Monday, February 2, 2009

Sangam Snan

Sangam Snan
I had sangam snan in the morning and probably first time so despite my several visits there. I had been to Kumbh in 2001 also but had dipped in water far away from Sangam(of Ganga-Yamuna-and antah salila Sarasawati). I took Sangam jal also.
To deliver my lecure on , “Free India: Past, present and future,” I tried to search Swami karpatrijee Maharaj of Simariyaghat but could not in tent township of big magnitude nor had interest to give lecture in such a devotee filled area .
I could not enter in Bade(or Pade- lying) Hanumanji’s temple-I had to return from gate showing half glipse of Hanumanjee as there was too much rush. Surely I entered into Fort area and saw Akshyawat(Undying Banyan seen even by Fahiyan in 8th Century)..
It was a mix experience day. The fair authorities had occupied bigger and bettr spaces . I was surprised even High Court and Lower courts were there(at least those would check police atrocities though I found police congeneal there). There were rallies for Clean ganga movement and one person Deen’s slogan were on all walls(his name as importantly as of the slogans of the importance of keeping Ganga clean, maybe that person had some political ambition like one other’s from Chitransh samaj I saw hoardings as’Other Loknayak..” Whether JP ever liked any of such hoarding? Some pubicity os ok but stunts stunns me.
Leader Road on the name of newspaper had cught my attention and so one house named on Sapru- Nehru, sapru,Bacchan families were known elites of Allahabd in its heydays. People of Allahabad are serene and civilized . I recall one adult son being hugged and kissed by (probably a Moslem) parens on the platform where I had long stay due to late running of Shipra Express.
I may go to sangam again I do not know but will remember the piligriage more than the pilgrim and also the beggars and others like Pandas who are vandalising the show more by commercializing the things. Is not it possible to have monthlu rotation of pilgrims of all areas of the country rather than all on one auspices day( in full Kumbha like in 2001, it amounts to crore of peope).
Probably will not possible as crores and crores of Hindus feel that their lives (and nationailty) depends upon the Mother Ganga- it is She that we are .And it is those illiterates and semi-illiterates who have made our nationality so powerful, our Sanatan hindu religion so great.

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