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Maithils need united more so more educated ones

Blog 24.10.09 Maithils need united more so more educated ones,
Since yesterday I wrote,”Maithils are marginalized by all political parties,” I have been thinking whether my approach is based to groups as Maithil as anybody who had been ticket if he/she belonged to Mithila are a Maithil.
And today incidentally I phoned Gaurinath of Antika just to invite him for ensuing Kathmandy conference whose view, “Brahminvadi movement and Sangh Parivar movement for AMP-led movement” were not accepted by me.
Yes, I am a Maithil Brahmin and should I disown that or the fact that Brahmins have been forefront in the development of Maithili language. In fact Maithil Brahmins were leading figures in all national movements in Mithila and in all parties- even RSS had its first Pracharak Kashinath Jha but it neither makes Mithila movement as a castst one nor make me a castist.
I told Gaurinath as to why they think so when Amp has president a Yadav and I touch his feet since my childhood- he may come from RSS stock but a learned Maithil scholar and also scholar par excellence of Maithili. His uncle and father were great freedom fighters and even he is one among them. Watson school madhubani is renamed on his uncle’s name and his treatise on Varnratnakar is a great writing.
And for that matter President of Jharkhand AMP, Dr. Guneshwar Jha has been a close associate of Dr. Jagannath Mishra and General secretary of AMP, Kripanand Jha has never relation with RSS. And there are many such high officials of Amp and workers of Mithila movement like Chunchun Mishra, a socialist who remained with me since I joined movement. I have never seen as such in my working.
Whether being RSS person excludes him/her for any social work?
At least the narration of Narendra in Antika I had never such a preacher in RSS shakha who asked me to be kill Muslims though today I am not connected with RSS, I have not left nationalism and the explanation of nation and nationalism by RSS is not illogical if Aurovindo, Vivekananda, Savarakar’s were not and I did not find difference in explanation among any one of the above and that satifies my quench of nationalistic ideas.
And then, if our working is of Sangh parivar(which it is not) then it should have been called Hinduvadi than Brahminvadi as RSS does not differentiate among Hindus(even with Bauddhists, Jains, Sikkhs).
And that is the case with Maithili or Mithila movement too. It can not be exclusive of a caste and person like me who was expelled from Maithil Mess at DMCH in 1974 on uttering that all persons living in Mithila are Maithils probably I am changing this scenario from a purely nationalistic view with distictness of Mithila’s culture n which I have proude(and for that matter I have proud on Magadh and Bhojpur too but they are what they are like our neighbours, distant neighbours are Tamils, malyali etc. and close neighbours are Bengalis, Oriyas, Assemes, closer to even Bhojpuris linguistically but we all are one who denies.
And when I say thus probably saying ‘marginalization of Maithils..” true it is not so in that sense but who worked for Mithila and Maithili..only by birth Man Singh was also like Rana Pratap.
We will have to find out the persons and groups who worked for and aspire for development of Mithila, not excluding Brahmins..which has become a fashion and so Madam Maya tries to fish by this token.
Leadership of Mithila should remain with the hands of Maithils not of Bhojpuris or UP_ites.
For that Maithils need united more so more educated ones, that I meant.

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