Monday, February 2, 2009

Dr.Jaykant Mishra 1.2.09

Dr.Jaykant Mishra 1.2.09
When I write thus,” Dr.Jaykant Mishra 1.2.09,” it means something more than the words and numbers it contain..yes Dr. Jaykant Mishra who prefers to call and write in Maithili as Dr. Shrijaikant Mishra as per Maithil traditions where Shri means a person living and we wish the person born on 20.12.1922 remains so for many years so that he can see the dream of Mithila state he worked for good many years till he could remain active.
When I decided to meet him on 1.2.09 after a good long years, after XIII International Maithili Conference during Sept.24-25, 2005 at Jaipur where he had gone as the chief guest to speak on 100 years of Maithili Journalism.
Four years is not a small span. Once somebody told me that he was no more which was soon contradicted.
I did not know Dr.Jaykant Mishra when I entered in Maithili movement in 1992 and had just sent an information to the address of English Dept. of Allahabad University where he must have retired a decade back. He later told me that he could get that circular long after. Knowing from someone that I was convening First International Maithili Conference during June 19-20, 1993, he came at his own instinct such love and passion he had for Maithili and we decided to make him the inaugurator of the First International Maithili Conference which he deserved ads he was the person that Maithili could enter in the Sahitya academy.
Then in 1993, Dr. Mishra was angry that Maithili conference was discussing floods and industrialization of Mithila but soon I was able to convince him that without getting Mithila state, Maithili’s status is not secure and in 1996 as the president of Mithila Rajya Sangharsh Samiti he toured nooks and corners of Mithila even with an implanted pacemaker!
I had occasions to tour with him in many parts of Mithila which I had written in Ranchi Express’s columns.
When I was informed by my younger brother that he was doing Kalpvas(one month stay on Ganga bank) at Allahabad I was surprised that at this old age he could do so like a yogi- and after Sangam snana when I reached near his tent I was informed that just previous night he became ill and was taken back to his house at Elangan’s 1/C, Sir PC Banerjee Road . We went there and found him not so much healthy but he recollected me and was saying something incoherently which meant that now he was not able to do for Mithila Movement. I assured him that many workers were doing their best and now there was also Mithila Vikas Party which had announced candidates from Darbhanga and Arariya.

He asked about my father who was years elder to him and expired one year before. His daughter was there and several family members and soon he will be cured as this episode was most probably due to cold at open Ganga ghat.

My brother and me soon come out. His son was turning pages on acupuncture which he practices. Though people know me as a physician nobody asked nor did I give any medical advice as it would not have been proper except suggesting them to make him reclined on pillows for he would like it with a surely compromised cardiac status.
Well he is Dr. Jaykant mishra whose father Dr. Umesh Mishra was one who asked Maithils never to write on Maihtili in any Hindi compendium least it would be assumed dialect of Hindi which it was not but an independent language of Indian group. Trueky, inheriting the legacy of his father, Jykant Mishra was able to include Maithili in the Sahitya Akademy through many persuasive efforts with workers like Babu Saheb Choudhary..
I have a great admiration for him.
He insistently asked for our food etc. which I denied saying we had already.
He could have this gesture of ‘Atithi’ is a marker of his great personality.
I assured him that I would come again to meet him.
I recalled every day of his correcting my autobiography’s manuscript which is still in a suspended animation though fully ready to be printed but who is going to be a taker of that when I have become neutral in my life towards RSS on the bas of which I had been able to evolve NMO.
I had talked Elsevere and Jaypee two days before in the APICON at the Greater NOIDA though am not hoping they will finally like to publish such a non-core medical reading book.


Guddo's corner said...

Very Well said Dhankar ji.I remember 1989 Mahakumbh , people from all over India were coming to have the holi dip at Triveni . I was newly married with Hem , so my mother in law asked me to come to Allahabad to take blessings from all elders , that was my first experience of triveni and Holi dip. All mishra family were gathered from all parts of India ....for MAGH MAAS !!!!Since I was newly married I was not allowed to take dip by myself ....elders in the family tie the knot of the newly married couple and let them have first holi dip together at triveni .I was amazed to see the tradition and culture still maintained , rituals are followed ....irrespective of wherever you go whatever you do !!!!! Kalpvas ....I get goosebumps just to think about it , and Bhaiji kaka doing that in that age is admirable ....but I heared and always praised his internal stamina, determination and strength . His good work would always be praised and dedication to the society would always be remembered as a milestone !!!!

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur said...

Probably I read your comments today on 3.3.09 after a long between I had been recetly at Allahabad on 14.2.2010 and once more passed by the house of yours which I'll write soon as a blog.

Mr.Rewati Raman Jha,Madhubani said...

Dear Dhanakar Babu ,Namaskar! I am very much pleased to see that you have written about great scholar Dr.Jaykant Mishra in our blog.I knew Shri Jaykant Mishra from very beginning of my student life through his article.I was much impressed by his famous book 'A History of Maithili Literature' published by Sahitya Academy,New Delhi.According to Dr.Mishra this book was based on his thesis guided by famous scholar Dr.Amarnath Jha.I purchased this book in Vidyapati Parv Samaroh in 1983 at Patna in which Dr.Mishra was also present.I became his pen friend/fan when he responded to my letter to the editor published in Mithila Mihir from his Allahabad Residence-'Tirbhukti' very scholarly.I sent him a copy of my first Maithili Drama book 'Manorath' to review.His suggestion through inland letter about use of correct Maithili words became milestone in my literary works.Shri Jaykant Babu wrote me so many letters about struggle for Maithili and Mithila from Allahabad.Once upon a time he desired to visit Bhagalpur to meet with people through meetings.He needed my help in this mission.I tried my best to arrange meetings at Sabour,Tilkamanjhi,TNB College,Kharhara(Banka),Bharamarpur and Munger town.Maithili loving people supported him heartly and economically with economically with enthusiasism.It was pleasure for me that Shri Jaykant Babu chose my Bhagalpur residence Nawab Colony and Lalbagh to stay at night during his Bhagalpur and nearby tour.He also gave me responsibility to release press note on his behalf which was published in so many Dailies like Statesman,TOI etc.He liked Dahi Chura as national food of Mithila.He liked it even in lunch and dinner also.His trilingual Maithili Dictionary 'Maithili Brihad Shabd Kosha'(in two Volumes) is his memory with us.His photograph with my family members in my Bhagalpur residence is also inspiring us.Some days before his death I visited his Madhubani residence 'Jay Nivas' at Ayachi nagar and queried about his health from his tenant.According to the tenant he was sick and unable to move outside his Alllahabad residence.Now he is no more but his ethics ,literary works and struggle for Maithili and Mithila inspire us.He desired to preserve his 25000 books collected in his lifetime in a library .at his Madhubani residence.He wanted children to learn our own script 'Tirhutta' from primary school.He was in favour to seperate Mithila State for upliftment of flood affected backward areas of North Bihar. He distributed linguistic map of Greirson ,durin his tour,to make the people know about the geographical areas of Mithila State.I t was surprising that a recknowned litereteur and scholar of Mithila jumped into struggle of Mithila State.His dream could not be achieved in his lifetime but his efforts and struggle will certainly become a milestone of Maithili Andolan.He was a great grandson of a great grandfather and great son of a great father.Undoubtedly he was an unkown 'Gandhi' of Maithili Andolan.My heartfelt homage to a great soul on his death anniversary.Jai Mithila,Jai Bihar,Jai Bharat!!! said...

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