Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mandir Manthan-Udyog Manthan should not be mixed with Jayantis of poets and that too without any logic

Mandir Manthan-Udyog Manthan should not be mixed with Jayantis of poets and that too without any logic

On 30th March night I phoned Hyderabad just to know the well being of our Maithils as on 29th night I had listened to on the BBC about a communal riot there. It was informed by Karnaji that all Maithils were right.
However,he added about his programme at Uchhaitha Sthan on 25th June 2010 and probably wanted me to be there which I declined for requiring leaves of many days as it was on a working day. He told me that it was put on that weekday for Mahakavi Yatri’s birthday which they will celebrate there- to mark centenary. I said that despite their good intention it would send wrong signals.
While Mahakavi Kalidas’s association is with Uchhaith it should be popularized with his name only otherwise it would create confusion. He was insistant(in 19 minutes plus 48 minutes talk) on that and with contradictory statements- they wanted to make Madir Manthan and Udyog Manthan as focuss(Mandir related industry to be precise). I felt for that Vishwakarma Divas(Sept.17) would have been ideal rather than choosing a warm,humid day in a marriage season.
And then if you wish to have Kali das’s Jayanti it maybe there on that particular day in October(a day before Devotthan Ekadash i.e.; three days before Vidyapati Smriti Divas ).

The problem is that people want to mix the things for their own busy schedule.
I feel Yatriji’s centenary should be started from his native place Tarauni as or or working place Darbhanga, Patna, Kolkata, Delhi and so on but not from the deeh of Kalidas as it will give wrong signals particularly when bith great poets were diametrically opposite in their thoughts.

Mair related Udyog Manthan too needs a afresh change- one should pick up the ignored temples which are a lot in Mithila rather converging the resources on a well-known one which should be left to be improved by local people who are even otherwise capable of. Of course those who belong to a particular place should select one in their nativity and watch follow up.
Anyway I remembered a survey by Karna sometimes back putting a majority of maithils in a ‘difficult’ group who were probably called ‘confused and making other confused.I wish he is not one among them and would pick up problem item-wise and not a mixed bag .

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