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Vachaspati-II and other great philosophers of Mithila

Vachaspati-II and other great philosophers of Mithila
Vachaspati-II of 15th Century was my villager(Samaul 7 km south-west of Madhubani)
He had written following 41 books(10 on Darshan and 31 on Smriti and):
10 on Darshan:

1. Nyay Tatwa Lok
2. Nyay Sutroddhar
3. Nyay Ratnaprakash
4. Prtyaksha Nirnay
5. Shabd Nirnay
6. Anuman Nirnay
7. Khandanoddhar
8. Tika on Gangesha’s Tatw Chintamani
9. Tika on Anuman Khand
10. Tika on Nyay -Chintamani Prakash Shabd Khandan

31 on Smriti:

1. Kritya Chintamani
2.Shudhhi Chintamani
3. Tirth Chintamani
4. Achar Chintamani
5. Anhik Chintamani
6. Dwait Chintamani
7.Neeti Chintamani( Maybe with Lootan
Jha of Navtol but No manuscript found but referred in Vivad Chintamani)
8.Vivad Chintamani

9. Vyavhar Chintamani

10. Shudrachar Chintamani

11.Shraddha Chintamani

12. Tithi Chintamani

13. Dwait Nirnay
14. Mahadan Nirnay
15. Vivad Nirnay
16. Shuddhi Nirnay
17. Kritya Maharnav
18. Gaya Shraddha paddhati
19. Chandan Dhenu Praman
20. Dattak Vidhi or Dattak Putreshti
Yajna Vidhi
21. Chhatra Yogo Dhut Doshanti Vidhi
22. Shraddha Vidhi
23. Gaya Pattalak
24. Tirth Kalplata
25. Tirthlata
26. Shraddhakalp
27. Kritya Paradeep
28. Sar Sangrah
29. Pritibhakti Taringini

? 30. Vrat Nirnaya k Purvardh
?? 31.

From Dr. Sureshwar Jha’s “Mithila Me Doo Got Vachaspati(manuscript seen in April 2009).
He is a great socialist leader and author of Maithili and a Mithila Protagonist.
He said that he had recently visited Andhara Thadhi(near Jhanjharpur where Vachaspti I or Vriddha Vacaspati lived in 9 th century whose Bhamati Teeka is of world fame. Sorrily his abode has still grass only though Chanda Jha’s statue was there who was a son in aw of that village.
Similarly Karian village of Udayanacharya and Bhatpura village of Kumaril Bhatta need statues.
Present Holi Shankaracharya Of Puri, who is a Maithil from Deeh Tol, Kaluahi had suggested that the abode of these great persons should be recorded as such in the Land revenue department so that these cannot be encroached by others.
Dr. Sureshwar Jha also narrated how in 1982 at Gooroovyoor he listened to a song comparable with Shenai of north.

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