter, maybe next time in a meting for the AMP Baba bless me there too)..

My wait list ticket was confirmed .The train was late. I ate dried chura and kheera and waited. I chided a young man well educated for spitting on platform when he spat fourth time and he too felt sorry for that. Unless you indicate, people will not improve.

The train had rush and many without reservations were there but I had a safe upper sat and around 5 we woke up when a young man tried to touch a sleepimng women for removing her ornaments. He was caught bu her husband after running in 2-3 compartments. An old sadhu like person came to save that beaten child(or may be he was a supervisor of that thief?).

At Namkom, I changed to Vancnchal which had been one hour before my train at Jasidih and reaching Ranchi I walked to overbridge and then from AG more to my residence to go to hospital in time with bundle of the corrected some copes of souvenir of the medical conference, I edited.

And then had talk with Bhagalpur and banka workers and Godda journalist. Let me see when I visit there again.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dhanakar Thakur

I read this blog but could not read it completely till the end due to lack of time. I am really impressed by knowing the fact that you are really doing something for the maithil community. I am from Babutola, Banka(Bihar) and I know all the individual you named in your blog like Shyambihari Mishra, P.K Jha, Sunil Jha etc. I am also a maithil brahmin with a well known and well to do and very old family of Banka township. My name is Kundan Kr. Mishra S/O Late Balgangadhar Mishra and grand son of famous sanskrit learned and Sanskrit teacher Late Ram Narayan Mishra (famed call name is Pandit Jee in the locality) in RMK high school Banka. I have also a great feeling for doing something for our community. Right now I am in Delhi working as a Information Technology consultant, passed out MCA from IGNOU. You may reach me at my email address kundan_1in@yahoo.com. I would like to join your mission and work for the betterment of our community. Please send me your email address and if possible your contact number

With great respect and best wishes,
Kundan Kumar Mishra
Mayur Vihar -3
Delhi - 96

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