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Kumbhsnan 2010 Haridwar(13.2.2010)‘While bargaining Hindi while payment Maithili In Sangamsnan with Maithils (14.2.2010),'Namkeen Gudia

Kumbhsnan 2010 Haridwar(13.2.2010)‘While bargaining Hindi while payment Maithili In Sangamsnan with Maithils (14.2.2010),'Namkeen Gudia

That scene of Kumbh was unforgettable. People come for shraddha and faith and to have many things in life and I was also not immune to that but more importantly I had been there for seeing people and people who were mammoth on Shivratri day, the previous day but on 13th Sankranti too there were many. I remember a foreign lady visitor in India many years back when I asked her about India, she had told me there were people and people. Probably she was from Finland.
So I saw people and in fact I had gone for that apart from religious beliefs to which I am not so orthodox.
With that boy Rajesh of Moradabad I climbed to Mansa Devi hill. In the way some Prasad I had purchased seeing which a monkey came to snatch which reflex I protested and soon had torn that packet to give him some but I had no idea of his claw and I had a scratch though my fellow boy had said to leave before it was scratched and a drop of blood.
Now I was scared of Rabies..a doctor is the worst patient. Immediately I climbed up and searched for water tap which I could get after 2-3 minutes..the best and immediate prevention for dog/monkey/cat /bat bite or scratch is putting water profusely-washing for minutes in tape and that I did and then climbed up and and came down. Also I tried to contact Dr.Hridesh whether to go for anti-rabies injection immediately. That should have been but postponed for 48 h to reach Ranchi(I had a reflex protest for saving Prasad to monkey but will end with Rs.2000 to a multinational for five Veraorab..Two years back I had been able to convince GOI for its intraderamal use saving Rs.200 crore per annum but though it is in package information still allowed for a centre having 10 cases per day( with 20% of dose required; I was not awarded for that yet that was a great victory for society). Anyway I am taking those injections here at Ranchi.
There was an airway too go to Mansa devi but climbing certified my heart and health also.
That boy Rajesh of Moradabad took leave from me .
I advanced towards station. I went to a ferry shop of akhrot- I overheard the man talking businesswomen his wife in Maihtili and asked from where they were. Lo! Yadav was from Dethua, Ghanshyampur and we talked. I gave him one Rs.100 note to give me whatever he wished. I saw he gave me 1100 g more than any other customer(he had told me to meet his brother in law Chandrashekhar who was also a dry foot vendor just 100 meter away where he was very respectful to me and I sat on his shop’s stool and now customer’ were thinking I was the master of that shop and I also started telling them rates- Rs.140 per kg akhrot..and others.
I could guess and know some Maithils by tone..Gajendra singh of Railways Samastipur.. and Amit Nayak of Delhi from Madhubani( I am closing by sending this e-mal to him ) so was KK Prasad working at Asnsol but from Pandasarai, Laheriasarai..and Prhlad Mukhiya..and so,but remarkable was Amit’s mother who chided the young selling assistant from Saharsa on his Maithili in the end..”Dam puchhat chhalnhu ,Molbait kharidait chhalhu t’ Hindi, pai leb ber me Maithili-While bargaining Hindi and while payment Maithili.”

Prahlad Mukhiya, the assistant to Ashok’s shop started laughing. He did not give me his home address of Saharsa ans was skeptical. Well I knew the cost of cashewnut Rs.360 and kismis Rs.160 and akhrot Rs.140 for being a ‘show fruit vender,’ while amusing mentally. It was a bit more time and I took leave of Ashok who asked for some breakfast and tea and on refusal offered 4-5 dry fruit, not bad for the remuneration of the services I could render him as a token of help.
I walked up to station and in the way entered one akhara but did nit stay there and near that took meals in a vegetarian hotel run by an old lady. I remained in waiting room for long till my train Link Sangam came in time. I was surprised by announcement that if any lady had lost purse should take that from railway office. A sign of honesty and likewise I was around from napping by the lady attendant and wanted to know from which train I would depart.

I was lucky that my train was not cancelled or late. There was a rush and people entrained in any coach despite having reservation. My seat was occupied by a constable of UP who left half berth and soon we were passing out of Uttarakhand which has not sufficient police and UP had deputed many constables there. In the talk it was known that people of Bijanaur wanted to go in Uttrakhand but Uttarakhandi fear that people of plain may dominate politically. It is a strange situation. The states should not be too small in population and probably Uttrakhand will gain more by addition of northern districts of UP.
One old Bengali couple(whose son was a doctor at Kolkata) who could not board their compartment had entered in general compartment and they came after 2-3 hours at Moradabad. At night some other persons had come after allotment by TTE but they had to return on knowing the happenings.
The train became late and it was morning 730 at Kanpur in cold weather and it took a record 7 hours from Fatehpur to Allahabad. Sojatpur, Subedarganj, etc. again Muslim names of stations.
My meeting time was from 11 AM which was advanced to 1 PM and then to 2 PM. I had to take bath and puja in the train again as usual for me. My train was detained for every train to give pass as if passenger reaching destination had to go home only. I had other train at 3.50 Pm for Ranchi and it was very close.
Vidhu Mishra was in close touch on mobile and president of the Mithila Sangam, Prayag, Dr.Awadhesh Kr. Jha of Lalit Laxmipur was there in dhoti-kurta to receive me and quickly we went to the meeting venue, Nishtha Coaching of Tiwariji who himself was a Maithil from village Manmohan of Sheohar.
Still with formality of garlanding me some speakers spoke in favour of smaller states and so Mithila(though Mithila is not a small state it will with any boundary will be bigger than most of the Indian state in population. Lt. Col. DK Jha of Dharia was on dais and so Pradip Jha of Pokhra.
As usual I put matters before them in favour of Mithila state. The township of late Jaykantbabu had no confusion over Mithila’s necessity. There were many- SK Jha,Satwar,Saharsa, Parmeshwari Mishra,Chakauti, AK Jha,Ughra, PK Jha, Sirania ,Khagaria, Bhagirath Mishra, Shokhara,Begusarai, NK Jha, Murali,Supaul,AK Choudhary, Depura, MDB,NK Jha,Sonupur,SPJ,GP Thakur, Ruchaul, Pandaul, AK Thakur, Kharka, Sitamarhi, CPSingh,Ishakpur,Vaishali, Kamod Jha,Sahnhapur, DBG, MMishra, Chikna,MDB, BK Jha, Ranti,MDB,PK Mishra, Vijai,MDB,AK Mishra, Raiyam, MDB,Sheshbal Mishra, Raiyam,MDB, Gunanad Jha,Ranti, Bhakt K jha, Ahiyari,Chahuta,Madhav Pathak,Bishnupur, Sitaram Paswan,Bhawanipur,MDB,Pardip Mandal, Chachraha, Jaynagar, Vishnukant Mishra, Gajahara, Sudhir Chandra Mishra,Gamdhwari, Sunil Jha, Lorika, Akhilesh Jha, Shashipur,DBG, Manoj Jha, Raiyam and so on.
I asked them to arouse people in their villages when they go and have training camps there. In fact my visit to cities out of Mithila is solely for this.
President Dr.Awadhesh Jha requested me to visit Mithila in Dhoti though it is more comfortable let me see if I can adopt it.
Baby Shailja(whose correct name I could recall when there was a call from her father Vidhu Mishra whom too I had recorded in mobile as RD Mishra) took photos in digital camera continuously. I asked Mishraji to email it to Saubhagya Mithila. Though I was not sure whether such a grand meeting was reported to press or as here we always lack but Vidhu Mishra told me on phone that many papers had reported it.
In next viste as Dr. Jha had assured three times or more people will be ,I feel I may have Sangam Snan too( and there surely I will have dhoti)..
I asked Vidhu Mishra to have pack lunch and lo! again it was on Sir PC Banerjee Rd. in front of the house of late Jaykant Mishra, the ‘grand oldman of Mithila Movement’ ..Vidhu Mishra is his nephew..I had many sweet memories of the house and the city of Prayag while coming.
A young boy of tourism discussed much on Mithila’s tourism but yet I have to find his email for synopsis for his PhD. He was a bit shaky for Mithila’s statehood which was not uncommon at this age. My train was some late and we could discuss more .
Vidhu Mishra’s wife had made Badi for me but could bring only puri-tarkari. My younger brother, Shubhakar too had come and we took food which was plenty.
The return journey to Ranchi was again with a young couple whose lovely daughter, Vaishnavi, was adamant for salt(to eat rice) and she did not eat till she got that at Varanasi..I gave her the name of Vaishnavi Salty or NAMKEEN GUDIA and I promised her to write a story named ‘Namkeen Gudia’ for her which I’m yet to write and send her teacher at Bokaro. In fact 2 per cent children are hypertensive in country and salt should not be taken in excess and I may write a story for such children where pran of a Namkeen Gudia will be in a parrot like that of many fairy tales and Gudia will will be warned not to take more salt showing her salt’s fatal effect on a leech which will die due to salt excess. The Gudia will like no salt but toys and that not too but a computer.
2-yeared Vaishnavi was able to recite Durga’s many names. Her father was given a job for steno in Jharkhand to which I had some mental protest -small jobs should must be given to localities..
When I reached Ranchi my sister had made badi(as per advice of Indu elder than Bindu that after Kumbh Snan Badi-Bhat is taken as a ritual in Mithila and I recalled Vidhu Mishra had said that his wife had made Badi Bhat for me..It is the tradition of a area that people follow – for Kumbh snana for all Hindus it is a life time opportunity, maybe after that badi-bhat a regional tradition of Mithila and so also Mithila fits as a state of Aaryavart and is a distinct region this I could know despite my village Samaul and Gajhara are distant apart but it makes a unit of our country.
For me Sangam of Maithils for Mithila was not of smaller importance than Gangasanan at the Sangam of Prayagraj, about the lost Saraswati and its civilization I had said few lines as introductory in my speech. I wish many great Mithila Sangams(Conferences) soon for getting statehood for Mithila.

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