Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mithila's Jhanda at Jhandapur(बिहपुर, Bhagalpur)-

Mithila's Jhanda at Jhandapur(Bihpur)-Many points I said are हिंदुस्तान,in news item। भागलपुर ३०थ मार्च

I had a meeting at Jhandapur(Bihpur) in the notth Bhagalpur district organised by Akhilesh Paswan at the Maharshi Mehi Mandir.

One Maithil, when wrote his name as Sunil Kumar Jha, in the lineage of great scholar Madan Jha his forefathers came there in 11th century when Muslims have invaded Mithila.
I joked whether he still is a 'Kumar,' that MA(English literature) said he would remain so life long. I asked him to dedicate his few years for Mithila movement. I spoke in details the Muslim onslaughts then which RC Mojumdar has described in his Struggle for Empire volume fr X Century which made Muslims seat of power in India.

He asked me as to what was the role of a minority there in the movement as one Muslim youth was there. I said that Muslims in Mithila have equal role as they do speak Jolahi Maithili (not Urdu) as per George Grierson , Ex-President Kalam has Tamil his mothertongue and so Maithili Muslims have equal role. They should accept Seeta was a great lady though Hindus revere her Goddess.

Many persons there had returned as I was late coming from Sultanganj but some reassembled soon.

For me Jhandapur was a place where with Pramod Jha,President ,MVP, I had gone few months back as an unknown person in search of an ATM and then had thogh I would never come there but so soon I was there just behind that Bank with the Jhanda of Mithila.
A Maithili workers Trainng Camp was decided there in May.

I hope despite confusion of Angika spread by some persons at least in the noth og ganga soon movement of Mithila will be established and we are not averse of Angika which I call Dakshini Maithili. For me the development of area is important than linguistic profile. I feel what they speak as dialect should be accepted by Maithili academicians after all Buddha's charyapad is the first available material of Maithili(and Bengala) from that region only which had a glorious past.

If food processing unit of banana is established there people will be benifitted. while returning Vinay rightly suggested me that they need a coperative chain. I think it can bring 'banana revolution' like dairy revolution at Kheda.

Neraby Jhandapur is Bhramarpur where I had been many times and is a seat of Mithila scholars and culture but person of eminence SC Jha, advisor to PM though belonged there could not do anything for his area.
NH 106 I was shown there was spine of Mithila which though inauguarted by Sharad yadav in NDA regime is still to be built despite PIL by villagers. That road was built by Shershah and I had seen its flood delapidated state near Madhepura at Jirba bandh while I had been there for flood relief work. I strongly feel that should be made like living highway not a ruinous monumental road and once built it will attract commercial activities to rebuild the ecomony of the area.

Though Narayanpur was near from there where my Mausi was wedded, I could not go. I hope the training camp will attract many youth who want to work for the area and a strong voice from Southern Mithila will enthuse till its northern borders.

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