Thursday, December 29, 2011

My longest mobile call(1:26:28)

My longest mobile call(1:26:28)
on 26th December 2011, received a missed call of a youth from Delhi and I confused with his same named worker from Ranchi who had to be explained about some photographs for calendar 2012 by Jharkhand Maihtili manch .
who was insistent on the training of Mithilakshar which we impart one session in the Maithili workers' Training camp.
I explained him it was on our priority as we feel Devnagari was also ok for Maihtili and Mithila was our goal.
As his call had came when I was offering my puja and then was to start for camp I did spoke in not so polite words and when I was searching the number of call of the widow of Markandey Pravasi who had come to reside Ranchi with her journalist daughter. I had some other nuber which could not be saved as sim was already full.
When on 28th evening I tried a number it was from the same energetic youth who had met me some 12-15 years back when I had gone to his father’s place.
We talked a lot on Mithilakshar, Maithili and Mithila and on problems our organization is unduly facing by outsider and insiders .
I advised him to have some membership on which any organization is structured but he was not ready to ask money for that, even as cheque or transfer to bank.
I told him that then he needed deep consideration as any worker cannot have that attitude- he should collect money, spend money and present account(and that is problem AMP is facing with some on which we are very rigid.

When I reached my hose late night (around 9 pm), a worker from Godda was coming out and he said that such long talk was not good from health point(I also remembered about its correlation with brain tumour though before that I was thinking that I would have to pay big bill only and that I took too much of workers’ time, must be his battery exhausted like mine which needed several hours to be full again).
Fearing from tumour and or bill, I decided not to call till jan.1(when unnecessarily I would be greeted when I do not consider my New Near Jan.1.
I had asked workers too be choosy in their words in the training camp but here I was myself at fault

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