Monday, March 9, 2009

BJP-BJD Divorce: Congress-BJP combine is needed to save democracy

BJP-BJD Divorce: Congress-BJP combine is needed to save democracy
present BJP needs to be dismantled

Yesterday I could not go to local Maithili organization Bharati’s Holi meet as I have been running under the spells of continued cough complicated by the drug reaction which elevated my eosin Phil count to 37 per cent and eosinophilic mottling in the lung and it prohibits me playing Holi this time.
I am walking some 5-6 km per day and otherwise ok but the lingering chest infection is a matter of concern for me.
Anyway Sharrmadyam Khalu dharmsadhanam and also it is Vyadhimandir.
The country is having many pre-poll alliance and some political vulture have an eye on their prey..
Somepne with one MLA only flew to Bhubaneshwar to help Patnayak with an eye on Third front Govt. post-poll.
Political morality has gone and no one, no one including Marxists are on principled way not to talk of BJP.
The time to combine BJP- Cong’s saner elements have come..I have been advocating for a decade…
After all Mahamana Malviya was also in Congress and so Dr. Hedgewar too.
Important is nation and RSS should be pragmatic to see the sea change in politics and allow its members to go in all nationalist members and keep its hands off from politics(BJP) and concentrate on Shakhas which are reducing in strength day by day,, Let us fulfill the task Dr. Hedgewar put before us in 1925.. in a century in 2025 Hindu view should permeate all along in all national parties and for that present BJP needs to be dismantled and go back to the roots... even Narendra Modi cannot save it as it is fully ‘Congressised’ and the people of country do not want slogans- he could not keep even a swayamsevak like Dr. Vallabh Kathiriya with him whom I know personally that he has been a dry honest and performer as a Minister or even before.. People pray success but that too has a limitation. Once Narendra Modu returned to work for his state(resigning from general secretary of BJP he lost the avenue to know and lead the country which is not Gujarat everywhere..And so my friend Sushil Modi who returned to Bihar..
Country needs many national workers and young BJP workers should read the life history and work of Jaggannath Rao Joshi(I saw him when I was a child), Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Sundar Singh Bhandari, P. Parmeshawaran and many more such pillars who worked without thinking for their name and fame and any ‘caste / social engineering bias’ in contrast to today’s BJP leaders who are in no way different from others, well trained in Ganesh parikrama in stead of Desh Parikrama and meeting the common men of the country..

BJP-BJD Divorce is welcome as it will give BJP an identity which has been tailed in Orissa and many other states(Bihar, AP, Maharshatra, Assam). There was a time when in AP BJP contested without alliance and got over one lakh votes in around 10 parliamentary constituencies which it is not going to get even a seat this time.
BJP did all this for getting PMship and is doing for that and is loosing in the process its voters and more importantly its hard earned cadre and BJP is now not a party of difference and is full of corrupt and criminals and opportunists.
Better BJP leaders should wait in opposition. Country can be served being there too.
BJP should develop national leaders and young voters need young representatives.
Old Atal and Advani if ok why not other old workers? They should have followed Nanaji Deshmukh.
It would be better if Congress and BJP help each other and support the Government of other being outside the Government to curb the regional fragmentation and malpractices in democracy.
Dr. Dhanakar Thakur

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