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Muzaffarpur is boiling for Mithila Movement:Dharna there on Feb.22,2010;“Mithila Banao, Bharat Bachao”;Muzaffarpur is the financial capital of Mithila

Muzaffarpur is boiling for Mithila Movement:Dharna there on Feb.22,2010;“Mithila Banao, Bharat Bachao”;Muzaffarpur is the financial capital of Mithila Mithila’s state languages will be Maithili(of that area for governmental work, not literary Maithili)and Sanskrit

To summarize a telephonic talk 39minute.39 second(+1.52 with JKL Das)=42.31minutes with Sharda babu and Madan babu and Shailendra babu is just over of the magic mark of ‘42 famous is India for ‘Quit India,’ movement of Gandhi. If I add an initial 0.23 seconds call to it 42.44 again becomes more significant a number though I am not master of numbers like Srinivas Ramanujam was or a numerologist that I can predict for the date of formation of Mithila under Indian Constitution but such long talk with a non-political person of my level is predictive of the mood of the people of Tirhut.

Tirhut is derived from the place,” where three times arghya giver Brahmins resided who were sent to different part of Bhartvarsh to inhabitant rather inculcate the Vedic culture,”as spoken by MS Golwalkar, famous as Guriji of the RSS to my father Dinakar Sharma, a Vaidya by profession when he had replied, Tirhut means’land surrounding reivers,’ as usually any Maithil. Mother Sita called as Maithili by Adikavi Balmiki in the Balmiki Ramayan, was born just north to Muzaffarpur at Punaura near Sitamarhi.
I concluded the phone talk with a slogan, “Mithila Banao, Bharat Bachao.”
Well Gandhi had started his role in Indian Independence from Tirhut’s Champaran and I am not a personality to give a slogan like Gandhi did in 1942.

Khudiram Bose was hanged at Muzaffarpur and hence, Antarrshtriya Maithili Parishad had resolved on 2nd Oct.2004 in its XII International Maithili Conference there that the town be named as ‘Khudirampur,” unanimously by the local leaders of all parties present there as guests. After all Muzaffar was a revenue clerk only on which it was named during the days of oppressions though Modphalpur(Litchi as called in Sanskrit) would have been appropriate- even Litchipur is better as it is only fruit which is not translated in English as it has probably its origin here.

On 3rd October 2004, newspapers had published the resolution as headline however one of them had caption passed by “Antarrashtriya Mahila Parishad!” I wish some day our ladies come on the street as we witnessed them in Kathmandu streets for Mithila state.

Just for a joke ,now one can say this beautiful city as,’Macchadpur’ as being deprived of civic amenities by successive governments it has turned so that mosquitoes are even resistant to the repellent coils. In my visit on 22.8.2009 there in the Savita Bhavan I was almost awake whole night for mosquitoes, despite going on roof top there was no relief. I had then put up clothes from toe to head and could spend some moments in sleep.

“Muzaffarpur is the financial capital of Mithila.” I said Sharda Babu while he was anxious for expenditures on Feb.22 Dharna there.

I said that if Chamaparan also (i.e. full Tirhut Commissionary ) joined Mithila State, Muzaffarpur’s claim for capital will be strengthened though I envisage Mithila Scool Examination Board, Mithila High Court and Mithila Public Service Commission in three different towns of Mithila, other than its capital(on the pattern of Rajasthan,MP,UP).
Then even it maybe at Patna-let Govt.of Bihar make Patna,centre of IIT,AIIMS and all..We will take half of Gandhi maidan aand we have no problem like Hyderabad as Mithila has inroads there through Vaishali.

Sri Bijendraji, now Minister in the NDA Ministry of Bihar(then a RJD MLA which he left later on and won as independent candidate on which I had sent him a congratulatory postcard though did not receive his reply). had said in 2004,”Some great person had somewhere written for Muzaffarpur as Mithila’s capital, if that would be he would support the Mithila Movement whatever the party line was.

It is true that Dr. Laxman Jha had written thus in his book on Mithila but the AMP –MRSS has no link with his movement and we differ on many points:
Dr.Laxman Jha had asked for special status for Mithila with its Army etc. but we want only a State in India like any other state and we feel that we should be perfect Indian.
Further Dr.Laxman Jha wanted Nepal’s region of Mithila be united but we, AMP-MRSS want Mithila state in India of Indian territory only.

(For Nepal there AMP demanded separate state and it has been granted on Feb.21,2010 , by the Constituent Assembly with a majority vote of 24:22 of 46 members, course as Mithila-Bhojpur-Madhesh state, one state among Nepal’s 14 states; probably there too many Maithili speaking area will remain in its eastern state and there when second reorganization of states will be after some decade, that areas may be united in Mithila and Bhojpuri fringe area may be made separate or joined in western state to that- anyway at the moment we congratulate Nepali Maithils that they have achieved what we Maihtils of India could not).

Madan Babu was particularly happy over my talks on Saubhagya Mithila channel televised on 7th Feb’2010 night- on which many have phoned me(though I did not see myself) and that too, on my line (for so-called some of Vajjika and Angika fans who unnecessarily oppose Mithila demand)-“Choose between Janki and Jarasandh(Bihar).”
Mithila has tradition of Mother Seeta and we will give more opportunity of developing dialects of regions.

Mithila’s state languages will be Maithili(of that area for governmental work,not literary Maithili) and Sanskrit(devoid of dwivachan and of only three Kals,may be spoken and learnt by any in five days) though it will give honour to all languages included in VIII Schedule and recognized by Sahitya Akademy.

It was a long talk but summarizing that I feel Muzaffarpur is advancing to Mithila goal. I wish it leads entire Mithila.

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