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As a Hanuman not finding Mithila in Mithila Parishad,Bhagalpur meeting I walked out - “Vajji Ang rahal sada Mithilak sang, rahat sada Mithilak Sang.”

Bhagalpur 21.2.2010- As a Hanuman not finding Mithila in Mithila Parishad,Bhagalpur meeting I walked out - “Vajji Ang rahal sada Mithilak sang, rahat sada Mithilak Sang.”

I had been to Bhagalpur many times. Since 1992 I have records on my Excel sheet and it was my 20th vis it on 21.2.2010 and in fact first vis it as a properly inv it ed guest for a Vidayapati Parva by the Secretary, Mithila Parishad, Bhagalpur .

Thursday, the 28th Jan.2010
Dr. Thakur Saheb
I am very much glad to review your efforts and love for Mithila and Maithils. God bless you for this efforts . Certainly it praise worthy. We are going to celebrate 'Vidyapati Smriti Parb' on 21st. of February, 2010 (Sunday) in which Ms. Chief Justice of Jharkhand, Respected Ms. Gyan Sudha Mishra has been consented to be the Chief Guest. You are also requested to make yourself free on that day and come here to attend and cooperate with us . Hope, you will join with us and give us opportunity to join with your mission. Rest in next exchange.- with Regards- Yogendra.

(Before this he had mailed this:
Sunday, 27th of December,2009
Respected Dr.Thakur
Thank you for your efforts and press release etc. Today we have resolved in our Mithila Parishad, Bhagalpur to support your mission and further they have requested me to convey you the message in this regard. Now, we are trying to do something more for the sake of separate Mithilanchal and her development. The statement issued by Ms
Shila Dixit is purely political and we should not give weight of her step.Rest is fine.- Yogendra)

And I had some telephonic talks with Yogendra Dasji also. Once he said that some official had cautioned that there should not be talk of Mithila state. I had said him that it may not be a resolution of your organization but guests should have freedom of expression.
When I reached the venue I sensed some ‘uncomfortableness’ amongst the organizers and was taken aback not to find my name in the list of speakers or guests. Certainly I had not discussed with them as to my position on dais but it is a common sense that invitation to me was not to have one more head in the audience (which were few in time when function was schedule to start). Out of decency I kept mum.
I had some talks with Prof. U.N. Jha, a very senior teacher and learned man. Soon came Ajit Kr. Ajad near me who was appointed as the General Secretary of the Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad in 1996 when I became its first President(before that I was convener of a board of 7 Maithili organizations which did not like to run such an apex organization though had agreed to found one so in 1993). I gave a copy of Maithili Sandesh to Ajit and had just some informal discussion. He went out and after some time Yogenrda Dasji came and asked me not to distribute any Mithila related bulletin or pamphlet which infuriated me as if I had done any sinful act and that too demanded by an organization named on Mithila.
I went out immediately as I was feeling humiliating and also I was under the impression that Dasji might have invited me innocently on which other officials of Mithila Parishad might have objected and he was sent to communicate me.
My views for Mithila State was no secret and hence they should not have invited me. Some persons with badges(of officials) tried to stop me and some had stray remarks too(like . no politics be done to which I said that what I am doing is not politics-educating people for their rights is not political and is permitted under Society’s Act was probably not known to them who include a lawyer also..
Further I said that none of you were ware that Maithili today in VIII Schedule was due to me to which some person objected than I had chance to explain that it was the AMP President Dr. Bhubaneshwar Prasad Gurumaita who in 2000 AD with the then Sarsanghchalak of the RSS, Sri K S Sudarshan had 90 minutes talk with Prime Minister Vajpayee after which he mollified his stand and announced for Maihtili’s inclusion in VIII Schedule while inaugurating Nirmali’s Koshi bridge’s construction.
I advised them to change the name of their organization if they were so much scared of Mithila’s statehood. I also said them that demanding a state is not unconstitutional and or anti –national. Our Constitution has provision for its amendment and we want that by the constitutional process and if that was even if would have been uttered by me before a custodian of Constitution it would not have been inappropriate.
I am not a political man and I know my limits rather their list contained names of political persons to be felicitated be he Krishnanad Jha or Anil Jha, MLA or may be Sri Sahnawaz, MP.
Problem is Maithils are to know what they want to achieve. Cheap popularity, some benefits from some officers or so.
Simply because my life is Spartan one has no right to insult me. Being MD(Gen Med) and DCH and editor of medical and Maithili journal with several writings(including a Maithili translation of Bhagwadgita) I was probably not less qualified than any other present there that they decided to exclude me.
Yes, given few minutes time I would have delved into the history of down of Ganga that they were also Maithils. For any meeting, I do study and have studied for this meeting also. Mother Seeta, adopted daughter of 24th Sirdhwaj Janka was born at Punauradham near Sitamarhi but before first of 54th Janka the story of Bhagwata says Priyavrat had encircled all round with his chariot creating seven DWEEPAS( lke Jambudweep of the Bhartkhand we live and recite in every Sankalpa.. and seven ARNAVAS(Oceans); brother of Sirdhwaj Kushdwaj had whole territory of Koshi and down till Anga, and Kalinga. In Skandpurana it is written in Ch.10 describing Baishakh Mahatmya Kushketu’s son Hemkant was Bhupal(king) of Bang and so was Vishal who ruled Vaishali.
Till Orissa’s area was once upon a time part of Brihat Videh(Mithila) and hence, there is a small temple ‘Janakpuri(Mausibari) where Bhagwan stays for 9 days during Rathyatra.(and in way to Jagannath from Baidyanath Maithils are settled like at Bahragora since time immemorial).
Agrasena’s sons- Yadava of Mathura won Ang, bang and also Mithila(and so later Lorik Yadav ruled who had a war with Chuharmal of present Mokama Tall and then onwards Maithils desisted even to have Gangasana on south bank..but they did give daughters to Brahmins who were not the first Maithil migrants..Konkan,Goa, was inhabitated by them as pewr Skandpuran; recent addition to my article is Lata Mangeshkar ois from a clan of Konkani who had migration from Munger..Lord Magrish is still in Goa..and so on 20th Feb. while delving the books I could find origin of Charvak, the first materialist or communist who was a Maithil, Son of Suparshwa Janak’s Rajguru Shrutdev who had given south parts of Ganga to his son-in law Samba on whose name village Sambho is still dwelling.
From the Jambavant Jamui has been named where we had seen brutal massacre (because of again underdevelopment as a cause of Naxalism) inconsistent with the traditions of communal peace of Mithila like what happened in 2009 at Khagaria in the heart centre of Mithila. Naxalites want ‘Red Corridor’ from Pashupatinath to Tirupati which can be shelved only by creation of a powerful Mithila state when I say power I mean Power of Energy, electricity generation for agro-industrialization and distribution of Ganga-Koshi-Kamla basin water till Baidyanathdham as if for His Jalabhishekam..
I also could knew about Kratujanak or Jaimini, the founder of Vaisheshik darshan.
I would have congratulated a daughter of Mithila from where Law started by Gautam on whose reference by Sri Rangnath Mishra as the Chairman of National Human Rights’ commission I had 45 minutes argument for Maithili’s case in VIII Schedule when he had visited Ranchi on 20.9.1994.
I would have complemented her for Maithil women’s glory like that of Gargi, Maitreyee or Bharati. When a media person asked me as to why she was not in traditional Maithil Pag I replied under protest(a legal jugglery) though I was not present at that moment I was unable to say whether she was offered that or not or she did not accept to my opinion being a lawyer and judge if she could a black coat why not a PAG for giving a message that Mithila’s women are no under discrimination.
I might have mentioned my first viewing of a story of female infanticide while I was in the house of a courtesy visit to a Telugu doctor that Maithil sound attracted me- that was a story from Katihar-Sahebganj around on a stone throw distance of Bhagalpur.
Where was the language/dialectical barrier that people crow for ‘Angika’ or ‘Ang’ when Vikramshila is written as Bikramshila on Maithili’s pattern of least use of V and for that matter of Bihar for Vihar of Jhadkhand for Jharakhand would have been correct.
I would not have been political rather a matter for PIL I would have been provided if I would have time to ask as to why Govt. of Bihar had announced only ONE computer centre for BPL students when it had 20 for Nalanda and so 9 for Bhagalpur or only one for Banka Madhubani or 7 for Darbhanga but 69 for Patna? Whether poor lived in Patna or win of Digvijay made Banka richer?
The organizers did not found me fit giving a slot or seat with the legal luminaries though in distant Hyderabad I was called by the Mithila Sanskritik Parishad to preside over such a Vidyapati Parva way back on 28.1.1996 where chief guest was Hon’ble P.S.Mishra, the Chief Justice of A.P.High Court.
Undoubtedly in my 3-5 minutes of time finally, I would have predicted that a Mithila-baiter Govt. too will loose like Maithili baiter lost in 2004. I had addressed there thus such a function when I was not much known to Maithils there on 26.12.2004 when I had professed on that day (for the first time by any one?) that Lalu would loose (not only because he was an anti-Maithili but also I had said that Muslims would not vote him; then I was returning from Guwahati addressing such a Vidaypati Parva on 19th Dec. and was at Darbhanga on 21st and 22nd, Begusarai-Khagaria 23rd,Saharsa 23-24, Forbesganj-Purnea and Bhagalpur 26th Dec. before taking Vananchal Express from there).
Lalu lost in 2004 by a downward slide of 0.22 per cent of votes only(and I may take myself as a sole cause for it because I had entered unexpectedly in the field as a Ma it hili worker in 1992 when he had removed Ma it hili from the BPSC for no reasons and my one incidental protest letter to the local Ranchi Express after which it s Deputy ed it or Ram Ekbal singh ‘Vineet’ came in pers on to my residence w it h that news cutting and insisted me to come in the meeting of Ma it hili Vikas Parishad of which he was president and was active when local glamorous Vidyapati Smarak Parishad’s officials were sleeping.
That Maithili Vikas Parishad was transformed by me as the Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad on 19.6.1993 though basically I was working for the National Medicos Organisation(NMO) which was by the God’s grace founded by me on 5.11.1977 at Varanasi by calling a meeting of medicos assembled there in the ABVP Conference.
For that I had toured Bhagalpur sometimes, the exact number of visits I’ve yet to collect from my old diaries(1980-1992). Yet, Bhagalpur is the commissionary under which I was born at Forbesganj of Araria district in 1955 and when ganga Bridge of Barari became operative it has been my portal to visit Forbesganj as well. I am related to the district- my first memory of Ajgaibinath dated back to 1960s when as a child I had visited there where w it h my parents and had stayed on Ganga bank in the house of Parmeshwar Jha of village Bangaon of Saharsa who was maternal uncle of my mother and was the Manager of Sultanganj Estate. At Sabour still my Mausi is and my cousins are married there.
21.4.1992 Bhagalpur Mithila NMO
15.12.1994 Bhagalpur Mithila AMP
11.6.1999 Bhagalpur Mithila Familial
11.5.2002 Bhagalpur Mithila NMO, Familial
24-25.8.2002 Bhagalpur Mithila NMO,Maithili, Familial
25.12.2002 Bhagalpur Mithila Journey
20.10.2004 Bhagalpur Mithila Journey
23.10.2004 Bhagalpur Mithila Journey
26.12.2004 Bhagalpur Mithila Maithili
13.4.2005 Bhagalpur Mithila Journey
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28.12.2008 Bhagalpur Mithila AMP-MVP
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23-24.5.2009 Jhandapur-Bhagalpur Mithila AMP
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14.11.2009 Bhagalpur Mithila Journey
3-4/12/2009 Bhagalpur Mithila AMP,Familial
7-8.12.2009 Bhagalpur Mithila AMP
Jan.23 & 26,2010 Bhagalpur Mithila AMP
21.2.2010 Bhagalpur Mithila AMP

The glimpses of above visits will mark that there has been a definite shift of purpose of my visit to the city of Bhagalpur gravitating to Mithila cause and more so to crack the mind of people there that they should join Mithila state when carved out, least nobody should blame that Dhanakar Thakur did not went there to ask people to join the land of Janki leaving them at the mercy of the progeny of Jarsandh of Bihar(Magadh) and for that I tried to utilize every opportunity I can have and under this backdrop when I was inv it ed by the Secretary of Mithila Parishad Sri YNL Das, I had asked him to keep a date in February excepting 21st when I had a Mithila Conference at Devghar’s Bamangama but he informed me on phone that as per date of Mrs. Gyansudha Misra (Hon’ble Chief Justice of Jharkhand) the date has been fixed on 21st. Earlier there had been proposals to honour her by the AMP as she as a Maithil women had gone to that post (and God bless she is elevated to Supreme court under the backdrop of HE President’s wish to have a women in the Apex Court) and I had requested for her time through Shri NK Jha of Bokaro Steel Plant and also to her maternal cousin, Mithilesh Kr. Mishra of Sabour. And when I knew that she was coming I was doubly happy and advanced the date of Bamangama conference and also did not accept Jamshedpur ’s Dr. Rabindra Choudhary’s insistent request to go there in youth conference on 20th Feb. and to address the gathering on the World Mother tongue day on 21st February apart from declining a request of my colleague lady doctor’s request for a Ramkrishna Mission’s medical camp among tribal.

I went out of the venue at Bhagalpur not because it was my insult- I felt as a Hanuman I should not stay in a surrounding who have no love for M it hila. Not only I had advised them to change their name, I asked Prof.Udayshankar Mishra of Darbhanga (today on dharna at Muzaffarpur for Mithila state) we should not go to any such orgnisation’s inv it ation if they are opposed to or shy of Mithila.
I know it happened w it h me because,’Ati parichay je hot hain aruchi anadar hoy..”
Bhagwati bless them. I was honoured at many places where I reached without any invitation be it Chasnala or Madhubani or Faridabad or any village of Mithila . If Bhagalpur had dearth of chair for me it was their problem. Last week I found President of Mithila Sangam, Prayg waiting for me hours for a shot-noticed meeting(there is also a High court and once some doctors took me to have a hand shake wit h Justice Jag Mohan Lal Sinha who had nullified election of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi) and if our Maithils felt I was unfit it was their problem..I asked Binay to take me to medical hostel there and was pleased to have a talk w it h Arun, Priyadarshi, Neeraj and Raghunandan the budding doctors to work for the NMO and have a life devoted to people. Other meeting w it h local Angika youth could not be convened as I had no inkling to go anywhere that day from Mithila meeting and so none was informed. I took my train and had gossips w it h my bhauji Aruna and asked her to inform my cousin Dr. Keshkar that I went out despite his presence because I did not want that he be felt a party to that in any way. I talked some other workers for other programmes- talked w it h BBC correspondents of Jharkhand and Bihar for giving place to Mithila news and was busy till Kiul came and I could have some banana to eat and sleep(ongoing journey I was awoke from 2am from Jamalpur) and when I got up I was approaching Ranchi thinking for other schedules.
After coming Ranchi I talked to Prof. Ugramohan Jha , Mithilesh Jha and my cousin Prof. Keshkar who all were angry over the behabiour of organizers and I asked them to forge a unit of the AMP in my next visit. Awadhesh paswan from Jhandapur had come Bhagalpur that day who phoned to have Salhesh Jayanti on 14th April on a grand least he was one who had come there due to the AMP’s consitent work in that area and I hope soon Bhagalpur will have a grand function for Mithila’s ideals and demand, after all we want Bhagalpur to go with Mithila-
“Vajji Ang rahal sada Mithilak sang, rahat sada Mithuilak Sang.”

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