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My 113th Mithila Jagran Yatra(Khagaria- Bangam-Saharsa- madhepura- Purnea- Godda during Dec4-6, 2011)-I

My 113th Mithila Jagran Yatra(Khagaria- Bangam-Saharsa- madhepura- Purnea- Godda during Dec4-6, 2011)

Gaurisharn Jha said that on 3rd he was almost free and would himself drop me to the railway junction for my journey to Mithila. He had been with me whole afternoon and we talked with my librarian Bindeshwar Jha.

He narrated the high characters of Babu Jankinandan Singh who was his villager.

After my evening chamber Gaurishankarji went to my nearby residence and we started for station. I took my reservations for next two trips( to Biratnagar- patna and Kolkata in Jauaray).

Ranchi-Jaynagar Express, always we think our achievement was full to the capacity and I could take general ticket in rush and Gauriji could secure an upper space for my comfortable journey till barauni when it was early morning.

A train I missed for a minute and the time I utilized for distributing new pamphlet , 2000 deivered JaiMithila! Jai Jai Mithila!!( a slogan coined by BK Karna during my 2009 Mithila Jagaran yatra which needs to be slogan of the day). (When I just reminded for rest 18000 pamphlets, to be delivered by tomorrow fornoon, so that I may take some to Patna meeting,the press manager Bhaumik remarked seems I was on journey everyday!).

Barauni is the central place for such distribution, I learnt in 1992 when I had distributed Jagu amithil Dheer pamphlet there. Maithils are still sleeping in Kumbhkar style- eating and sleeping.

I distributed in jaynagar Express s and then in Katihar Link. At the end one person (Muslim probably, as rush was for Moharram holiday) – Kya desh ka Kabab banyenge baat kar’ and I retorted to that..Who had made kabaab of the country ? Whether Maithils were responsible for the partition of the country? Or Maihtils made Jharkhand? Or 28 states from 14 in 1956?

Anyway such discussions create an environment and discussion should go on. Every Maithil worker nmeeds some pamphlets and distribute thaose in buses and coaches and at chowks and villages to have Mithila on Indain Map.

Just before Khagra it was informed that lady was crushed by the train at Umeshnagar. The train was a bit delayed. I got down at Khagaria. Soon came Dharmndra Yadav , brother of Dr. Swami Vivekanand(yes his father had named his thus) and he took me to Prabhakar Jha’s residence where I had a quck bath anf Puja and food- by Beauty(yes, Prabhakarji has nick-named his beautiful daughter, student of MA, English). She told me that o have good conversational English was difficult in that homely situation.

We had a meeting soon after. One neighbor TTE had expired and so many persons were absent but some persons and press came and they all were unanimous that Mithila state was a must for our development and redressed of Koshi floods perennial stories.

Some other teacher left me at station. Again my train Jnseva Express was late and started distributing pamphlets first in the Samstipur bound passenger train and then on the platform. Soon Dharmedra came and he too joined .

I told him to go to his work and waited for the train which came around 3 hours late. Consequently my meetings by Suman Singh and Arvinbd Singha of Jamunia arranged by Shailendra singh of Sardeeha at Simari bakhtiyarpur was canelled where I reached around 5 pm. The train had rufh unthinkable for me and was an pointer to to the plight of Koshi region, an index of the large scale migration to Punjab. Less number of train and road bridge damaged one can imagine !

I was standing on the gate full of human bodies(live but worse than dead only signs of anger out of frustrations).

I saw Badlaghat where whole train some decades back had sunk in the river. Saw nearby katyaayani sthan butr could not snap. At Koparia potato sseds ( three sacs) were deloaded from the gate but horde of Mushhar women enetered with doks(snails)- What poverty in Mithila- No doubt that will be full of nutrition but snails are eco friendly and a destruction of envirionment!

A person put curd pot of big size- what good quality! Ust be for some marriage!

Anyway reached Saharsa and delaoded Maihtili Sandesh in the RMS letter box for all Mihtila High schools, packets prepared by my family members preivious day, I could drop only few at Kioul RMS that jaynagar Express had started.

I went outside and took a rickshaw to Mahaveer Chowk and then an auto for Bangain where Suman samaj was waiting .

Suman Samaj had attended II Interantional maithili Conference at Madhubani but we lost tracks. He had been to many places in between.

Putting my luggage( heavy duie to 75 Maithili geerta, -25 I had given at Khagaria) at his home and taking some copies we went to Abhinyu Khan, ex teacher Netarhat School who had been always cordial to me. There I found sin of my mother’s maternal uncle Santosh jha also. Next day was the day for paramhan’s Jayanti and poilice inspector was there to ask the iterinaries of the chief guest IG, a native of that vcillage which has many IASs, IPSs etc.

With three panchayats Bangam is a forest of Maihtils where Khan title was taken by a hero Maithil who had killed all sepoys of a Mugl zamindar.

We went to Baba kuti and I had a meeting in backyards of Thakurwadi where many enthusiastic workers assembled soon. I had difficulty in later parts of meeting(probably due to peda I had eaten in the way I had stomach troble and I could not resist and I had to go to nearby fied for defaecation, somehow concluding the meeting).

I snapped the Thakurwadi and suggested its establishment in 1939 AD should be written ias 2006 Vikram samvat which was accepted instantly.

We were returning to Suman’s home that I saw another religious congregation on Bhagwata. It was just over and some kirtans were going on. I snapped and video recoreded that and I presented a copy of my Maithili geeta to the Vyspeeth. I was asked to say my introduction and I presented my religious views and on shstras may be some 20 minutes and everybody was thrilled. One poerson of mool paliware samaul was much excited to find a person me from that village.

After the Prasad , I had talks on Mithila stathood etc. It was a successful unintentional, coincidental meeting.

I rested after meals.

On 5th December I had to reach Purnea for for the marriage of Vinay Tarun( a sincere maithili worker who succumbed to railway accident in June 2009)..To be continued..

Dr. Dhanakar Thakur
Antarrashtriya Maithili Parishad

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