Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Copulating snakes

Copulating snakes

Few days back in this summer evening rather afternoon around 530 pm when I reached my health centre, I saw health centre worker Lalu(not Railway Minister,India) was watching closely copulating yellow snakes of 1.5 meters each. Those were in the flower garden full of romance. He said me that those were non poisonous. Soon nurse Dhan came and then sweeper Pratima who said to have some cloth . I asked why to disturb them. She told that with such cloth one will have victory wherever one goes. True, for Minister Lalu it would have been the best as he needed votes in this election season of India.
What surprised me that this cloth notion was alike prevalent among all of my staff from Mithila of Bihar(Lalu of Samastipur) to sister and sweeper of Jharkhand.
Only I was not aware of nor I had a camera in mobile to capture that rare scene.

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