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Ramnavami 2067(24.3.2010) with Maithil motias at Mithila Hanuman Mandir, Ranchi; Flag of Hanuman we carried as if serving the servant of Ram is more

Ramnavami 2067(24.3.2010) with Maithil motias at Mithila Hanuman Mandir, Ranchi; Flag of Hanuman we carried as if serving the servant of Ram is more than sufficient for Moksha.

Lord Ram is a character ideal in all aspects and simple people like our illiterate motias I narrated some times back are in themselves Hanumans who had made His temple and every year they carry Hanumani Flag and also bag first position.

This year I was a party to that and I remained all through with them with the saubhagya Mithila TV team at Mithila hanuman Mandir, the banners they had made once they accepted my suggestion of this name.

Ashish and Kislay interviewed labourers of Mithila working at Ranchi and the whole hamlet was in an enthusiasm unparallel. I had been to ranchi’s ramnavami procession in 1973 when I was a Ranchi college student and had come with a stick long way from Upper Bazar to Tapovan sthal where all flags do come and are surrendered before Ram’s Mandir at Tapovan, near over bridge of Railway. Then too I had seen stalls of dharmpremis with water,chana, , sharbat welcoming the bearers of flags. In 2005 I had on behalf of Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad had distributed chana and gur but this time in the scorching sun and premature heat(that too in once Summer capital of Hilli Ranchi) I was with the Hanumani flag just to booster the moral of our motias from Mithila.

One boy Pankaj from Balha village was invited that day by my sister for Brahman bhojan. I asked him to be with me and he remained so all along. First we went to Mrs. Abhas Chatterjee’s residence with pua and halua my sister had made for her who is a lonely widow having lost his only brilliant son before her IAS husband who had topped in Bihar’s 1957 SSC and then in 1962 IAS in all over India,an eponym of honesty, late Chaterjee was a great Hindu nationalist. His wife informed me that he used to purchase and decorate Hanumani flag from one or two days before the Ramnavami. In Jharkhand, Hanuman was said to born at Anjan village near Gumla’s Toto where I had been in 1980s with medical team of the NMO. It is also said that Oraon is from ‘He Ram’.

Pankaj and I walked 1 km from Mrs. Chatterjee’s house to the Mithila Hanuman Mandir where we were welcomed and the motias tighted a turban on my head with love and honour which I kept till I returned Pankaj’s uncle’s house in late evening.

The TV crew took their interview and also of mine and I asked from the administration the supply of safe water and other amenities required by those poor.

They offered me Prasad in Mithila’s style- sukha Prasad which was tasty sue to batasa in that.

Then the flag was made high- it was on a bamboo of 51 feet and flags’ corner went till 201 feet and the area in between was huge. I put my hand near the bottom. All motias were in divine spirit. Then they went for a march to Amrawati colony and then near Kali mandir there at two places they unfurled the flag with honour and pride.

Then we made a circle from south of station to again vai Mithila hanuman mandir to overbridge and finally Tapowan mandir. Not only our flag was the highest ,it was widest in area till one higher came but with much less area. Everywhere Mithila hanuman Mandir was echoed and we all were there with pride. Soon came another high but small area’s flag on the support of a Daha(Tajia) like structure which I read in newspaper next day that in fact that was a replica of Madurai’s Meenakshi temple.

People were there like ants in the congested field made more congested by thelas of food matter in that mela and Jayghosh of Ram,Mata seta and Hanuman was all over in the air. I felt tiered and after sometime we left for our house on foot.

In fact for this Ramnavami (on 24th March 2010) I was invited long back by Rammohan Jha. A senior Maithili worker for attending a function at Baneshwaristhan near Manigachhi in Darbhanga but I had to ask an apology from him for two reasons first the Maithili camps at Madhepur, Phulparas,Biraul could not take a final shape both due to workers’ reluctance and then Kamalkantji’s book release at Patna on 28th which too could not be held and I was not willing to spare two days’ CL for a single programme and that too my colleague lady doctor went to Malayasia with her family for the LLTC and hence it would had been difficult to manage. Few days back when I asked Rammohanji he informed that his function was also postponed. Surely Ramnavami could not be postponed and it must have been there too at Baneshwari and all over where ever Hindus are in religious fervour.

The beauty of the Ramnavami is that flag of Hanuman we carry as if serving the servant of Ram is more than sufficient for Moksha. Maybe Lord is pleased to His Hanuman is feeling spirit of valour in all His children.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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