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Patna 21.3.2010: Maithils are the biggest SARVAHARAS

Patna 21.3.2010: Maithils are the biggest SARVAHARAS

On 21.3.2010 a meeting was planned at Bokaro but the organizers wanted some more days. They were aware that I do not like postponements and could do function somehow but I agreed since after 4.4.2004 no big gathering of the AMP was held there and on 4.4.2010 there will be a Jharkhand state level meeting.

I agreed to be there in the evening if Puroshattam Express reaches in time but later I found by the SwarnJayanti I could be there in the afternoon (coming from N.Delhi) as good meeting was of prime importance rather someone or me was present or not and on that day Dr. Guneshar Jha, President,AMP, Jharkhand could also be present .

I had a small work at Patna for favour to someone for some nationalistic work putting his case before Kailashpati Mishra, a doyen of the BJP of this area, in whose laps my childhood was. This work was to take hardly 2 hours there and I had ample of time to have meetings of medicos and or Maithils.

For convening a Maithili meeting I requested Ajit Azad (whom I had seen first on 26.10. 1995 at Ghoghardiha railway station where I had gone for the medical advice to the flood victims and the night I had spent at his village Hatni and next day had gone to Madhepur and then to Rasiari to meet Dr. Laxman Jha. After that he had attended II International Maithili Conference at Madhubani during January 7-8,1996) who has recently joined first Indian Maithili Channel, Saubhagya Mithila. He happily agreed and planned it at the Vidaypati Bhavan around 3 Pm on 21st but he had to go to Darbhanga for some urgent official work and in stead asked me to address already a schedule meeting of ,”Maithili Gosthi,” an organization registered in 1981 but was dormant for decades which has been recently rejuvenated. He gave me number of its president Binod Jha who on phone said that they had an organization of SARVHARAS. I replied Maithils are the biggest SARVAHARAS as they are poorest lot rather one of the most exploited lots(exploited by the state of Bihar itself).

My journey to Patna was uneventful except that my RAC seat was not confirmed. I had asked my classfriend Dr.Rita that I would be her guest, . She said that her residence was on walking distance from Rajendranagar station but I could not go there and with my BJP’s friend I had to go his friend’s son, an MLA’s residence where I did my puja-ath with comfort.

Then we went to Kailshji’s house and stayed for a couple of hours. He recalled my father’s acumen in Ayurvedic medicine. There came an old person but in quite health and though he was on Chaiti Chhath fast he spoke very nicely asking Kailashji to help in making some rooms for a college which was on his name. Kailasjhi assured him and asked to come after Legislature session. I also said that he had come for a social work and not a personal work and hence, it would be done.

I had also gone though recommending for a person for some party post it was also in the light of that man’s consistent work since student days and he was not from my caste while the other tipped by others was of my caste. A lady media person had said that I was anti-Brahmin though I’m not anti- to anyone but always try to be with just cause and person.

With my friend I went to RSS office after long spell of some four years since the Bangalore incident about which I explained to Gurusharnaji there who was a senior pracharak.

He requested for lunch and that time I narrated an incident Shrishankar Tiwaryji had with me when he had asked me as to how much I could spend for election if given a ticket(for MP). I had then said,”what a pracharak can spend.” On this one other prachark taking lunch asked me whether I was a pracharak. I said .”pracharak hi samajhiye,” on this he said that there was difference between Pracharak and ‘Paracharak hi,”

I did not reply him in details though I feel pracharks system envisaged by Dr. Hedgewar had a sanctity of sacrifice and I feel I am up to that though working independently. Later I said Gurusharanji that I could establish NMO in nation because I was technically never a pracharak.

I asked my friend to leave me near Saidpur hostel where I may meet some medicos for the NMO but going there I was nformed that medical hostels were converted to university students.

Then I asked one student who was from Jehanabad about students from Darbhanga area. He guided me to one Ajaynath Acharya from Saharsa’s Karama near Puraini( where I had a night stay on 17.4.1998 while going to Sah Alamnagar, which I wished to rename as Madhavanand Nagar, after a saint from UP who settled there and a high school was on his name there). I talked few minutes on Mihtila that boy who had examination at hands but when he knew that I was from Ranchi he asked whether he could stay in my residence for 2 days when he would go there for examination of Police Inspector. I invited him happily and he said that he would become a member of Mithila Vidyarthi Parishad. He showed me other room where I met two brothers Dharmendra and Jitendra son of Badri Pd. Yadav from Chariya, Baisi and we talked for long on many aspects from economics to chemistry bith brothers were studying; from our Mithila’s status to other many things including his family and joked that his father being elder to me I can have words for their mother, Sulochana as bhabhi on which they need not be offended. Surely,if they turn Maithili worker I may wish to visit their parents.

Jitendra called one boy from his area,Akhilesh who on listening to Antarrashtriya Maithili parishad was a bit puzzled and said that he was son of Mohan Yadav who in fact happened to be the convener of the IX International Maithili Conference during Nov.10-11,2001. His house I had gone once which was near Islamia Chowk in the PHED colony. Anyway I could find one who somehow about my reference and that was the proof of my being a ‘pracharak,’ and I did not need a certificate from RSS for that.

It was hot outside and spent time till 330 PM. Dharmendra said that when students take admission in August-September, a good conference of Maithil students can be held. I was sorry to see the dilapidated state of the hostel while as per Dharmendra Patna University was called,” Oxford of Bihar.” It will take many decades to improve the things I thought despite high claims by the persons in power. The change will blow from those hostels if something is to be changes for good and better,

In way to the meeting venue at Hindi Granth Academyat I found rehearsal was going on in the Moinul Haque Statidum for the Bihar Divas on 22nd March. After all CM Bihar could know it. At that time I had no inkling of thought that it was for the political benefit as well as for dampening Mithila movement(which is impossible and we would observe on Aoril 14 th as Mithila Divas).

At 4 PM, I was in due time at the meeting place Hindi Granth Akademy but no concerned workers were there. Some boys were playing-they were talking in Maithili- I asked one of them. He was village Nabani of Madhubani. Other boys were also speaking Maithili. Surprisingly, one Ambarish was from Chapra but he replied in chaste Maithili-an effect of his Maithil friends. His friend santosh, from Bela, Laupha,near Madhepur, had lost his father but after ISc he did History Hons. And was willing to get in UPSC. I advised him not to sit for both-clerks and officers’ examoination rather choose one as per his talent and prepare. He had read Mein Kamf, Man, Lajja and Premchand’s many novels.His father had died and he was maintaining his brother and mother by tuition. Such boys need help and I assured him for that but he did not took my calls despite several attempts.

There I met one person who had worked for Naxal movement and did not accept recent Maoists as Marxists.

Soon Binod Jha ,President,of Maithil Gohthi came and we had informal talks which continued for some 90 minutes on my talks on Mithila. Their secretary did not come and hence they could not make new committee and whole time was taken by me.

When I said that ,”we are born in Bihar but will die in Mithila,and if people did not work for it I may like to die in Nepal where Mithila state was accepted,one person took strong exception to that. I told that even workers like me are disappointed many times.

Binodji saw off me. He had a question that whether I should have called Jeevkantji as ‘Wordsworth of Maihtili,” I explained my view point but he was not satisfied.

I reached station from there to TOI office ,asking for a Jha met a Jha from my matrik Koilakh though he was time pressed. I went to Hindustan and the beayro chief had listened to me in Pustak Mela and then in Aaj searching a Jha ,I found one HN Jha from Ghoghardiha, a Yog expert.

I was not knowing anyone in fact in the tPOI and Aaj and surely Jhas are anywhere nad everywhere and many Jhas know me and my work becomes easier.

I had gone to give release on Indo-Bangla Gangawater agreement and I do not know if it had been given place or not by them though the matter was relevant for them equally.

I reached station and took banana, Prasad (Naivedyam of Patna Hanuman Mandir seemed me again a job to Telugu unnecessarily-I asked him about his language on mobile wherether kannad, no Telugu.

And then green chana and fried chura.

The berth was reserved this night and I slept after one mire introduction of a Chowdhary from Panchobh who had a talk in Maithili in mobile. He lived at Argora-hope someday I find him again. In the morning I gave him a pamphlet.

I came directly to my hospital taking Maurya from Ranchi platform to Katharkocha a Rultapur(halt unofficially near my colony).

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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