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‘ALL present leaders are CHORs’ says an old man of 86.

‘ALL present leaders are CHORs’ says an old man of 86.

Today an old patient of mine Jagdish Nayak 86 years old visited me after a long gap of two years. His wife 80 years old women was also with him. They had some minor problems though they were healthy.
I was free and I asked about their life and asked about mother tongue as I felt the women had Bangla accent but that was not so in the old man and true she belonged to Jamtara region of Jharkhand which is near Bengal and Banga is spoke there.
The male was from Ranchi area for many generations and was not a Bengali. They were married in 1936 when he was 13 years old and she was of six years and they were scared of Sharda act prohibiting child marriage.
They have two sons and a daughter who was also married near Dhanbad.
He had seen Mahatma Gandhi at the Brahmcharya Vidyapeeth at Niwaranpur of Ranchi in 1940 when Jagdish was a volunteer of Hind Mahasabha.
Then there was a Mahasabha(convention) held for a week at Gate park which was later named as Bari Park.
HEC came up in Ranchi in 1963 when he had seen Nehru thee in its inauguration.
Jagdish could not go to Ramgarh where Subash Chandra Bose had visited. He was not aware of Maulana Azad.
He said that then Ranchi had ‘Faka Faka..abhi to kahna nahee..” (Ranchi was not inhabited dense like today but was sparsely populated).
Then he used to move on bicycle. Even narrow gauge train was coming from Purulia in way to Lohardaga. Rourkela line is of very recent .For going to Jamtara he had to change at Purulia, Adra and Asansol which now can be traveled by direct trains .
Then HWAPANI achha tha..ab to tarah tarh ka science nikal gaya hai..
He had gone to Chalee Saheb’s Hata(present airstrip) to see aeroplane.
Paharibaba Mandir, kali mandir and Jagannath mandir are very old. His wife said that in her house she worships Kali, Vishwakarma and on every Thursday of Lord Shiva. In the

He could not go out of Ranchi as he had no money except for an occasion when due to stone pelting by his nephew a cow’s baby was dead that as a panacea he had gone to Kashi and Prayag .He had of course visited Baidyanathdham and of course Rajarapa and Amrawadi are very near he had visited.He was not knowing much about Mission’s work but his wife said that no, they do not want Mission.
Ranchi College or School was there but he could not read. He was aware of Tiril Ashram (where Khadi was made).
Jagadish was not happy with country’s present condition- there is arson, robbery and terrorism. In his days even locks were not used in the villages and people used to go to out of village by just closing the gates by a rope, of course sometimes there were cases of SENDHMARI.He said that all present leaders were CHOR(thieves) but he said Atal Behari Vajpayee was not a GHOOSKHOR,
He said that even if leader is good he is surrounded by corrupt CHAMCHAS.
E.g. what Sonia Gandhi could do alone. When I said that she was a foreigner from Italy he said that for that reason she could not become PM but now she was here for a long time.
Jagdish said that even Indira Gandhi was killed.

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