Thursday, April 2, 2009

Way toAraria villages: prepare directory of eminent persons of area working anywhere for developmental purpose.

Way toAraria villages: prepare directory of eminent persons of area working anywhere for developmental purpose.

My journey to home, Forbesganj was truncated at Araria as by the time I reached Purnea on 29th night, the last bus had left and I had to return from the villages f Araria itself with a memory of my childhood the names I have listened to but had not visited those.

The road to Kishanganj from Arariya is also well constructed now, some 75 KM and next

Because I was late at Jhandapur, from naugachhia the bus I got for Purnea was also late and I crossed the area of Koshi's end again and reached Purnea ,eating two delicios Prda at Gedabadi(from where one can go to Katihar), around 730 pm I reached but could not get a bus to my home, Fornesganj and I had to contact Vinay Tarun to ask his address and I had a nice ricksahw journey through well-heard Bhattha Bazar to Teachers colony where I stayed that night with father of Vinay where last time Vinay's sister Pinki had taken us.

From Araria Sudhir Mishra with me to Tarabadi by small bus. I liked the area where Kursakanta-Kuadi-Ramai , rangeli etc. were near.

Soon two young Maithils escorted us and we halted first at a big house of late Balkrishna Jha who was also MLA. His brother and son talked with us and we explained Mithila movement.

We went to Jamua village. We first went to Binodanand’s home and met his father who was critical of Jaggannath Mishra for many reasons.

Ajay escorting me was a MSc(Zoology) and did practice Artificial insemination in village. He was an expert driver and we were crossing through ploughed fields and not well roads to Rampur where on 25th administration was brutal to ladies in a no confidence poll and untoward incident has occurred.

In the way I listened to Bhagawati Geet for Chaiti Durga in Maithili and I recalled it was in Hindi in Jaril where I had asked them for Maihtili sonorous geets and even translated in Maithili afterwards Geet press’s popular Jai Jagajanani and Jai Ambe Gauri..

I talked Ajya for Jitendra Prasad’s requirement for Biotechnology Park and he told that he himself was ready to donate 2 acre lands for that.

I think Mithila can be rebuit economically if we can persue and promote such activites.

Meeting panic-stricken villagers in night was an experience. My stomach was upset for drugs and I wanted to reach soon Pategna , the night halt. We reached there.

There too villagers came and we had talk om Mihtila and Maihtuili. It was sasur of Sudhirbabu whose father in law was an early graduate of the area who has built a school. Sudhirbabu’s uncle Madhav Mishra was first MA of Purnea Commissionary.

The area is full of talent. At Jamua over 100 engineers and doctors are. One Randhir Jha was 3rd in IAS 2 years back. I was shown a dilapidated house which has IIT graduate. I asked to prepare a directory of such persons for developmental and organizational use.

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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