Monday, March 23, 2009

Wealthy and migrating Candidates planted from Delhi

Wealthy and migrating Candidates planted from Delhi
One of my close person said that Govindacharya has given a statement on the line I posted mails ;]Congress and BJP to unite in a front after results of election’. While he has found it due to ‘congrssisation’ of BJP I think unless it is done the so called marginal parties will bargain against the national interests/

I found in the list of candidates parties have given preference to those who can spend money more and money will start a vicious nexus of muscle power , criminals and then corruption.

I also found that those who could manage Delhi were given tickets.
As far as Mithila is concerned there is always planting of candidates from outside. A cricketer has been sent to play election balls though his home turf is away and so other candidates preferred to have tickets from their non-home constituencies and parties have lost relevance of ideology. I found someone running pillars to post to get a ticket from any party and that too away from home in a constituency where own castemen predominates.
There are parties based on castes not only candidates. Anyway migration is not harmful but natives should be cautious in Mithila as well as other places.
Everybody is not Shashi tharoor but in the same state Vergese Kurien had lost and Parmeshwaran in Chennai and that too miserably.
Anyway such things happen in US too as many semis and demis had made Obama president of US.

To me pre poll change over is ok as public is to choose but post poll changes will not be less.

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