Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kumbhsnan 2010 Haridwar-Monkey-chopped returened(13.2.2010); .While bargaining Hindi and while payment Maithili Sangamsnan)-II

Kumbhsnan 2010 Haridwar-Monkey-chopped returened(13.2.2010); .While bargaining Hindi and while payment Maithili Sangamsnan)-II
Probably I have only 15 minutes to finish this story I could not before I embark on my next trip to Delhi.
That scene of Kumbh was unforgettable. People come for shraddha and faith and to have many things in life and I was also not immune to that but more importantly I had been there for seeing people and people..which were mammoth on Shivratri day,the preivious day but on 13th sankranti too there were many. I remember a foreign lady visitor in India many years back when I asked her about India, she had told me there were people and people. Probably she was from Finland.
So I saw people and in fact I had gone for that apart from religious beliefs to which I am not so orthodox.
With that boy Rajesh of Morabad I climbed to Mansa Devi hill. In the way some Prasad I had purchased seeing which a monkey came to snatch which reflexly I protested and soon had torn that packet to give him some but I had no idea of his claw and I had a scratch though my fellow boy had said to leave before it was scratched and a drop of blood.
Now I was scared of Rabies..a doctor is the worst patient..immediately I climbed up and searched for water tap which I could get after 2-3 minutes..the best and immediate prevention for dog/monkey/cat /bat bite or scratch is leeting water profusely-washing for minutes in tape and that I did and then climbed up and and came down. Also I tried to contact Dr.Hridesh whether to go for anti-rabies injection immediately. That should have been but postponed for 48 h to reach Ranchi(I had a reflex protest for saving Prasad to monkey but will end with Rs.2000 to a multinational for five Veraorab..Two years back I had been able to convince GOI for its intraderamal use saving Rs.200 crore per annum but though it is in package information still allowed for a centre having 10 cases per day( with 20% of dose required; I was not awarded for that yet that was agreat victory for society). Anyway I am taking those injections here at Ranchi.
There was an airway too go to Mansa devi butclimbing certified my heart and health also.
That boy Rajesh of Moradabad took leave from me .
I advanced towards station. I went to a ferry shop of akhrot- I overheard the man talking businesswomen his wife in Maihtili and asked from where they were. Lo! Yadav was from Dethua, Ghanshyampur and we talked. I gave him a Rs.100 note to give me whatever he wished. I saw he gave me 1100 g more than any other customer(he had told me to meet his brother in law Chandrashekhar who was also a dry foot vendor just 100 meter away where he was very respectful to me and I sat on his shop’s stool and now customer’ were thinking I was the master of that shop and I also started telling them rates- Rs.140 per kg akhrpt..and others.
I could guess and know some Maithils by tone..Gajendra singh of Railways Samastipur.. and Amit Nayak of Delhi from Madhubani( I am closing by sending this e-mal to him ) so was KK Prasad working at Asnsol but from pandasarai, Laheriasarai..and Prhlad Mukhiya..and so,but remarkable was Amit’s mother who chided the young sellimng assistant from Saharsa on his Maihtili in the end..Dam puchhat chhalnhu ,Molbait kharidait chhalhu t’ Hindi, pai leb ber me Maithili.While bargaining Hindi and while payment Maithili,,.(Continued..)

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