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Vachaspati I: The great writer of Bhamati

Vachaspati I: The great writer of Bhamati

Vachaspati I was born in Mithila at Andhra Thadi village.

He has mentioned 898 Shakabd i.e. 976 AD. For his book Nyay Suchi from which his time period can be assumed.
His all books are:

1.Nyay Kanika---on Mimansa Darshan
2.Tatrtwa Bindu-- on Mimansa Darshan
3.Brahmtattwa Sameeksha—on Mandan’s Adwait Darshan
4.Nyay Suchi Nibandh--- on Nayay Darshan
5.Nyayvartik Tatparya teeka ---on Nayay Darshan
6. Sankhyatattwa Kaumudi- On Yog Darshan
7.Yog Vaisharidi --- On Yog Darshan
8.Bhamati -- On Shankar’s Adwait Vedant Darshan

Since last day I had written about my villager Vachaspati II’s books, I felt it was my duty to mention about Vachaspati I.
It is difficult to say which Vachaspati was greater scholar.
Mithila has unparallel scholars and time sequence of
Vachaspati I followed
Udayanacharya (born at Karian in Samastipur district) then
Gangesh then
Vachaspati II, Shankar was also his contemporary who was said like Shankaracharya
And so contemporary was Pakshdahr Mishra who was said brilliant like Vachaspati I.
Vachaspati II was senior in age from Shankara and Pakshdhar however.

Pakshadhar’s one disciple was Bengali Raghunathshiromani. Raghunathshiromani and Chaitnaya Mahaprabhu were disciple of Basudeb Sarvbhaum Bhattacharjee. Bhattacharjee was not able to contest Vachaspati II and Shankar Mishra in Nyayashastra and then he started criticizing Vachaspati I’s Nyaya from Vedant point of view.

Vachaspati is synonym of scholarship and hence the higest degree is conferred by this name(D.Litt is Vidya Vachaspati, Ph D is Vidya Varidhi and like wise M.d. is Aayurvigyan Vachaspati- I ‘ve seen kanpur University’s certificates by this name).

We should be proud of Vachaspati and erect suitable monument on their names.

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