Friday, March 19, 2010

Panji Vikas Samiti/ Mithila Manuscripts Preservation committee

Panji Vikas Samiti/ Mithila Manuscripts Preservation committee
I happened to stay in the Panjikar Bhavan at Jarail in the night of 7th October 2010.
My recent talks with MD Jha and Manikant Thakur has forced me to talk to one of the Panjikars for calling such a meeting of panjikars and trying to preserve the panjis and also to train new students from old ones.
I also asked him not to put demand of money from the persons ,particularly from abroad though this is a typical habit of ours to ask for money for anything.
I feel society should contribute for any cause provided any organisation of such can run with honest mode.
In such a case AMP may declare Panji Vikas Samiti as its affliated wing if its objects are enlarged for all castes as well as preservtion of manuscripts of all kinds available in Mithila or on Mithila.
The Panjikars themselves may run a trust also or may be asection of that preservation committee.
I hope to talk some such persons in any meeting whenever it suits.

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