Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A dream with departing Bush

3.2.09 A dream with departing Bush
Today early morning I got up with a dream which is still hovering over my mind. The dream started with me calling in the swearing ceremony of the MEA(MECON Executive Association)’s swearing in ceremony where I as a gesture of a defeated presidential candidate was invited. I recall some of the executive members faces not the president to whom I had contested.
Soon the dream-set was changed and I took the role of a contesting candidate to Obama and had been with Mr. and Mrs. Bush who were preparing to leave their residence after his tenure but it was not White House but a building of some well architecture. Bush had a mask having beard unlike Santa Clause of some smaller dimension and he offered prayers with candles on the pictures(maybe of Jesus) on walls.
I had been called in gesture as I was his party’s candidate though had lost. Bush had to give me something and I saw outside the palatial house there were two very big sized matter wrapped in black tripal kept on a truck- maybe some kalins..
And then Bush and Mrs. Bush looked at me as if they were sorry but did not utter a word.
They finally posed for a departing photograph there.
Obama just short of me in height ,looking like a young man, was just standing right to me and there were some staff of the house, maids and workers and also Mrs. Obama who was called by name as Firdausa, a Moslem name but she had no burqua and had an earring and her face was fair…
I do not know its meaning. The study of dream is an interesting subject in psychology but dreams are modern innovations too can be judged by this description.
Anybody to comment..?

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