Monday, April 6, 2009

regional development is not an antithesis to nationalism

Thanks Jyoti for writing Jiendra who represent two types among thousand plus readers of mithila_vasi mails while few persons like Jyoti comments and even come to personal introduction face to face for which this forum was started , Jitendra ike persons are probably in other minority spectrum who read and are making up their mind to do something while majority may be just neutral.
I always think whether time I spend on net is of any worth or my earlier postcard writing and foot/cycle marches or later mobile telephony contact is better.

“ I will definitely work for the development of Mithila economically/educationally, socially and politically.” Is probably a vision statement on ,”Above three dimensions reflect my order of preference though all are intricately linked and all at once needs to be taken seriously” I also have been thinking.
However, the order just may look different for AMP working at present and possibly its evolutionary history for the cause our motherland.

'Mother land", I used to think is India (which is true by all means), however, my perspective too has changed with time like Jitendra has . My father being in RSS, though I imbibed tenets of nationalism, I cannot today think that a thought of Mithila is anyway anti-national or I am against any other ethnic or linguistic group.

True, “As compared to many regions in India, like Punjab, Gujarat, Bengal, Maharashtra, Maithils do not have a strong regional feeling and identity.”
As I spoke to Jitendra 5 crore people(2001) is less for India for immediate state formation in comparision to Nepal. The problem is those 5 cores(in fact now 8 crores by 2009) are divided in various multitudes- Angika and Vajjika, Brahmins and non-Brahmins, Hindus and Muslims and what not. Maithil is not synonumous with all nor Maithili is all encompassing.

True many who are less in number and talent they have there own state our Maithils themselves are negative on this point. Many had long discussion on mail..Many are frightened to invite me in functions and many organisations to honour that I was meddling with political work- Mithila’s demand is political and so..many taunted and many wished that I was ushering the dreams of CM of Mithila.

What Jitendra says,” Few days back I had a discussion with very important figure in India(I will not name). I told her about our struggle for Mithila state to which she remarked, Desh ko kitna baantoge. I laughed and laughed and laughed and asked her back Is the formation of Bengal (She was from Bengal) Country's division or growth. Cold Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra contribute to national development if they were not separate states. Then she asked are there sufficient talented people who can run a state in Mithila. To this I asked back..If there are sufficient people to run states like Nagaland, Assam and Mizoram among others, Mithila has lot of talent. Many Jha's. Mishra,s and Prasad's have contributed significatly to national development. She kept quite.,” I face every day such question and apprehension that Mithila means division of India to which my reply is almost like that of Jitendra.

I have same feeling as jitendra’s .” that we need to take responsibility politically and socially. If we do not do it today, we will persih. We will be greatest criminal in the eyes of younger generation. Considering today's Indian reality Mithila will never get developed if does not create a pressure group in the parliament in the form of Maithil community. See India through eyes of Mithila not from Delhi and Bombay. See today Punjabi culture is so dominant that you can see in almost all popular cinema. Teleserails project Gujarati culture etc. This is because they saw India through the eyes of there own culture. Never thought to get assimilated in the so called Indian mainstream, though they have but in different sense. We foolish Bihari's and Maithils never understood the true reality of India. forgot our own culture. Saw India through the eyes of Delhi and what not. Caste has to give way to regionalism,” with a simple difference that India;s culture is one and it looks different and it should look with Maithil vision too for which we need clear our concepts of nationalism- regional development is not an antithesis to nationalism rather is important ingredient to improve scales on economy or human development. Regional bigotry and secessionism I do not advocate.

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