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Whether leaving Shyamali caused Dhoni’s unfortunate inning defeat?

Whether leaving Shyamali caused Dhoni’s unfortunate inning defeat?


Shyamali boy, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (born 7th July 1981; I presume must be at the Ispat Hospital, where I am working as a physician since 1990) has left our colony to his own place, might be at the Harmu where land was allotted to him by the Govt. of Jharkhand and his building construction was in news as some controversy was for the water scarcity might happen for his swimming pool but that PIL was struck by the Jharkhand High Court.

I guessed some days back that he has left our colony while I was coming to my hospital last week when I remarked that there was no police tent(for his security) which I was seeing almost four times a day while I was walking to the Satellite Colony’s Health Centre of where I was posted in July 2008. Once I had written a blog on Dhoni as Bhusur boy ,the small river crossing that road after railway track (between Ranchi- Hatia in way to Rourkela) and many times I remembered him as ‘Bhusur Boy,’ while crossing that river where I use to throw Nirmalya of Puja wrapped in newspaper (and keeping polythene so as to avoid pollution).

My quarters is in the same E block but in different block of 1500 SFT where Dhoni’s father was allotted one(E-25 in fact which was as a special case 900/1200 SFT quarter as our company MECON does not give any retired person more than 600 SFT on lease). More than any average Indian, we the MECONIAN and residents of Shyamali are proud of Dhoni who has a humble upbringing in this Shyamali, named after Gurudeb Rabindranath Thakur(Tagore)’s hut in the Shantiniketan, maybe because of a sizeable Bangla speakers here in my company.

Some years back(before 2006 when I was transferred to Bangalore for 19 months) I was a regular visitor to the side quarters of Dhoni’s E-25 where lived Pt. Lokesh Chandra Harit, an engineer of our Township under whom Dhoni’s humble father was posted in a water tank(just by the side of that in the quarter K-164, I had landed first time in this colony on 14.1.1991 and dwelled there till 3.3.2004 when I was shifted to D-5, a bigger quarter of 1500 SFT to which I was entitled from day 1, I joined the Company and it was a matter of red rag with the authorities for long).

When Dhoni had initial success in cricket, Mrs. Harit used to tell me while I was going to meet Mr. Harit in my evening outings (where I have a fancy to go somewhere out of my state or caste or district and Mr. Harit was from U.P. and a Brahmin I knew after many years).In fact, I could know him due to his friendship with our physiotherapist, Ashok who was probably the nearest to me in my long spell of service in MECON.

Once Mrs. Harit said me that o go to Dhoni’s quarter for greeting her on her son’s success,may be any century that day but I declined that I did not know her personally. Mrs. Harit once said that Dhoni has several proposals from daughters of many high ups. I said that if his mother asked any advice from me I would have chosen the best match for him. Mrs. Harit asked me that how I would sort out. I said that among whole lot I would discard all those proposals who would not have asked for if Dhoni would not have been so famous. I said that his parents are simple persons and naturally a most simple bride would suit him not the daughter of any director or so.(I might have said thus because I had a painful experience of marring an MBBS daughter of an engineer who later retired as CMD of a public undertaking.

By the side of that quarter and Water Tank, there is a big play ground where first time when Ranji Trophy matches were held, many boys from town had thronged to see. As my quarter was on first floor, I had allowed many boys to see the match from road side balcony but they were dismayed as Md. Azhruddin was out soon whom they wished to see. That is the playground where Dhoni must be practicing football (with my colleague Dr. M.Rout who had a fancy to play with boys and he once said that Dhoni used to say him ‘Rout uncle’ with reverence. By chance he was drifted to cricket and now is a national hero. Side to that playground is DAV School where Dhoni studied.

Though I have post- graduation in General Medicine and Paediatrics both I am posted for Medicine and have no remembrance of Dhoni as a patient to which Dr.(Mrs) S.Sood and Dr.(Mrs) Brinda Aiyar must have sweet memories.

Not only I will not witness many enthusiastic photographers on that street whenever Dhoni would have visited. When India had an inning defeat on 9.2.2010, and first defeat in Dhoni’s captaincy, I had an inkling of thought whether leaving Shyamali made him unfortunate. I saw yesterday night some marriage pandal near that quarter which is usual practice in our company to allot vacant house temporarily for such purposes.

I had once seen a beautiful girl waiting in a car in full make up, may be one among those proposals for Mahendra Dhoni. He is still unmarried and I wish him a good and successful marriage life.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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