Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obamafever: energy,education and health as priorityOscar: ‘sound, and sound and sound, i.e. ‘Om’

Blog 25.2.09
Obamafever: energy,education and health as priority
Oscar: ‘sound, and sound and sound, i.e. ‘Om’
Obamafever, Oscarfever and cricket fever, everything happen in India and probably India only.
This morning at breakfast news, I saw Obama addressing US Congress at Capital Hill in his usual tone but was surprised by nonstop standing ovation by Congressmen and women and in fact it was initiated by a lady sitting just behind him (maybe the vice president) who was searching every opportunity to stand and clap. One or few clapping in a speech is ok but such non-stop clapping and standing had at least one effect, exercise of muscles which is so much needed in food fad Americans.

While I listened to him apart from recession bell out packages, Obama stressed on energy, education and health services and I think it is not unheard of for any country as priorities that Americans were so amazed.
I was surprised to listen to Obama that US has highest dropout rate from schools among industrialized countries. And it seemed that also low health provisions.
What I feel that US has lost its confidence and it is but natural if the country had lost a sense of spirituality which makes a man only a machine.
I do not feel Obama will make any difference as hyperboles hardly work though he seems to be honest from the hearts and eloquence is due to his age and to the position he has got so early.

I am running under respiratory stress though better but while returning from my clinic I did not watch any special near Dhoni’s residence I cross daily. Was it because he was out early in 20-20.

At my Hospital Office, the clerks asked me as to what was the meaning of Slumdog and they had themselves given several explanations, one of them was that Indians were simulated to a dogs of slums and it was derogatory to us. Probably they were correct.
I read even Salman Rushdie was not happy with the story of SM.
Yet, a film is a film and one can rejoice over the success of Indians and I must congratulate Malyalee Rasul Potthi who said from the Oscar winning address that ‘sound, and sound and sound,’ ‘Om’ is that given by India.. And in Jai ho also the same theme had come for well being of all.

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