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Rinky on Chat

18th March 2009
Rinky on Chat
This date evokes me memory of the day Jay Prakash Naarayn started his Sampoorna Kranti movement in Bihar from Gandhi Maidan.
The result imposition of National emergency, defeat of Indira Gandhi and Janta Rule and many leaders who became monument of corruption.
Dynasty rule has not changed. Still two Gandhis one is loved by even Shiv Sena .

In the morning came advocate Chandra Praksh(more a scholar of villages of Mithila) with a copy of Antika in which one of my letter had been commented by the editor that saying JAI MAITHILI is easy by a Government doctor like me.
True I appreciate the work done by the person Analkant, editor of the Antika who could work in such a financial low condition but though I do not to be appreciated me but just want to say that working is difficult even for a well salaried person like me and it is not without obstacles and punishments(even without saying) to persons like me who choose a path of social work be of any kind. It is not new. However, one should also count that if a person on high post works he too have some problems at his/her level. After all how many such persons work? Count names among doctors. There too working on local level is in other way a bit rewarding in practice and prestige too but wandering in distant villages from other state is a difficult task.
I was born in a distant corner of Mithila at Forbesganj and even my ancestral village of Madhubani was almost unknown too me till I marchd on foot and cycles taking my leaves like an unknown pedestrian in the days of 1993/94..and it was quite incidental that a stringer to Hindustan some Singh from Bhowra chowk, madhubani made me known to Mithila world by publishing 5 column top news on page 2…before that I had solo campaign at most’ekla chalo re’ and today Ramrihan Yadav from Kathmandu has asked to read a paper at Kathmandu International Maithili Conference on April 11-12, 2009.
I intended to start writing that paper(typing in Devnagri/MaithiliI is in very slow speed compared to though coming in my mind.

In fact if you do chatting your speed enhances like one I did seeing many names of available on my yahoo id, I choose one of only female, R> Jha and asked whether she was from Mithila_vasi group and on her affirmative reply I asked for her village, Brahmpura, I thought near Sakri station and even on her hint of Benipatti and Harihar sthan though I recalled first of Harihar on Tunga river rather of her village of famous Kamdev Jha which I had just visited during Durga Puja. When I tried to open my Excel sheet to write her the number of Harihar sthan, the computer did not obey and in the meantime she was unresponsive despite not showing her offline.

I could locate Rinky, that the young architect was her relative, maybe family member which she did not reply but she consented to work as architect if we could start a medical college there which required 25 acres of land which was a surprise for her too as land cost is too much.

I know person like me can only dream but if such a dream is taken up by a young like her it will not be difficult. Dreams are good said Kalam and many others.
I had gone to the of her village and around – a triangle of Shaktipeeth made by Ucchaitha of Kalidas, Jarial (I stayed that night there) and Depura.
The new Harihar Temple though magnificent in that Puja day there were not much devotees. Making new temple is good but making new temples like schools and hospitals will make Mithila developed which Rinky was asking me and I was happy at the note that her father and uncle were busy making one such hospital. Big men should take up big work. Small hospitals are ok but Mithila needs bigger institutes like Mithila Institute of Medical Sciences, I dreamt.

Persons like me can dream only but “ There’s only 1 difference between DREAM & AIM. Dream requires effortless sleep while Aim requires sleepless efforts. So sleep 4 dreams and wake up 4 aims.. Sent by mobile no. 9425452592, I am unable to recall who is sender but surely I am searching such souls who make some of dreams as aims. For me dream of NMO became my AIM and it took my youth(and wife too belonging to that Benipatti area) and other of Mithila I conceived is not on platters but needs vigorous efforts.

I decided to dedicate today’s blog to her as that is the way to Sampoorn Kranti, not the political one in which JP was mesmerized himself and deluded many like us despite his banyan personality.

Little Rinky wrote me that females in Mithila are underdeveloped. I replied that she being an artitect was an answer to Harimaohan Jha’s novels that our women have advanced to new heights and I wish they go to the height above Kalpana Chawla.
I belong to a simple family and having passed my half life, I can probably do not much and am waiting for some youngsters to come up for the noble cause.

I intended today to enter data on Bhogendra Jha too the late son of soil who made a name in red world though world is neither red nor even saffron, it is a mix of all.

I also talked Narendra of Antika writier panel yesterday and incidentally today in the new issue his autobiographical notes but could not comprehend his ideas on RSS as I was never taught there anti-Muslim hatred of the intensity he had described which made him to jump to left laps.

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prakash said...

dhanakar babu pranam . u r one of few dedicate fighter for the cause of mithila . kudos. kindly spare more words for late bhogendra jha , agusty fighjter for the cause of mithala and maithili. hope to see your blog on him. does not he deserve at least this on your part.. kindly visit

regards prakash chandra jha.