Monday, March 23, 2009

Every Maithil has talent: Narendra, Pawan, Ramlochan Thakur, Jaya Jha

Every Maithil has talent: Narendra, Pawan, Ramlochan Thakur, Jaya Jha
I had taken blog writing as e-diary but it should be rather e-emotional entrance than of the events and in fact it is difficult to understand who will like what and who will not what and taking a journalistic stand to make some anonymous would be ideal in future.

My health has been waxing and wanning- chest rhonchi decreased with eosinophil counts but first I had a suspicion of some glands on back as a cure to maladie though I was knowing those were neurofibromas of inconsequential concern and that was said by surgeon and physician too. And when I had a mild alkaline test with slight bleeding from gums I went to the complications of blood dyscrasia- mind thinks for abnormal and most dreaded complication first and here gingivitis or vitamin deficiency are easily forgotten. I am relatively better with drugs and am resuming my tours to Mithila from next week
The ill health gave me ample of time to read. Though I thought to read medical books but m time was taken by Maithili Antika.
I read many( and even talked Narendra who is opponent of Mithila state and Pawan who writes so nice stories that his lines took me to the area of Kamtaul where I visited during cycle yatras in 1995 and came to conclusion that if the nuances are used in a locality that is a state- like the things happening there after a shraddha bhoj is common in my village too and of course Narendra is master of alankars used by Maithil ladies.. if they fight you may learn whole Grammar better than Pundits…

Bharati was earlier edition of knowledge though they are many whom I appreciate. Though initially I said not to name someone but let me say Jaya spoke so nicely at Banglaore International Maithili Conference in 2006 that first time I had a desire ‘had I a daughter learned like her, She was IIT, IIM a young girl.

Every Maithil has talent but they misuse it. Maithils have o learn to use that.

When I read Ramlochan Thakur’s autobiographical article I was taken aback and wished to call him at 1 am..but did not as a matter of uncivilty. Sunday morning when I phoned his grandson, replied to unknown first time caller like me, GOR LAGAY CHEE..and then I talked to my known Ramlochanjee whom I did not know that he had such a stuggled life –in 1963, a fuirst divisioner in SSC could not persue college admission but served in hotels ,sleeping on floors and roads..
He wrote he was not a Marxist-people blame him so. He is a writer and a thinker and more so a Maithili worker whose views on Mithila statehood is same to me.We are technically Bihari but of Mithila,’ he had said to a Bengali interviewer for UDC post in Income tax at Calcutta and was asked Vidyapati’s poem and meaning and was selected also.
We all should have a proud on our language.
His narration of birth and early life needs self introspection to us ,the economically well Maithils to find such talents in our area and sponsor their education..I tried my best last year to search but could not and sent merely some prize money to 8 boys who did well at Madhubani and Saharsa examinations for poverty-cum-merit. Though I was not very enthusiastic, I will try again this year to find some such talent. Talent must be there but we do not know to search.

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Thakur Ji


Hum bahut door rahito ahank mantavya padhlahu. Bahut neek prayas je ahan apan samaaj ke lel prayas kaylahu.
Umeed karait chee bhavishya mein ahank aur besi safalata bhetay.

Maa Bhagvati'k ashirwaad.